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Chapter Fifteen

Death Becomes Him

Walls of thick, gray storm clouds converged over the football field, clashing together as the thunder roared deep within them. Kurt rose higher into the sky, looking down on Sue without emotion, every part of him cold. The wind picked up, blowing the girls' hair around wildly, pushing the lighter students around as others tried to keep them from flying away. The Enamored groaned, swaying unsteadily on their feet as they awaited orders from Sue.

"Do you really think you can kill me?" Sue cried up to him, her wings flexing threateningly. "I am a god! I can blink you out of existence in a second!"

"I'd like to see you try," Kurt said, his voice as hollow as his heart.

"Ahhh!" Sue screamed, rushing up to Kurt on her leathery wings, her bow and arrow held aloft.

"Kali, Hera, Kronus, Chthonic, air like nectar thick as onyx. Cassiel by your second star, hold my victim as in tar," Kurt said, his rage mounting. Sue froze in the air, her wings stilling, the anger on her face set in a mask. She was stuck in mid-flight, her eyes darting around wildly as she struggled against Kurt's enchantment. Kurt flew nearer to her, eyeing her disdainfully. "I want you dead. It's all I can think about now. You…dead. Your body broken into a million little pieces. I've never wanted anything more in my life," he said, his monotone voice masking his fury.

He summoned an athame out of thin air and held it to her throat. Before he could pull it across her skin she broke free from the enchantment, shrieking, her wings curling forward and slamming into Kurt. He fell to the ground with great force, his leg and neck bent at odd angles. He heard Rachel gasp and Tina shout his name, but he shrugged them off. He got to his feet, righting his broken bones and snarling as Sue flew above while taunting him.

"Is that the best you can do?" she sneered. "Try again, Porcelain. You're making your dead boyfriend even more ashamed of your efforts."

The veins on Kurt's arms and neck pulsed harder, throbbing angrily. "Tropo, strato, meso, aero, iono, exo…elements are brought to bear. Wind, earth, and water churn amidst the fire. Let the air be burned." He could feel the static working on his body, the tiny hairs on his arms sticking up as his hair frizzed. The small snaps and crackles around him tightened, and with his hands he forced their direction up towards Sue. Blue streaks of lightning erupted from his fingertips, spindly and bright, zigzagging for her. She dodged the first few admirably, but when Kurt's anger took control he began lashing out even more, the lightning consuming him as his body began to conduct the electricity at greater levels. He effortlessly flung great bolts to Sue, and with a simple push of his mind the gathering storm clouds began shooting them down as well. The night was lit up with lightning and the still raging gym fire, blues and reds flashing on Sue's face as she dodged the sneaky currents. She was trapped, and she couldn't avoid one without being hit by the other. Finally Kurt's aim rang true and he hit her, watching with delight as her body shook and trembled, letting off a tiny fizzle and pop before she fell to the ground. Kurt let out a small semblance of a smile before he raced to her.

"Kurt…" Tina began. He knew she was crouched by Puck's body, and he couldn't face that reality right now. All he would allow himself to think about was revenge and death.

He ignored Tina as he approached Sue's body, her lifeless form smoldering in a crater in the ground. Cautiously he crept closer. He couldn't hear anything, so he assumed she was dead. The athame clutched tightly in hand, he wanted to make sure.

He lunged for her throat, but she grasped his arm, the blade slipping from his hand. She squeezed tighter, her godlike strength crushing his bones. He cried out in pain before his black eyes glinted in the lightning filled sky, and with a simple flex of his mind he sent her flying backwards. He cradled his arm as Sue quickly got to her feet.

"I…will…END YOU!" she screamed. He felt the ground beneath him quake as her tolerance for his interference fell. She raced to him, flying at top speed as she slammed into his chest and pulled him into the air. She held him by his shirt as he struggled to be let go. She laughed as they rose ever higher, but before he let panic set in he grabbed her arms and began chanting. "Morior, mortuus, moriturus! Liquefactum et calesco putridas!" Sue stopped laughing immediately. A warm feeling overtook her body, which alarmed her on this cold night. Her skin felt droopy, and her stomach rumbled as her grip tightened on Kurt.

"What did you do to me you little - ." She couldn't finish as her tongue fell out of her mouth, fluttering to the ground. Her eyes wide with fear she shook Kurt angrily.

"Rotting Spell," Kurt said simply. "Seemed fitting." She let out a throaty, noiseless sound as she cried out in pain. The skin on her hands slipped off, her fingers melting like wax as she lost her grip on Kurt. He fell to the ground, though he kept his gaze up as he watched Sue's body break apart sickeningly.

He was able to cushion his fall, shielding himself as Sue's body parts rained down on him. He got to his feet triumphantly, a sure smile on his face. He turned to face his friends across the football field, but quickly looked away when they motioned him closer and began shouting his name. He focused on the grotesque, foul smelling pieces of Sue that were littered around him. He saw her hand struggling feebly by itself, detached from her arm, and felt a small thrill when he stepped on it. It didn't squelch into a puddle of nothingness as he expected. It grabbed him by the foot and tripped him, pulling him down to the ground.

From the puddle of blood and guts around him he saw her body slowly piecing itself back together. Her hands helped pull the limbs nearer, her arms once again whole, her torso dragging itself closer to reattach to her legs. Finally her head rolled onto her neck until she was whole again.

"I told you, you can't kill me," Sue said, cracking her bones into place. "Gods are eternal. You, however, have sorely outstayed your welcome on this mortal coil."

"Kurt!" Finn called, racing up to him.

"Stay back," Kurt said lowly, his rage building as his continued efforts to kill Sue failed.

"Kurt! You have to see this!" Finn cried, nearing his brother.

"I said STAY BACK!" Kurt yelled, pushing against Finn with such force that he went soaring back across the field, the ripples of his anger felt even by those far away.

"Give up yet?" Sue teased, drawing closer and closer to Kurt.

"No," Kurt snarled. He held out his hands, preparing another hex, when from the darkness Santana and Tina appeared. Holding his hands before he could protest they cried, "Defluo!" Kurt saw nothing but darkness for awhile, before finally reemerging away from Sue and across the field, back to Puck's body where everyone was crowded.

"How dare you - ," Kurt began.

"Save it," Santana said, motioning to Puck's corpse. "You have to see this." Kurt shook his head, refusing, before Tina held his hand and told him it was all right. Kurt cracked open an eye, and when he spied the ground he couldn't help but stare

Puck's body was gone, someone else's taking its place. His resting place was occupied now by Principal Figgins, his eyes closed in peace even with the arrow shaft jutting out from his heart. Kurt kneeled closer, examining the corpse.


"It was a glamor," Tina explained. "Sue made Figgins look like Puck."

"She fooled you, Kurt," Santana said. "The same way she fooled us into believing she was Tina back in the gym."

"This is all too much for my gentle disposition," Miss Pillsbury said, wiping at her brow. "I should have taken more Xanax."

"So Puck's not dead…" Kurt said, feeling like he was finally able to breathe again.

"Not yet," Sue said, sneaking up on them as they huddled over Figgins' corpse. From behind her wings she unveiled Puck, bound in golden chains, wolfed-out and raging against his bonds. He snarled and growled, biting at the mouth piece she'd chained between his lips, his pointed ears and sharp claws giving away it was truly him. "But that can be arranged."

"Why are you doing this?" Tina asked, stepping between Sue and Kurt with bravery she never knew she possessed.

"I told you before," she said, tugging on Puck's chains to keep him from rising. "I want your powers."

"We had a deal," Santana said. "You become this – god – and you let us go. Why do you need our power anyway? You have more than you know what to do with."

"You have no idea," Sue said, parting the storm clouds above so the blood moon was finally able to be seen again, just to show them what she was capable of. "This goes beyond you three. You think me killing your mothers was the worst of it? That barely tipped the scales of retribution."

"What did our mothers ever do to you?" Kurt asked, the veins pulsing on his neck, his rage not gone but contained for now.

"It wasn't your mothers," Sue said, "though they bear the blood of the betrayers. It began centuries ago, with your forbearers. We were once healers, midwives, brought together by our common desire to help our village. We became a coven, exploring magick together. We saved lives every day. But a great plague came, and people died. And then I found a way to stop it, to harness and control death by magick, to help our village. It came at a price, but what doesn't? What wouldn't you give for that kind of power? When I told my sister-witches of this, they turned their backs on me. They cast me out, cut me from their circle, afraid of what I had become. Stripped of my magick, I used the last of my powers to curse them. I would seek them through the ages, to whatever new lands they blessed their circle in, promising one thing: I would never stop, not even in death, until I had their powers."

"So instead of being a regular psycho, you're a really fucking old, undead psycho," Santana said softly, looking disgustedly at Sue. Sue's eyes flashed as she tightened her grip on her bow.

"You're a god now," Tina reasoned. "You don't need our powers."

"Of course I don't," Sue said, cutting herself with the tip of an arrow just to see it heal again, smirking as she watched the frightened faces of those before her. "But I still want them. And it's the wanting them that hurts. Knowing I can't have them, that until you gift them to me I will still be the outsider, this unclean thing that my sisters looked at with disgust…it burns. I will have them. I will be a part of the circle again," she said, flexing her wings impressively. "One way or another, I will be a part of the coven, even if it means being the last and only member left."

"Not tonight, bitch," Santana said, crouching low. Holding Tina's hand, she disappeared again, only to appear a few yards away, sprinkling salt on the ground, Tina on the opposite side of her, completing the other side of the circle with some salt of her own. "Sink all evil. Thrice around the circle's bound," they chanted, rushing to finish it.

"No!" Sue screamed. "Occlude de elemen incarcerum flamerum!" A ring of fire erupted around them, growing higher as it burned.

Rachel screamed, huddling against Finn as the fire danced before them. Coach Bieste shielded the still-injured Sam, while Mercedes, Lauren, and Quinn tried to keep Brittany from jumping over the flames to Santana. They could feel the tongues of the fire licking closer, embers smoldering as the girls cried wildly, the acrid stench of burning hair spreading across the field.

Kurt eyed the fire, watching as it drew nearer, its range shrinking as it closed in on his friends and him. His eyes still black with the knowledge of the Grimoire, he cried, "Fractis vallum, rumpe te cumulus, liberave servos, retexo communis dea precatio!" The fire whooshed away, dissolving in the night air.

"Nosey brat," Sue sneered, turning to Kurt. "Attack!" she cried, calling upon the Enamored. They sprung to action, rushing to aid her while Kurt's friends helped hold them back. She raised an arrow to stab him before he moved away, rolling as she stalked closer to him.

"The spell, the spell, where's the spell?" Santana cried, flipping hurriedly through the Grimoire while Tina finished the circle, Sue chasing Kurt relentlessly in the background. "Fuck!" The Grimoire was dull and no longer glowing, looking like a normal book; a normal, empty book.

"Say a prayer," Sue commanded, bringing down an arrow and nearly stabbing Kurt. "Your death is inevitable." He rolled away from her, but her wing caught him by the leg and pulled him up from the ground.

"Burn," Kurt said. Sue's wing caught fire, and she dropped him as she howled out in pain. Turning to Santana and Tina he recited a spell he'd absorbed from the Grimoire, his eyes still black as night.

"What's mine is yours, what's yours is mine, let this knowledge cross the line. I offer up this gift to share, spread this power through the air." The veins on Kurt's body faded, sinking below his skin while his eyes returned to their normal, glaszy color. Tina and Santana could feel the information from the Grimoire enter their body, its magick and knowledge buzzing through their minds as the spells and potions filled them to the brim.

"You talk far too much," Sue said, sneering at him as she put out the fire on her wing. "Silem." Kurt's throat felt like it had a vice on it. He clawed at it, feeling as if he were choking. He tried to speak, to mutter a countercurse or even scream, but his voice was gone. Sue smirked as she turned now to Santana and Tina, who were trying to catch their breaths.

"I can't decide which one of you to kill first," Sue said, stringing her bow and switching her aim between the two. Santana sank to the ground, pulling up tufts of grass as she tried to deal with the centuries of magickal knowledge seeping into her mind. "I see you've volunteered," Sue said, smiling as she saw Santana fall. She pulled the string back and watched as her arrow flew to Santana's head. It was nearing her, closing in on its mark, when Tina sprung her arm out and muttered a curse, deflecting it.

"Da mihi vim," Santana muttered, eyeing Sue murderously. She dug her hands into the soft dirt beneath her. She could feel the powers of the earth rushing up her arms, strengthening her, pumping her body with magick. She sprinted for Sue, faster than either of them could have imagined, pummeling into her at full speed. However fast she was going, Sue was sure she could handle her. She was wrong. She underestimated Santana's strength, the air rushing from her lungs as she was tackled. It felt like a train had hit her, and now she was lying in a crater ten feet deep with Santana on top of her, her weight multiplied a thousand times so she felt like a boulder.

Kurt saw Santana crash into Sue. Taking his chance, he rushed to Puck, forgotten in the melee. He pulled against the golden chains, teary-eyed as he couldn't unlock them while voiceless. Tina hurried to him and tugged on the chains with a spell, freeing him. Kurt hugged Puck, pulling him close, his fingers clutching at his mohawk as he tried to say how happy he was that he wasn't dead. Kurt didn't know how he could've mistaken Figgins for Puck; his kisses were different, sloppy, strange. Now, with the real Puck, it was all too familiar. When he leaned down and kissed Kurt, his lips were just as soft and wonderful as he remembered, and the way he grabbed a handful of Kurt's ass at the end ensured it was really him.

"Fuck, I thought I'd never get out from behind that crazy bitch," Puck said, running his fingers through Kurt's hair possessively, sniffing around his jaw as he went. "Babe, you totally kicked ass! I just hope I don't really have to die for you to pull off some more of that crazy magick." Kurt tried to thank him, but being that he was still silent he simply beamed as Puck held him closer, allowing himself to melt a little bit at Puck's much warmer body temperature heated his cold body.

"RIP THEM APART!" Sue cried, having thrown Santana off her and resuming command of the Enamored once again. Her clothes were ripped and haggard looking, and she had the beginnings of a bruise forming on her lip as she flashed her bloodshot eyes around.

The Enamored clamored over each other, a renewed vigor in their hearts as they took their leader's words seriously. Foaming at the mouth and narrowing their eyes, they ran towards anything that moved, hunting and stalking the girls as they attacked without prejudice.

The football field was alive with screaming as Kurt and Puck abandoned their reunion, Puck wolfing out and slashing the Enamored with his claws. Kurt landed a few kicks and punches, sure he broke someone's arm when he twisted it violently as it tried to pull him back. He then tried to rush to help Tina finish the circle, dodging the Enamored, who seemed to multiply in his eyes, as he ran. Santana was keeping Sue occupied, with Lauren and Sam lending support by throwing footballs and abandoned sports equipment at her. Finn had just tackled a group of Enamored that were holding Miss Pillsbury hostage, while Rachel teamed up with some girls and were using their freshly manicured nails as weapons. Mercedes and Quinn were using their lacrosse stick and baseball bat like pros, mowing down the Enamored that circled around Brittany.

Kurt was trying to finish lighting the candles when an Enamored took him by surprise, holding him around the neck and cutting off his air supply. He looked up to see Mr. Schue was the culprit. He bit his arm, only to have Mike hold him and choke him again. Tina was attacked as well, falling under the weight Azimio and a few other football players. Puck rushed to help, but he was deterred by Jacob Ben Israel and a gaggle of hockey players who were using their sticks as weapons. Santana was still being pummeled by Sue, and Kurt tried to scream or use a hex to help, but only came from his mouth.

Kurt and his friends were falling under the relentless Enamored when the ground beneath them rumbled. He immediately thought it was Sue again, but looking over he saw she was just as surprised as he at the noise and quaking. She ignored Santana as it began again, closer, the quaking increasing. Suddenly the magickal plant that Kurt had enchanted earlier sprang through the earth, striking the Enamored angrily, slamming down on them and spinning its roots and tendrils around their feet as it pulled them up, dangling them from the ground. It didn't attack the girls or Kurt and his friends, slithering past them as its vines pulled the Enamored under, burying them in the dirt or sending small spiky thorns through their legs so they couldn't walk.

Kurt was freed by the plant, its thorny vines sweeping aside Mike and Mr. Schue. It curled up around the Enamored burying Puck, new vines reaching out to trap the boys to the ground. Puck raced to Kurt, holding his hand tightly as they sprinted to Tina.

Sue had abandoned a bleeding Santana, resuming her perch in the sky as she looked angrily down on the plant. "Where did this weed come from!?" she demanded, her voice shrill. She looked to the sky and the storm clouds gathered once again, thicker and churning more violently. Lightning fell from the sky, striking the plant over and over again. The plant thrashed around, slamming its great tentacles to the earth as the lightning struck again, making its vines curl in on itself in pain.

"I didn't even put a fucking dent in her," Santana said, wiping her bleeding nose as she limped towards Kurt, Puck, and Tina, Brittany helping her along. "This exorcism thing better work."

"It will," Tina said confidently. She was drawing runes on Kurt's exposed skin, lines of ancient power and magick covering him like graffiti. "I mean, it has to." Santana was too tired to retort, and Kurt's voice was still gone, so her addendum hung in the air, washed away only by Sue's shrieks and the plant still flailing around violently. "Here, burn the angelica, Santana," Tina ordered. Santana leaned on Brittany as she lit the herb on fire. Tina mixed it with the other herbs, sprinkling it over Kurt as Sue's attention on the plant waned.

"I haven't forgotten about you," Sue said, turning to the three. Tina let out a little shriek as Sue's eyes locked on hers. Sue raced to them, her black wings gliding through the air, the thunder rumbling behind her as she descended back to the ground.

"Everyone!" Tina called, their friends now free from the Enamored, who were writhing around in pain from the enchanted plant. "It's time…now…hurry!" she said, her voice catching as she saw Sue rushing forward. "We have to go," she said, pulling Santana and Puck to the outskirts of the circle. "Puck!"

"No!" Puck said defiantly clutching Kurt's hand. "I'm not fucking leaving him alone against that bitch!" Kurt turned to Puck, his grey eyes shining underneath the static sky. He held him close and kissed him, wordlessly promising him that he was going to be all right. Puck still hesitated, but when Santana gripped him by the shoulder and yanked he flew backwards, his gaze still locked on Kurt as he was dragged away. Kurt turned to see Sue falling from the sky like a shooting star, sparks of lightning charging around her as her ire grew.

She slammed into the ground, the field blackening underneath her footsteps as she approached them. "I have had quite enough of your defiance," Sue said, gritting her teeth. "You cannot escape the inevitable. You will gift your powers to me, even if it's with your dying breath." Kurt gulped as she crept closer, the grass dying beneath her feet. Her eyes were locked on Kurt, and he felt his palms sweaty and his breath come hurried and ragged, the confidence he'd had when he was still in the throes of vengeance over Puck's death gone. From the corner of his eye he saw Santana rush to close the circle, limping as she spread the salt over the opening they left for Sue to enter through. Tina was chanting, muttering something under her breath as everyone stared at Sue reaching Kurt, Puck trying to break free from Lauren and Quinn's grasp as Rachel tightened her grip on Finn's arm. Kurt looked around worriedly as Sue stood before him, eyeing him distastefully. She lifted him by his throat, his eyes darting around as she held him above the ground.

"I think I'll enjoy killing you the most," Sue said, watching in amusement as he dangled helplessly. "What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?" she chuckled, Kurt's face turning red as she choked him.

"Join hands!" Tina cried, her protection spell complete. Their friends linked their hands, clutching each other's palms as they hurried to complete the spell. Tina, Santana, Brittany, Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Puck, Lauren, Sam, Mercedes, Coach Bieste, and Miss Pillsbury stood around Sue and Kurt, thirteen in all, the candles flickering in the night as the sky still churned with thunder and lightning. The girls of the school outside the circle looked on in wonder as those in the circle began chanting.

"Powers of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies. Come to us who call you near! Come to us and settle here!" they said, repeating after Tina and Santana at first before they fell in sync and began chanting it over and over and over again.

"What are you doing?" Sue laughed, her grip on Kurt's throat tightening. "There's nothing you can do to stop me! I am the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. I am life and death! I am God!" she screamed, lighting raining from the sky, striking the ground indiscriminately.

Still they chanted. "Powers of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies! Come to us who call you near! Come to us and settle here!"

Kurt nearly blacked out, sure the bright light he was seeing was heaven. Puck struggled, but the girls wouldn't release him. They continued chanting, their brows furrowing as they spoke the words over and over. Kurt slackened in Sue's grip, and just as she was about to give his windpipe its final crushing blow, lightning struck her, once at first, and then again and again in quick repetition. Kurt fell from her grasp as Sue struggled against the burning pain of electrocution. She looked up to the sky, wondering how the lightning could have betrayed her so, when the howling of the wind brought her attention to Kurt, lying motionlessly on the ground.

"Kurt!" Puck cried, almost pulling away.

"No!" Tina shouted, her hair whipping around her furiously. "We can't break the circle!" She tried not to think that Kurt might be dead, instead chanting on and on, Santana squeezing her hand reassuringly.

Suddenly the lightning in the sky stopped. The field was eerily quiet, save for the circle's continued chanting and the almost silent sound of the gym fire burning in the background. Sue pulled an arrow from her quiver and was about to string her bow when she saw Kurt rise to his feet effortlessly, his face no longer red and not even so much as a bruise around his throat from where she'd just held him.

He was looking up to the still rumbling clouds before they parted, revealing the blood red moon still glowing in the starless sky. Then, while still staring heavenward, the blood drained out of the moon, its pale, crater-lined face no longer tinged with red. Then it was as if every star came out, twinkling in the sky, flooding the football field with light.

The circle stopped chanting, looking as Kurt, eyes bright white, a glowing aura surrounding his body, summoned the athame from thin air. He turned the blade on his palm, slicing through his skin, blood trickling out of the wound as Sue strung her bow and let an arrow fly. Kurt held his bleeding palm out, stopping the arrow in mid-air before letting it fall limply to the ground. His white eyes turned to Sue, and as he opened his mouth a hundred voices came streaming out, the impassioned cry of every witch from their coven struggling to be heard. Sue cowered from the familiar voices, covering her ears as Kurt approached. She tried to run away, but when she came to the edges of the circle she was thrown backwards, landing with a sickening thud on the ground as Kurt continued towards her. The voices stopped clamoring over each other, now chanting together, Kurt the vessel through which they cast their spell.

"Iam tibi impero et praecipio maligne spiritus," the voices called through Kurt's mouth, Kurt holding his cut palm out as Sue could already feel the bonds that tethered Eros to her slipping.

"Ut confestit allata et circulo discides," the voices inside Kurt chanted, sending Sue's body ping-ponging around the circle as the spirit within her was cast out despite her clawing desperately to her divinity.

"Absque," the voices withinKurt cried passionately, his palm still held out as Sue struggled against the spell, gripping the ground tightly as she felt her body ripping in half. She let out a blood curdling scream, her eyes flashing lightning within themselves, the ground quaking as she fought the spell.

"Omni strepito, terrore, clamore, et foetera" the voices chanted, each word sending a ripple of ancestral power through the circle, nearly knocking Tina and Santana to the ground. Sue clutched her throat, realizing her voice had been stolen by the words of the spell. She gripped an arrow tightly, intending to slice Kurt's body from toe to tongue when his next words stopped her in her tracks.

"Asque sine omni damno mei tam animae quam corporis." Obeying the spell, she let the arrow drop. The sound of fabric ripping in two, and then bones breaking and crunching grotesquely cut through the night air as Eros was cast of Sue's body. He fell to the ground before being unceremoniously thrown out of the circle, tumbling to a halt a few yards away from the witches. Sue feebly reached for him, stretching her fingers as if they could glide across the field and scoop him back into her body.

"No," she whined, struggling for breath. She then collapsed onto the ground, sobbing weakly.

Kurt stared up to the sky, watching as the stars glowed brighter and brighter. The others followed his line of sight, looking up as one particular star became more luminous. It seemed like it was getting closer; when the others realized it was, it had already fallen out of the sky, striking the ground next to Eros with a boom. It sounded like a thousand pieces of metal armor clanging together as the star struck the earth, and when the dust settled standing there was a woman in warrior's garb, holding in her left hand a shield with the head of a woman with writhing snakes for hair and in her right a long spear tipped with a point so sharp Santana swore she cut herself just looking at it. Her sandaled feet approached Eros, huddled over as he grasped his bow and arrow for support. Looking up, he squinted as her nimbus nearly blinded him, her body bathed in a bright shining light.

"Cousin Pallas," Eros breathed, using his bow as a cane to prop himself up. He met Athena at eye level, her gray eyes flashing condescendingly through the visor of her helmet.

"You are a foolish boy, Cousin," Athena reprimanded, looking at Eros' limping figure. "You have been warned before of what price will come should you again interfere with mortal affairs."

"I have been warned and yet still unpunished," he said haughtily.

"That will change," Athena replied, looking over to the circle with a small nod of the head. "To be cast out by witches. How the halls of Olympus will ring with laughter when I regale them with this tale."

"What business have you here, Cousin?" Eros asked. "Is not our dearest Uncle Hermes supposed to be the messenger of the gods? Or have you come to simply make light of my folly before returning home and leaving the mortals to fend for themselves?"

"I have been burdened with the task of your retrieval," Athena said. "I bear no message, only orders to bring you home. By force, if necessary," she said, turning her spear to his throat.

"So, Mother has sent you to claim me?" Eros snipped, cracking his back as he righted himself and pushed her spear away. "To think, you, the great Virginal Goddess of Wisdom and War, doing the bidding of the simple Goddess of Love. The heavens themselves will crumble."

"Aphrodite did not send me," Athena said, scoffing at the idea that she would take orders from her. "You know I answer to one and only one. No one else." Eros' eyes grew bigger, and it seemed as if the golden coloring drained from his heavenly figure as he looked frighteningly to the sky.

"You can't mean…," Eros said, clutching his bow with white knuckles. The thunder and lightning shook angrily from above, the sky filled with white hot rage.

Athena smirked as she saw Eros so scared. "Come Cousin," she said, sticking her spear behind her shield before using her free hand to roughly hold him tight. "My father is most displeased."

"Great Zeus," Eros gulped, closing his eyes as he prepared himself for his punishment.

"You did well to cast out my menacing cousin," Athena said, addressing the gathered circle. "The gods shine favorably upon your coven. Remember, we are always watching," she said, before tightening her grip on Eros' arm. "Although some will do well to remember that one watching and touching are two very different things." With another great clang of armor and a burst of smoke Athena roared back into the heavens, clutching the scared, struggling form of Eros tightly.

"What…the actual…fuck?" Santana gasped, looking to the others in disbelief.

"That was so awesome!" Tina yipped, throwing her arms up excitedly. "We just saw gods. Gods. Plural!" The others tried to get over their initial excitement and shock, before their attention turned back to Kurt.

"Kurt?" Puck called out, looking as the boy stood motionless, his eyes still a clear white. Kurt didn't respond, simply dropping to the ground before the others rushed to help him.

"Kurt, wake up," Finn said, having reached him first. He was cradling his little brother in his arms, shaking him worriedly. Puck held his hand and was calling out to him as well, the others gathered around as they watched Kurt's eyelids flutter open.

"Did we win?" Kurt asked. Finn laughed and Santana swore she wasn't crying at all, but Puck did reach down and hug him, kissing him and promising to never let him go.

"You know, we kind of did win," Tina said happily.

"Thank fuck," Santana said, wiping back a stray tear as Brittany hugged her from behind. "I am exhausted."

"I know what you mean," Mercedes said, fanning her face. "I don't even want to think about what all this stress is doing to my wigline."

"I can already feel my skin breaking out, too," Rachel said, feeling her cheeks self-consciously. "Can I have one of those?" she asked Miss Pillsbury, who was busy wiping herself down with a pack of anti-bacterial moist towelettes. Just as the troubled guidance counselor was handing a pack over with the very tips of her fingers, she was thrown back a dozen yards, her red hair sprawled out around her as she tried to catch her breath.

"I wouldn't celebrate just yet," Sue said, her hands smoking. Her blonde hair was frayed and spiked as she eyed them all murderously. "This night is far from over."

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Kali, Hera, Kronus, Tonic, air like nectar thick as onyx. Cassiel by your second star, hold my victim as in tar comes from BTVS season 5 when the hell god Glory sucks out Tara's essence because she thinks she's The Key and so Willow goes all dark (which is totally foreshadowing of season 6 when she loses it completely) and uses this spell on her which stops her in her tracks. If you haven't seen Buffy yet then everything I just said sounds like nonsense, doesn't it? Oh, and in this spell Kali is the Hindu goddess of destruction and death; Hera is the wife/sister of Zeus, king of the gods, and she can be a real bitch when she wants to be; Kronus was king of the titans before he was overthrown by his son, Zeus; Tonic was probably miswritten by the writers as Chthonic (soft "th" –onic), which the Greeks used to mean anything from the underworld (Hades, Cerberus, the river Styx, etc.) and Cassiel is an angel of good fortune.

Tropo, strato, meso, aero, iono, exo…elements are brought to bear. Wind, earth, and water churn amidst the fire. Let the air be burned is, once again, from BTVS. The first six words refer to layers of the atmosphere, especially tropo (Greek: turning, changing) or troposphere, what we call the sky where all the weather occurs; strato (Latin: layer, sheet) is the next highest atmospheric layer, where there are no clouds and it's also the layer through which commercial jets fly through; meso (Greek: middle, intermediate) for mesosphere; and I don't know what aero and iono mean…and exo (Greek: outside) is for the exosphere, or outer space.

Morior, mortuus, moriturus! Liquefactum et calesco putridas! aka The Rotting Spell comes from True Blood. It's Latin and translates as "twist, decay, wither, grow warm and liquify, and rot!"

Defluo is Latin for "fade".

Occlude de elemen incarcerum flamerum! is the spell to summon a ring of fire from True Blood. Latin once again, and conflicting translations, "Shut out of the fire element jail."

Fractis vallum, rumpe te cumulus, liberave servos, retexo communis dea precatio!" comes from True Blood, and it's labeled as a spell to break down a barrier, but I used it here to extinguish the fire spell, which was really like a fire prison since it trapped everyone. Latin once again, and means, "Break the rampart, break the cover, free us slaves, unwind we pray, our Goddess."

What's mine is yours, what's yours is mine, let this knowledge cross the line. I offer up this gift to share, spread this power through the air."This is a bastardization of a power switching spell from Charmed that I tweaked with.

Silem is Latin for "silence".

Da mihi vim is once again from BTVS. Latin for "give me strength".

Powers of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies! Come to us who call you near! Come to us and settle here! The power calling spell from Charmed. Used throughout the series to find a lost witch, or when Piper used it after Prue's death, to call a lost sister (which resulted in the discovery of their fourth sister, Paige).

Iam tibi impero et praecipio maligne spiritus! ut confestit allata et circulo discedas absque omni strepito, terrore, clamore et foetore, asque sine omni damno mei tam animae quam corporis! comes from the Verus Jesuitarum Libellus (Latin: The True Petition of the Jesuits) which I've talked about here before, but it was used on True Blood (originally as a memory erasing spell, but I've used it here as an exorcism) and that's where I got it from. Translation: "Now I command and charge you, O evil spirit! That you immediately depart from the circle, abstaining from all noise, terror, tumult, and stench, without injury to my soul or body." There's a video on Youtube of Marnie casting the spell and it still gives me goosebumps. Just search youtube for "marnie eric true blood" and it should be the first result "Eric Threatens the Coven and Tells Marnie I Am Everywhere True Blood 4x02".

Athena is the Greek god of wisdom, righteous war (as opposed to her brother, Ares, who was disdained by the Greeks as the god of senseless war, violence, and bloodshed, although he was revered by the Romans) and the patron goddess of Athens. She had an aegis (shield) with the head of Medusa attached to it, a gift from Perseus after she helped him defeat the Gorgon. I also love he birth story: Zeus found out his girl on the side, Metis (newsflash: Zeus always had a girl on the side, which was why Hera was a raging bitch 99.9% of the time) was pregnant, and because prophecy foretold that her children would be greater than their father, even Zeus himself, he tricked her into turning into a fly and he swallowed her whole. Metis was a god and couldn't die, so she carried on her pregnancy inside Zeus, until she gave birth, which is when Athena sprung fully grown, in warrior's armor and with a shield and spear, from her father's forehead. Basically she's my favorite god and I had to include her in this story.

Eros is Cupid, the god of love. There are a ton of stories about him, but my favorite has to be of him cursing his uncle Apollo. One day Apollo stumbled upon young Eros playing with his bow and arrows. Apollo grew mad, and snatched his prized weapons from the boy and berated him, telling him to play with his own little bow and arrow and leave his godly weapons alone, because they were for real pain and war, not like his little arrows of love. Eros was insulted, and took two arrows from his quiver: one gold tipped with dove wings, and the other lead tipped with raven's wings. He shot his uncle with the gold tipped one through the heart, making him fall in love with the first person he saw. He then shot Daphne, a tree nymph, through the heart with the lead tipped one, making her reject all who loved her. Of course Apollo fell in love with Daphne, and Daphne spurned him and grew so distressed at his repeated cries of love that she begged her father to keep her from Apollo. Her father, a river god, turned her into the first laurel tree. Apollo was saddened, and made the laurel tree sacred to him, using its leaves as a crown and taking its wood for his lyre and bow. Eros is a cute, mischievous little shit, which is why I love him.

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