One Year On by DD Agent

I do not own Lewis or any of its characters, or its settings.

This was prompted to me by crazymaryt in my Halloween Prompt Fest. Hope you enjoy!

They were sitting in a small pub in Oxford, enjoying a quick sandwich and a pint over a Monday lunchtime. The pub was one of the few that hadn't been decked out with fake cobwebs and spiders hanging from the ceiling, which was why Robbie had chosen it in the first place. He didn't want Laura reminded of what had occurred the Halloween before, and all she had lost. That wasn't the only thing they were ignoring, of course. As per usual, both of them were trying to push aside any feelings that were stirring.

"So…" Robbie started, putting his pint down on the table. "You have a nice weekend?"

Laura smiled at him, putting her own drink next to his. "Wasn't bad. Met up with Alec."

He tried to keep the eye roll to himself, but he knew that Laura had noticed it. He didn't like that arrogant bastard - didn't like the way he looked at Laura either. He knew he had no right to make claims on his friend, especially as they had done nothing but merely stumble round the idea of 'them' in the five years since he had moved back to Oxford. Still, Laura Hobson deserved a whole lot better than Alec. He supposed that she deserved a lot better than him, but he tended to push that thought aside.

"I'm sure that was nice. You meet up with Ellen too?"

Laura nodded. "We visited the cemetery, went out for a drink afterwards. Was almost like old times."

Robbie reached down for his pint and took another gulp. They'd have to get back to work soon, making sure to avoid Hathaway and Innocent before they started reading into their little pub lunch more than what there was. But Robbie didn't want their time to end so soon.

"You know," Robbie started. "If you ever need to talk about what happened…you've got me."

Laura's face broke into a smile and a chuckle. She reached over for his hand, and Robbie felt his heart jump a little. He hadn't thought he would ever feel that way again; but as it always was, happiness was right in front of him, waiting for him to wake up and stop being a grumpy bugger.

"What you're doing is more help than hashing over old college memories," Laura smiled. "Just sitting here, taking me out for lunch is what I need. Just you is what I need, Robbie Lewis."

Robbie chuckled and nodded. "You're the same, Doctor Hobson." He took a sip of his pint and decided to bite the bullet, as it were. He would never get an opportunity like this again, and if the last year had proved anything it was that Laura wouldn't wait around for him forever. "You're all I need, Laura."

She beamed across the table at him, but as she opened her mouth to speak, his phone started to ring. Cursing, Robbie looked at the display. It was Hathaway - they most likely had a case. Laura nodded her acceptance of the situation and they stood up from their small pub table, ready to head back to work.

"Thank you for lunch, Robbie. Thank you for everything," Laura smiled, resting her hand on his chest.

The Detective picked her hand up and pressed his lips to the back of it. Simple, romantic, old fashioned. Oh it was them all over. "Drive you to the crime scene?"

"Sounds lovely."

They walked out of the pub together, Robbie's hand on the small of Laura's back. He hoped that this was the start of a new way of thinking about Halloween. A new beginning, rather than lots of endings. It sounded pretty good to both of them.