This is just a short little one shot that I decided to have a crack at writing while talking to some friends on Twitter about how much we love domestic Chuck and Sarah. General consensus: We need generations of Charah children. That's not too much to ask, is it?

Set a little way in the future and is just a little snapshot into the lives of our favourite couple.

This is for Jeanne and Marie – enjoy!

Disclaimer: If I owned it, it would never stop.

Toes in the Sand

It was early on a Sunday morning, the sunlight streamed through the opened windows. The smell of bacon frying wafted through the house; the large golden retriever sat at his master's feet in the kitchen, waiting for some to be thrown his way, his tail thumping on the hardwood flooring. Sarah Bartowski nee Walker, stood over the stove top, carefully balancing multiple frying pans filled with all the essential ingredients for the for the perfect family breakfast. She glanced at the clock on the microwave that was beside her: 8:30. She knew she didn't have long before the house would start to stir and she would lose any sort of tranquility this time of the morning afforded her. As much as Sarah loved her quiet time, she wouldn't trade her family for anything.

As Sarah moved gracefully around her kitchen - it was a dance she had perfected over the years - she thought back to a time when she could only ever dream of the 'perfect' life. She wondered what her past self would think of her present self; yes, Sarah Walker – Super Spy, had finally found her niche. Perfect job, perfect house –it had the white picket fence and the red door, perfect family; all her hard work and sacrifices over the years finally paid off in full, and then some. There were moments, though, when it wasn't all sunshine and roses, but for Sarah, too quiet and calm meant trouble.

Speaking of trouble, she paused momentarily as she reached up to get the plates to serve breakfast on. She listened intently as she heard soft footfalls coming from down the hallway. Quickly pulling the plates down and onto the bench next to the stove, she closed the cupboard and turned off the hot plates. As she did that, Sarah felt a two pairs of arms wrap themselves around her, one around her middle and the other around her neck.

"Guess who?" Chuck's soft voice sounded in her ears and his hands covered her eyes, but not before her son's voice reverberated through her other one as he yelled the same question.

Sarah winced in pain, but she had to smile. "Um, let me see." She paused, pretending to ponder her answer. "Is that you Uncle Morgan?" The little boy squealed with laughter.

"No! I'm not Uncle Morgan."

Sarah reached up behind her where her son was resting his head on her shoulder. Patting him lightly on the cheek, she nodded. "No, you're definitely not Uncle Morgan. You're not hairy enough." She stopped again. "Is it Uncle Awesome? He's not hairy."

The little boy laughed again, and this time Chuck did as well. "You're silly, Mommy."

She gasped, "You called me Mommy. I guess that can only be one person then, can't it?" Chuck pulled his hands away from his wife's eyes as she turned her head to come face-to-face with the deep brown eyes of her four-year-old son. "I should have guessed it was you, hey Ty?" Sarah placed a smacking kiss on her son's cheek.

Tyler squealed again, "Yucky, Mommy. No kisses."

Pulling away from the two favourite men, she turned around and put her hand on her heart. "Since when are Mommy's kisses yucky, little man?" She feigned hurt, "Come here and I'll show you yucky." Sarah grabbed her son from Chuck's arms and pulled him into her own, placing kisses and blowing raspberries all over his body. Tyler shrieked with laughter at his mother's actions; his laughter was contagious and Chuck and Sarah laughed along with him; even the dog was barking around them with amusement. When it was all said and done, the little family sunk to the ground, arms held around one another.

After a minute, Sarah looked at her husband and gave him an indulgent kiss. "I almost forgot my good morning kiss," she told him.

Chuck grinned, "Can't forget that. I look forward to them every day."

"You're sweet." She placed another soft kiss on Tyler's cheek. "Ok kiddo, up you hop; I made breakfast."

Tyler stood up and asked, "Bacon?"

Sarah smiled, "When don't I give you bacon, little man?"

He thought for a little bit, "Um, never."

"Exactly." Sarah ruffled the blonde hair on Tyler's head. "Why don't you help Daddy set the table and I'll bring everything out."

"Ok." The little boy scuttled out of the kitchen, his cape from his Batman pyjamas flowing along behind him. Chuck quickly kissed his wife before darting away to follow his son.

Sarah chuckled softly to herself before turning around to serve up breakfast for her little family. For her, this was perfection. This was better than any dream she may have conjured up in the past; it was real and tangible and worth every effort. The universe gave her a gift in Chuck and he, in turn, gave her Tyler, in return she would protect and love them forever.

So I hope you all enjoyed my first foray into Chuck fanfiction territory. If it so pleases you, feel free to let me know what you thought.