Harry Potter and the Shadow Cat

Chapter one; Together Again

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(Start scene)

Harry let his mind wonder as he walked back to his friend in their compartment on the Hogworts' express. After having to deal with Malfoy, Harry went to the loo, not wanting to dealing with anything else before Hogwarts. His mind wondered to Sirius Black and what Mr. Weasley said to him. Did Sirius Black ready break out of Azkaban just to kill him? If so why did Mr. Weasley feel like Harry would go after Black at the first chance? As his mind pondered this he walk right into somebody else knocking them to the ground. The person he knocked over was a girl with long black hair that looked like a year older then him. And she was, though Harry would never say this out loud, very pretty. "Sorry," said Harry helping her up. "I had something on my mind and wasn't looking."

The girl smiled, Harry felt like he was brushing. "Hope you were thinking about finally facing me in Quidditch this year." She said in a soft voice.

"Huh?" was all that Harry could say in response.

She giggles before answering softly "I'm Cho Chang, the seeker on the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. I made the team in your first year but we never faced one another."

It was then that he knew what she was talking about. His first year he was in the hospital wing during that match against Ravenclaw and in his second year it was canceled after his best friend was attacked. "It was not like I was trying to avoid those games," said Harry even though none of those events were his fault.

"I know, but that didn't stop Roger, our captain, from say to the team that you are scared of facing me in a match."

"Well," started Harry, "I'll have to prove him wrong when we verse each other than. Ummm, good luck, I guess."

Cho giggled again before noticing something. "Is that your cat?" she asked pointing at his feet.

Harry looked down to see a black cat sitting by his feet. Blinking he picked up the cat and held it in his arms. The cat was pure black with dark green eyes. It had no collar or any kind of way to tell it who it owner was. Cho stretch the cat behind the ear and it closed its eyes enjoying the attention. "I don't own a cat, I have an owl. I think she is the only snowy owl in the school, but I have no idea who cat this is though."

Taking her hand off the cat's ear Cho said. "Maybe we should find whoever owns this little guy."

Harry thought for a moment; on one hand he really should get back to his friends, they might think he was attack by Malfoy soon. On the other hand he didn't want to seem rude and he knew if something ever happen to Hedwig he would hope someone would help her and got her back. He nodded peering down at the cat that was looking back at him meowing.

Though after three compartments later and still nothing, something strange happen. The train hit its breaks and slowed to a stop. Harry and Cho place their hands to the wall to stop themselves from falling. "We can't be there yet, can we?"

Harry wasn't sure; something didn't feel right to him. Students were peering out of their compartments to see what's going on. The light went out and the hallway got cold all of the sudden. Harry could barely see a dark cloaked figure almost gliding down the hallway.

Then he heard it a loud woman's scream filled his ears and the cold washed over him. He dropped the cat as he fell to his knees. Cho got down to try and help him, as quickly as the screaming came it went away. Harry looked at Cho, but she was staring in front of her.

He followed her gaze causing him to gasp. The cat that he dropped had a dark yet powerful aura visible around its small body. It was like the shadows were bending to its will. The cat stood on it hind legs for a second slashing it claws at the thing. Several shadows shaped like claw marks form from it claws and sent the dark figure back. "If you every go near my son again," warned the cat speaking in a deep tone that promised pain.

Harry brain almost stopped at this. One; a cat talked, two; the cat call him his son. He had no idea what to think about this. And as the creatures left, running was heard down the hall behind them. They turned to see Professor Lupin, Hermione and Ron running towards them.

The cat turn at them and said, "Remus, you gotten old."

The man blinked and then asked the cat with a raised eyebrow, "Do I know you?"

"We knew each other but you never saw me in this form. But let's get to your compartments to continue this conversation."

The four students, one professor and one cat walked backed to their compartment. After introductions were added for Cho who didn't know everyone they sat down with the cat sitting on Professor Lupin's lap. Harry then asked the question that has been on his mind since the cat started to speak, "Why did you call me_"

"Son?" the cat finished for him. "That is because you are my son. Before you get too confused, ("too late" muttered Ron) let me explain. I am a shadow cat, a very rare magical creature that can, to put in simpler terms, 'bend' the shadows to our will. We can even jump from different location from the shadows even if there are miles apart. It's no different then a Phoenix moving by bursting into flame when it's not their burning day. I died when Voldemort came to kill you Harry but after I died I somehow came back in my animagus form."

Professor Lupin stared at the cat before guessing a name "Lily?"

The other went wide eyes at this; well wider as they already were going wide at the start of its tale. The cat's ears twitched and said, "How did you guess it was me Remus? My voice in this form isn't really lady-like."

He chuckled, "James's animagus form was never a shadow cat and also you never called me Moony."

Lily's ears twitched again "My husband was an animagus, and he never told me? Will I never told him either but that different. When did this happen?"


Lily looked at Harry, who was right across from Remus. She jumped into his lap and gazed at him. "I'm sorry I could not have taken care of you. When I woke up in this form three days have passed and I was in no state to care for you. You were only fifth-teen mouths old and needed good care, care I could not have given you as a cat. I spent all this time trying to find a way to get back to normal to be with my baby."

Harry just hugged his mother in cat form not caring how strange it might look. They stayed that way for a few moments before Hermione asked, "You said you have been looking for a way to get back to being human, so those that mean?"

Lily nodded her head. "I'll explain more of that at Hogwarts."

They didn't have to wait long and soon the train was at Hogsmeade station and sooner still they were in Professor McGonagall's office. Professors McGonagall, Dumbledore and Snape were there listening to Lily's tale. "That is almost unbelievable Lily, if you weren't here now I wouldn't believe it. Dumbledore do you have any idea how this has happen?" asked Professor McGonagall.

"Many in fact, but each in mostly as unbelievable as the last, so not really."

"Lily," started Snape, "have you made progress on becoming human again?"

Lily smiled as best as she could as a cat. "Severus my old friend, do you really have that little faith in me?"

Snape frowned at being called old but kept quite and mutter to himself "Who do I look like Dumbledore's age".

She then leaped from Harry's lap onto the floor and white smoke poofed around her. When it cleared Lily Potter was standing there looking like she had been before her death.

Harry had tears in his eyes. His mother standing before him, alive. He could not help it; he ran to her and wrapped her in a hug. Crying on her shoulder, his mother hugging back, her hand stroking his hair, Harry wanted to stay like this for hours.

Everyone seemed touched by this scene. Even Snape, who looked away so no one saw him give a small smile. "It's better then when I first started this. My cloths kept vanishing at the start with each transformation. I thought this was because I had no cloths on when I woke up so I thought after the first time it wouldn't happen again but after the second I had to fix that."

At this the people chuckle, or in case of the girls giggled. No one noticed Snape brushing at her words. "You had no idea what it was like trying to get information to help you out of a book with paws. Most of the time I just rip the pages with my claws." Lily then had a frown on her face "But I'm afraid this isn't permanent. I can only hold this form for about an hour then it takes ten hours before I can become human again. That a small reason I'll here, with some of the best minds of the world here I might make this last longer, make the time in-between shorter or make this permanent."

"We will help however we can Lily. I hate to make this moment shorter then it has to be, but we are needed for the sorting. Harry you and your mother can stay here for now but after you have talked and eaten you might want to get to Gryffindor Tower. Oh, and Lily, may I speak with you after Harry go to sleep?" Dumbledore said and at her nod he walked out of the office.

They left them alone though Professor McGonagall asked to Hermione for a minute. Lily just sat in a chair with Harry in the one next to her. The rest of there time was Lily getting to know her son better and his life seeing as she couldn't have been in it.

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