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Three months ago, a Tardis landed in a small graveyard in a little area of London.

A blonde haired girl had gotten out of the Tardis and engraved a grave with the words:

'My Sarah Jane Smith'

She had left before I could strike, but I fed off of the energy on the grave, it was a start but still not enough. I needed more, and soon.

But today, a small girl, about twelve had walked into the Graveyard to lay flowers for her Grandfather.

She was small and tiny, her little brittle body would easily shatter at my grasp, her voice would break once I had finished.

She would make a slight meal, though my activity should spark another meal, a much bigger one.

But this girl, so innocent and so stupid.

She didn't see me, she didn't hear me. The only thing she did do, was die…


It had been three months since her father's supposed death and Jenny was sat in the console room, her feet up on the console with an apple in one hand and a book about the Daleks war on Earth in another.

It had also been just less then three months since the Cyberman incident, they had kidnapped the Giant Fish, who was called Jim, as a power source.

Unfortunately, they had picked Earth and the Brigadier had fought back. Jenny managed to defeat the Cybermen, explain who she was to the Brigadier and sent him off to meet her again in the future and return Jim the Fish to his Island where he was building a Dam.

Jenny had also encountered the Drahvins about two months ago, nasty bitches they were.

But it had been quiet as of late, and Jenny could feel herself getting bored.

Putting down the book, Jenny tossed the apple in the air and was about to catch it when the warning bell went off.

Jenny shot up and looked at the monitor, the apple hitting the floor behind her.

"No. Not there." Jenny said, realising that she would be heading back to Sarah Jane's grave.

Jenny shook her head, whatever it was, she was going to find it. She would kill it, so nothing could hurt Sarah Jane anymore.

Jenny pulled the levers and ran around the console. She still blamed herself for what happened to Sarah Jane, it was her fault after all.

Landing, Jenny ran to the door, gun aimed and went out. It was mid morning and it was completely silent.

This made Jenny feel even worse, if it had been a full alien army she could have dealt with it, if it had been an army of giant man eating balloons, she would have popped them all.

But there was nothing, nothing at all… It was Silent.

The sky was grey and murky, but it didn't look like it wanted to rain. Jenny walked to Sarah Jane's grave. The words were still there, and as Jenny touched them, they felt hot just for a second. The letters returned cold almost immediately, but it made Jenny feel a little suspicious.

Standing up, Jenny turned around to see what looked like a hand coming out of a open grave.

As she walked to it, Jenny saw it was a Skeletal arm, of a little girl, whose body seemed to have only a flesh head, the rest of her was just bone.

Jenny fell back in shock. Who would do that to a little girl. What would do that, felt better.

Then she heard it, the snap of a twig and Jenny span around, looking for her enemy. There was nothing there, just the graves and the Stone Angel.

Jenny turned back around, before realising what she had seen.

Spinning to face her enemy, the Angel had made across the path and was now literal inches from Jenny's throat, it's claw like hand stretched out to grab. The other hand stretched around her other side.

"Great, I have to get into a fight, with a creature that can't die. Is some one playing a trick up there" Jenny said, thinking about grabbing her gun.

She was at a such range, that trying to shoot the Angel would probably cause the shot to bounce off and hit her, not like you can shoot an Angel anyway. Quantum Locking made them impervious to damage, annoyingly.

Jenny now realised that if she stepped back, she would fall into the grave, if she tried to get under either of the arms, there was a good chance she would look away or blink.

Either way, one thought kept coming through her head.

'I'm Dead.'

And all she had to do, was blink…

So, I wanted to make sure I kept the suspense The Doctor and The Warrior had.

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