It's been a long long time, well over a year in fact, and I'm not sure where this came from, or why, but inspiration found me—maybe as some latent attempt to get me into the Christmas spirit this year, who knows?—anyway, for anyone out there and still reading, here it is. Enjoy!

I own nothing but the ideas in this piece of writing. All characters proudly borrowed from SM for the purpose of fan fiction, and here they will stay. No copyright infringement intended. No other eyes have looked this over. All mistakes my own.

December 25

Jasper opened his eyes, blinking at the bright, early-morning light shining in through the room's large floor-to-ceiling windows, light that seemed brighter than usual, even if all he could see from their second-story bedroom was an as-always-gray sky. Could it have possibly snowed? Snow for Christmas, how wonderful that would be.

He was awake first, as happened most days, but he didn't mind; in fact, he craved it. He loved this time alone with his thoughts. Quiet time when he could reflect on how lucky he was to have this man in his bed, in his life—he was truly blessed. It was one of his most treasured times of the day—especially at this time of the year. He had so much to be thankful for.

The heat of Edward's body was behind him, right at his back, so close it was almost consuming. One of Edward's arms draped loosely over his waist and a leg hooked possessively around his own. He felt like he was on fire, the heat almost too much, but there was no way in hell he was moving away—he wouldn't disturb him, didn't want to. And when he noticed the gentle snore that fluttered the hair by his ear, reminding him that Edward was truly sleeping, it brought a smile to his face.

Edward had struggled again last night to sleep. Every restless turn and exasperated sigh had kept Jasper from falling asleep for a long while too, even though he'd done his best to keep it from Edward, until exhaustion finally pulled him under. They'd tried, as they did most nights, to wear him out. Jasper warmed even more at the memory of them making love, or maybe he'd be better to term it fucking, it sure had been hard and intense, but even that hadn't been enough to allow Edward an easier journey into slumber. Jasper could only guess how long it had taken in the end, so he would put up with heat, and he'd do it without complaint, if it would allow Edward even five minutes of extra rest.

They lay there for a while longer, Jasper falling back into a half doze himself, for how long, he didn't know . . . and then Edward moved. The arm that had been so relaxed over Jasper's waist didn't drape anymore; instead, it now pulled him in and held him tight. Jasper realized Edward's snoring had stopped as well. I haven't moved, he told himself. I know I haven't. Edward's hips flexed, and Jasper felt the push of a half-hard morning erection against the cleft of his ass . . . and then he felt the flex again. Jasper knew Edward may well still be asleep, in that half-consciousness that most people woke up to when there was no outside force to help them a long, but he wasn't foolish enough to ignore the subtle come on. Edward may not realize right this second what he was doing, but he would very soon. Jasper's body began to react.

Edward's arm relaxed again, and Jasper felt an almost painful disappointment that Edward was falling back to sleep. He as quickly scolded himself for being selfish—it wasn't as if he'd didn't get sex, amazing damned sex, most days. But then he felt the hand move and skim over his chest, felt determined fingers pinch his nipple, and a voice growl in his ear, "Want you," and Jasper was uncomfortably hard in an instant, his body reacting by pushing back determinedly against Edward. Edward chuckled, the sound oddly arousing.

Jasper quickly rolled over. The sight of those green eyes and bed-tousled, auburn hair still amazed and enthralled him. He couldn't get enough. Fortunately, neither could Edward.

Jasper's eyes fell to Edward's mouth, his pouty lips soft and relaxed, his wet, pink tongue teasing as it licked across his bottom lip. Jasper knew if he looked into Edward's eyes they would shine with mirth—Edward knew exactly what he did to his husband. The tease was too much for Jasper. He reached out and pushed his fingers into the hair at Edward's nape then linked his own leg over Edward's thigh, pulling him close and leaving no space between them once he had joined their lips.

The kiss wasn't subdued, but it wasn't frantic; it was perfect for now—hot and wet and just plain ungh . . . It was a reflection of them, of their relationship, and how good they were together. Edward's tongue swept into Jasper's mouth, and Jasper's hand gripped tight on the slightly-longer-than-he-usually-wore-it strands of Edward's soft hair. Jasper thought, for not the first time, that he liked it like that . . . but then he wasn't thinking of the length of Edward's hair anymore. He couldn't, not when Edward reached down and gripped their erections in a viselike grip.

Edward pulled away from the kiss, and Jasper groaned. "What you do to me, Jazz," Edward muttered as he started to move in the bed, crawling up to hover over Jasper and kissing him quickly on the lips before shuffling back under the covers, his sexy hair disappearing far too quickly from sight for Jasper's liking, but it was too cold to throw back the covers, even if that's exactly what he wanted to do.

What you do to me! Jasper thought as Edward trailed his tongue down Jasper's abdomen, swirling and licking in maddening patterns that had Jasper arching his back in pleasure. "Hell yeah!" he exclaimed when Edward's breath ghosted over the sensitive underside of his cock, teasing him. Knowing just what was coming, but not fast enough for his liking, Jasper ordered, "Suck me. Make me come."

"With pleasure." The words were garbled now that Edward had disappeared from sight, and no more were forthcoming. As soon as Edward released his grip slightly, moving his hand to the base of Jasper's shaft, a hot, wet mouth began to lick and suck him. The combination of determined licks and pulls on his highly sensitive flesh, coupled with Edward opening his throat and sucking him down deep, over and over, had Jasper spurting far too quickly. Jasper felt like he came and came as Edward contracted his throat around the head of Jasper's cock as he swallowed, finishing him off perfectly.

"Fuck, you're good at that." Jasper could hardly move, let alone talk, as Edward emerged, but he managed to praise Edward anyway, eliciting a cocky grin. "Give me a minute and then you're mine," he added.

"A minute's all you get, or I'll do it myself." Edward's face was flushed and his eyes were wide and filled with need.

"Greedy prick."

"It is, baby, incredibly greedy, see." Edward kneeled up in front of Jasper. His cock hard, the engorged flesh jutting eagerly from his body as he stroked it and stared lustfully at Jasper, pre-come glinting in the morning light and making Jasper forget he had to recuperate for a moment.

"No time like the present. Shuffle up here and fuck my mouth," he told Edward, who got into position over him quickly. "That's it, love."

Those were the last words Jasper spoke as Edward pushed into his mouth, flexing his hips back and forth and gripping Jasper's hair, urging Jasper's head to move as well. Edward looked down on him. Their eyes held as Edward thrust into him; a look of complete awe evident on Edward's face. "Fucking love you," he growled. "That's it, take my cock." Jasper loved the gravel in Edward's voice, felt it all the way to his groin. Loved the taste, loved the feel. Loved every-fucking-thing about the man dominating him from above.

And then she woke up . . .

But Edward didn't stop; he kept thrusting even as the mix of sleepy cries and happy gurgles continued. And Edward wouldn't stop, not until he'd come, and Jasper loved him for it and tried not to think of their daughter. Mia could wait for a few minutes—she'd be just fine.

When Edward's lids closed over his beautiful, green eyes, Jasper knew he was close. And when he finally came hard, his hips stilling and stuttering as he pushed deep, and Jasper swallowed around him, he'd never loved his husband more.

Edward fell down onto his back, panting roughly. "You really are the best at that."

"Well you better not put it to the test," Jasper teased, rolling to sit up on the side of the bed as he licked his lips, cleaning them of the evidence of their lovemaking. He stood up, pulling on his robe. "Should I bring her back in here?"

"Of course! And hurry." He rolled to his side and pulled the duvet over his body, a stupid look of contentment on his face. "Oh, by the way."

"Mmm?" Jasper said as he turned to leave the room.

"Merry Christmas, baby. I really do love you."

And he did. Jasper would never doubt it. He blew a kiss over his shoulder as he walked out of the room to get their daughter and continue their Christmas day as the happiest, and most blessed, family on earth.

It was pure fluffity-McFluff, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

Happy Holidays!