Shinji and Super Smash Bros.

Title Scream

Disclaimer: If I owned Evangelion, then why on Earth would I write fanfiction about it? And on that note, I don't own Super Smash Bros. either.

This story was inspired by the legendary fanfic Shinji and Warhammer40K, and I decided, why not do one with Super Smash Bros.?

Pairing: Shinji/Asuka. Unless, of course, I change my mind later. But that's what it looks like for the moment.

Rating: T

Also, I realize that most Japanese probably don't do garage sales – much less post-Second Impact – but just roll with it for me, okay?


One Shinji Ikari and his aunt were shopping at a garage sale, looking for some odds and ends when the six year-old boy happened upon a box on the ground that said 'GAMES'. While the child was mildly curious, he hadn't the confidence to ask his aunt if she would buy him anything, and so he decided that he wasn't even going to look inside. That way, he wouldn't have the faintest idea of what he didn't have.

Destiny, however, had other plans. His aunt had noticed him glancing at it with an unfamiliar spark in his eyes. 'Is that… interest in his eyes? Finally, I have a chance to help Shinji-kun get some more normalcy in his life. Children his age should be playing and enjoying games while they still can. Especially in a world as dark as ours.'

Gently smiling, she asked, "Oh, would you like a game to play, Shinji-kun? Why don't we take a look and see if there's anything you find interesting."

Still unsure, but encouraged and feeling just a bit hopeful, Shinji went over to the box and found that it had a number of plastic cartridges in it, all of them with a picture and label identifying it.

Watching the scene with a kind smile, the young man holding the sale said, "Ah, those are a bunch of video games from before Second Impact. I haven't had time to play them myself, but I checked them all just last week. Even though they're at least fifteen years old now, they still play like new. It's only right that they be passed onto the next generation. As a matter of fact, I'll sell you four games, two controllers, and the system to play 'em for half the commercial price of the system alone."

Pleasantly surprised, Sayoko Ikari replied, "Really? That's quite a bargain. Well, Shinji-kun? Go ahead and pick out four that look interesting to you. Don't worry, you've earned it for being such a well-behaved boy all this time."

However, Shinji didn't have the slightest idea what would be good and what wouldn't. So he asked, "Um, mister, what do you think I should get?"

Pausing for a moment, the vendor eventually knelt and reached into the box, retrieving a few particular cartridges before he replied, "Well, let's see… If you ever want to play with friends, then you should definitely get this one. Oh, and while the industry is only just now getting back into gear after Second Impact, the people who still remember such 'frivolous' things often regard this as one of – if not the – greatest games of all time. Then, this sequel to it is also pretty good. And finally, everybody should try out this series, but I only have the one game for this system. Nevertheless, I'd say these are the four best games for Nintendo64, and while I can't guarantee you'll enjoy them, statistically speaking, the odds are pretty darn high."

Nodding, Shinji accepted the four games, and after the vendor retrieved the console and controllers to go with them, Sayoko purchased a few picture frames, put everything in a box, and proceeded on home. It was the time of year that, before Second Impact, had been summer, meaning that Shinji had a month off from school.

That afternoon, after his uncle helped him set it up, Shinji powered up the Nintendo 64 and picked the first cartridge he saw, which happened to be the game with a multiplayer mode.

Once the opening video began, Shinji was treated to a polygonal room not entirely unlike his own, while a disembodied glove rearranged a few items on a desk to make some sort of play area, before placing a pair of limp action figures on it. Suddenly, the glove gestured three times in quick succession before snapping its fingers, at which point the action figures in question came to life.

Eyes widening, Shinji instantly realized that somehow, he had stumbled upon something epic. Over the next minute or so, a number of other characters had short introductory sequences, consisting of their name and stage, as the frantic music grew nearer and nearer to its climax. Openly grinning for the first time in years, Shinji was transfixed as four pairs of characters had a quick square-off, followed by four more silhouettes.

As the menu appeared, an extremely loud and enthusiastic voice screamed out the title of the game.


Little did anyone know, that from this point on, the fate of the world had been forever changed.


And yes, I was purposefully vague on the other three games Shinji got, as they don't play NEARLY the role that the main one does. Of course, I'm quite certain you can guess what at least two of them are…