Shinji and Super Smash Bros.

Given the relative frenzy of writing I managed to get done this weekend, I think it's time to announce the current official status of this fic. Which is to say, in just a few little words,


So here's chapter three! Now then, I know a lot of you were confused by the timeskip straight to the Sixth Angel last chapter, and rightfully so. The truth is, I wrote everything in that chapter but the fight scene about eight months ago, and I had skipped to Asuka's debut because that's where my inspiration was.

However, now that I've gotten into the zone - at least for a while - I feel I've got the drive to try and fill in that seven-episode blank spot. So treat the previous one as an episode-long sneak peek, if you will, and from here on out we will reset to Shinji's arrival in Tokyo-3!

This chapter covers Shinji's meeting with Gendo, the fight with the Third Angel, Sachiel, and the aftermath thereof. I'm skipping the bits where Misato picks Shinji up in town and takes him to NERV and where she takes him to her apartment because, well, it would've basically been a pointless rehash of canon with only a few different reactions.

"Um, so in a nutshell, Dad, you called me here to get in the giant robot so I could save the world from that giant thing outside, and I'm effectively the only chance the world has?"

Gendo sighed. "Yep."

Shinji gave him a thumbs-up. "No prob."

A few minutes later, before getting in the entry plug, Shinji looked as if something had just occurred to him. Taking his seat in the cockpit, he said, "You know, if you had the resources to build at least one giant robot in preparation for this kind of event, I would've expected you to have a pilot ready."

Gendo coolly replied, "Technically, we have a professional pilot. Two, in fact. Thing is, one's in Germany because - basically - politics. And our local pilot had a mishap last week, so she's in intensive care now. So... pretty much, yeah, you're our only hope."

Shinji winced in sympathy. Though he'd never had to deal with that kind of issue - namely, politics - personally, he'd seen the situation on TV and in enough games to have a rough idea of how much it sucked. "Well, I'll try not to let you down then."

Gendo paused for a moment, attempting to formulate a response. Eventually, he settled for silently nodding.

Thinking to himself as his son went off to war, Gendo mused, First meeting in a year... I suppose that could've gone worse.

"Fuyutsuki," Gendo began.

"Yes, Commander?"

"Remind me to get him something nice if he comes back alive."

Fuyutsuki raised an eyebrow, but nodded. "Yes, sir. ... Where are you headed off to?"

Gendo, halfway to the elevator, paused to speak over his shoulder. "I'm thirsty, so I'm getting a drink. Either Shinji will win, or he won't. I don't forsee my presence having an effect either way. Use Rei as a backup if it becomes necessary."

Shinji had gone out in Unit-01, and the Angel - retroactively codenamed as Sachiel - had promptly broken the Eva's arm and smashed its head open with minimal effort.

And, because of the synchronization process, Shinji himself had felt the same injuries dealt to the machine.

While everyone in NERV was freaking out, Shinji was barely managing to stay conscious. In his vision, however, he saw the Evangelion's badly beaten form splayed out across the street when a voice boomed in his head and a timer appeared to count down across his vision.


Shinji, never one to give up merely because he'd gotten his butt kicked, answered with a resounding 'YES!' and found himself partially recovered from fatigue.


The Super Smash Bros Melee character selection screen appeared in his mind. Taking a moment, Shinji quickly pondered the fight up to that point. "In that case, I guess I'll play this safe for a while, see what's up."


Shinji could faintly hear chatter over the comm link from NERV - something about the Eva reactivating and doing stuff with an AT Field - when a handgun made out of energy appeared in the Eva's hands an energy jacket covered its arms and torso, and Shinji felt a weight on his back to indicate something there as well. The Eva's arm and faceplate also repaired themselves.

Shinji ignored the chatter about how whatever was going on shouldn't be possible. The Eva was doing stuff to accomodate Shinji's familiarity with a videogame, and on the one hand, he didn't have the faintest clue as to why. But on the other hand, whatever was happening was to Shinji's advantage, and he'd never really been one to sweat the small stuff anyway.

Taking aim with the blaster, Unit-01 fired a few laser bolts at the Angel, each hit causing it to stumble back a little, before the Angel brought up its AT Field, rendering further assault pointless.

Shinji decided that it was time for a little experimenting, and rushed at the Angel, planning to jump and attack from behind.

The Angel, however, levitated up and grabbed Unit-01's faceplate again, likely planning a repeat of its earlier finishing move.

"Not this time," Shinji muttered. As he activated Falco's Reflector, a powerful blue forcefield covered Unit-01's body and slammed the Angel against the street, sending it skidding for several blocks.

Upon landing, Unit-01 seemd to disappear for an instant, before the Angel spasmed in pain as the Evangelion then reappeared just behind it. "Falco Phantasm, baby."

Taking advantage of Sachiel's momentarily being stunned, Unit-01 turned on its heel and hit the Angel's back a few times before chaining into a flurry of rapid-fire kicks. After several seconds of the relentless barrage, Sachiel once again brought up its AT Field, earning itself a brief reprieve.

The Angel turned around, intent on exacting revenge against the EVA, only to find it hovering in the air and wreathed in a fiery aura.

If Sachiel had the capability to communicate like a human, it would've muttered something along the lines of 'oh crap'.


Shinji screamed, and the burning Eva slammed into the Angel at high speed, causing considerable damage and knocking it back again.

Seeing that his opponent was taking such a beating with minimal apparent problem, Shinji mused, "Well, at least I've more or less got the hang of this now. Naturally, trying for a ring-out probably won't be of much use. If only it had a weakness I could abuse to get this fight over with..."

"About that..."

Turning to the picture of Misato in Unit-01's HUD, Shinji asked, "Eh? About what?"

Just a little exasperated, the woman said, "See that big red shiny thing in the middle of its chest? Ritsuko says that if you break it, the Angel goes kablooey."

Somewhere offscreen, Ritsuko's eye was twitching at Misato's oversimplification.

Shinji, meanwhile, just nodded. "Break the red shiny object, Angel blows up. Gotcha. Well then, since I can't really get much past its shield this way, I'm gonna have to use a lot more power!"

In his mind, Shinji visualized the action from the perspective of a camera, and paused it, before hitting 'reset'.


As Unit-01's AT Field-created equipment vanished, Shinji yelled, "Awesome, I was hoping that would work!"


Unit-01's AT Field reacted again, this time forming a long cape and encasing the entire body - minus the head - in armor.

Sachiel, which would've been enraged if it had human emotions, got up and rushed at the purple people-eater, assuming that the Angel's own oncoming wrath was the reason for its enemy's lack of movement.

"Shinji," Misato said with some urgency, "you CAN see that it's heading straight for you... RIGHT?!"

Shinji, eyes narrowed in concentration, muttered, "Hold on a sec, I need to get the timing right for this or we're screwed."

With that revelation, Unit-01 reared back its fist and the AT Field began charging a massive amount of dark energy around it.

The Angel, apparently oblivious with rage - or whatever it had that passed for rage, at any rate - kept moving forward.

Shinji felt the energy around Unit-01's fist reach its peak, and grinned. "Here we go with a Warlock Punch!"

Sachiel sensed the power of the incoming attack and attempted to dodge, but it was too late; while it protected its Core, the result was that Unit-01 rammed its fist forward at lightning speed and into the Angel's face.

The impact force was so great that not only did Sachiel get knocked back out of the city entirely, but the punch created a pressure wave that broke all the windows in every building for a radius of two blocks.

Deciding that the battle had gone on long enough, Shinji pondered his next course of action. On the one hand, he was tempted to try and 'reset' again to use a faster character so he could quickly run up to his opponent, then 'reset' back to Ganondorf so he could use a powerful attack on the Angel's weak point.

On the other hand, he didn't know if that was a viable option, and he'd always been the kind of gamer to play it safe rather than take unneeded risks. If necessary, he could (hopefully) use Ganondorf's massive power to smash through the Angel's barrier if it came back up, and then destroy the core while it was reeling from the hit.

As the pilot nodded to himself, Unit-01 began to casually walk towards the Angel, which had yet to react after the Warlock Punch.

Thirty seconds after the Angel had still failed to get back up and Unit-01 was still plodding along, Misato bellowed, "WOULD YOU HURRY UP ALREADY?! THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!"

Shinji, still paying attention to his foe, didn't glance at the communications window as he replied. "For all we know, it's just playing possum, and rushing in could be a trap. And as big as this thing is, I'll be in range to clobber it again in a minute anyway."

At that time, the Angel began stirring again, and after a moment, it seemed to catch sight of the Evangelion again. Whereupon it immediately began scrambling back in terror, before raising its AT Field as a barrier and attempting to slam Unit-01 away with it.

As Shinji observed the oncoming wall of orange light, Unit-01's fist was encased in dark energy again as it lunged forward and effortlessly crashed through the barrier with an uppercut.

Another AT Field came rushing at the Eva, and it paused for a moment to build strength, before shattering that one with an elbow strike.

Observing that they seemed to be getting weaker as the Angel's panic increased, Shinji didn't bother charging up Unit-01's attacks from that point, deigning merely to rip through Sachiel's AT Fields with what was becoming casual ease.

"And to think, most bosses get harder to defeat as you wear them down," Shinji mused.

The Angel then apparently decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and attempted to levitate beyond the implacable death machine's reach.

Keyword being 'attempted', as Unit-01 leapt into the air, rushed forward, and with a dark energy-encased fist, knocked the Angel back into the mountainside with terriffic force.

"Now then, I think it's about time we end this."

Unit-01 then did a front-flip and covered it's entire body with dark energy created by the AT Field, before destroying the Angel's core with a powerful flying kick.


Misato irritably snapped, "Care to repeat that, Lt. Hyuga?"

"No ma'am," came the sheepish reply.

As the core was crushed into tiny little bits, the Angel exploded into a massive cross-shaped pillar of light. Unit-01 was mostly unharmed, although its AT Field-created armor and cape were blown away in the blast.

Despite minimal obvious damage, however, Unit-01 shakily fell to its knees before falling on its face.

The officers at NERV HQ were in a panic. First, their new pilot, Shinji, got his butt kicked by the Angel. Then he somehow used the AT Field to do things that should have been impossible - Ritsuko was very insistent that, in her own words, "THE AT FIELD DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!"

However, they'd been willing to overlook that for the moment, since it meant the Angel was being completely and utterly demolished.

Now that the Angel had been finished off, though, Unit-01 had collapsed just moments after its victory, and Shinji wasn't responding.

After thirty seconds of the bridge staff - sans Fuyutsuki, who was shocked at how quickly they had abandoned their professionalism - running around like headless chickens, Gendo stepped off the elevator and back to the order room. Raising an eyebrow at his staff, he checked the monitors, and quickly discerned the two most important factors in the situation: first, the Angel was nowhere to be seen, and second, Unit-01 was laying on its face.

After watching amusedly for a few seconds, Gendo's nonchalant voice cut through the panic like a knife. "Lt. Ibuki, check the pilot's vital signs."

The observed presence of NERV's Commander was like a bucket of cold water, instantly snapping everyone back to their senses.

A few seconds later, Maya was both audibly relieved, embarassed, and a bit disbelieving when she gave the status report. "The pilot's vitals are all more or less normal. He's... fallen asleep, probably from fatigue. The life support system can't detect any physical or mental damage."

Gendo nodded. "To summarise, then, the Angel has been dealt with, the city is still intact, and we have a reliable pilot to deal with future crises."

Then, turning to Fuyutsuki, he casually asked, "So, professor... what did I miss?"

The next morning, Shinji woke up in a hospital bed.

After pinching himself for assurance that he wasn't dead, Shinji sat up and stretched his arms.

Upon checking his body for damage, Shinji muttered, "Not too bad, for being in the hospital."

At that moment, Shinji's cellphone rang from inside his bag.

Flyyyy me to the moon, and let me play among the stars...


"I see you survived, Shinji. ... Good work."

Despite the steps taken toward repairing their relationship since that day three years ago, Shinji was still a bit surprised to hear praise from his father.

"Thanks. ... Wait a sec, does that mean you were expecting me to die?"

"On the contrary, I expected you to survive. Once the Angel's capabilities had been observed, I believed you to have a 70 percent chance of victory."

"Cool... I think."

"You're welcome. We can discuss business - such as your living arrangements, and NERV protocol - later on. ... For the time being, just focus on getting better. If you're up to walking around, then feel free do so. If there are any problems or concerns, check the note on the table and call any of the numbers provided."

With that, Gendo hung up.

Shinji took that moment to genuinely observe the room around him, and the first thing he observed was a pair of pants laid out for him. Immediately leaping into them, he felt much comfortable afterward.

Next, he pocketed his phone from the table, and also the note with several numbers on it. Shinji was still a little groggy, but all in all he wasn't in poor enough shape to stay in bed.

Besides, any gamer knows to begin exploring a new locale as soon as you enter it.

Several minutes later - while Shinji was looking out the corridor window to check out the awesome artificial forest outside the NERV pyramid - a pair of medics came by with a heavily-bandaged girl on a stretcher.

Curious on account of her red visible eye and blue hair, Shinji considered asking who she was, but figured that doing so right then would be in poor taste; either he'd probably come across as rude for asking the medics about her like she wasn't there, or the girl would think he was coming onto her or something if he introduced himself so completely out of the blue like that.

He then recalled that he had a phone, a paper, a list of numbers, and the guts to use 'em.

Dialling the number for one Kozo Fuyutsuki - because he suspected that Misato would tease him and that Ritsuko would be busy - he waited until an old-sounding man picked up.


"Yeah, I was told to direct any questions I have to you. Namely, I'm curious about the hospitalised girl with blue hair and red eyes, who looks about my age. My in-depth knowledge of gaming, mecha anime, and tokusatsu shows tells me that she must be important somehow."

There was a sound not unlike that of someone smashing one's own face against their desk, and then Fuyutsuki replied. "That would be Rei Ayanami, pilot of the prototype Evangelion Unit-00. It went berserk during an activation test not long ago, hence why she wasn't able to sortie in the last battle."

Shinji nodded, inwardly pleased that his knowledge of fiction had once again served him well. It was nice to guess something correctly now and then, after all.

"I see. Thanks for the info. She looked pretty glum, maybe I'll go see if I can cheer her up. Pilot to pilot, comrade to comrade. What's her room number?"

Fuyutsuki, surprised at how simple the Third Child seemed to be acting, simply gave him the information. "One last thing, Pilot Ikari."

"I'm listening."

"In the future, please direct all queries of this nature to the Operations Director, Misato Katsuragi. She's our de facto PR and... question-answering... person."

The old man then hung up.

"Huh. Well, if I'm going to try and cheer someone up, I'm going to need some ammunition. First, to get my bag..."

Bag in tow, Shinji knocked on the door to Rei Ayanami's room.

After five seconds of no response, he knocked again.

Five seconds after that, he got a little bored and started knocking to the tune of Zelda's Lullaby from Ocarina of Time.

Just before Shinji could go through it again, the occupant raised her voice enough to grant him entry.

Doing so, the Unit-01 pilot quitely strode into the room. Taking a seat at her bedside, he introduced himself. Holding out a hand, he said, "I'm Shinji Ikari, the pilot of Unit-01. It's nice to properly meet you, miss Ayanami. I hope you get better soon."

If she were aware of the word's existence, Rei might have said she was flummoxed.

"Why?" she asked him.

"Why? Why what?"

"Why do you wish me well, and why are you concerned with someone you have just met?"

Raising an eyebrow, Shinji proceeded to explain as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

"Well, when people see other people hurt or in pain, they wish that person a speedy recovery. And since we're going to be working together, I thought we might have a chance to get to know each other and become friends. Y'know?"

"If you say so."

Shinji and Rei examined each other for a moment, until the young man spoke first. "Rei - can I call you Rei?"

"Call me what you will."

"Well, Rei, correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem to be very... bored."

Rei tilted her head slightly to the left. "Bored?"

"Yeah, bored. Y'know... glum, depressed, listless, melancholic. Bored."

After several seconds with a lack of response, Shinji asked, "What kind of stuff do you do for fun?"

"I have never done anything for the sole purpose of my amusement."

Shinji was alarmed. "Rei, that sounds very... unhealthy."

Rei was surprised to hear this. Eyes imperceptibly narrowing, Rei considered this new information carefully. If her health had in some way been compromised, then whatever suggestions Shinji had might aid in her recovery. Indeed, this stealthy illness that Pilot Ikari had recognized... it may be related to her inability to properly synchronize with Evangelion Unit-00.

Of course, there was also the possibility that the young man before her was in some way misinforming her... but this boy was Gendo Ikari's own son, after all. Certainly she could trust him, since Rei had not been informed otherwise. The Commander had always been honest and forthcoming with her; surely his son would be no different. Though she did not understand people in general, Rei presumed that the saying 'like father, like son' would apply here.

Having concluded her deliberation, Rei asked, "For improved health, then, what would you suggest I do?"

Shinji's brow furrowed as he began to ponder just that. "Well, I've got some games you might be interested in. You know, to help pass the time while you're in here. Of course, if you've never done anything like this before, then we don't know what your taste is, so I suppose this will be an experi-"

Flyyyy me to the moon, and let me play among the stars...

Shinji opened his phone. "Shinji Ikari speaking. May I ask who's calling?"

"It's me, Misato! I'm sure you remember me, right?"

Shinji could recognize most people on sight, but wasn't terribly good with names. "Eh... remind me, please?"

"Drove you to NERV from the station, most awesome chest you've ever seen..."

"Chest? You didn't have a treasure box."

Misato briefly considered explaining to him that she'd been referring to her breasts, but ultimately decided to just move the conversation forward. "ANYWAY, it's been agreed that you're going to be living with me."

Shinji didn't have a problem with being assigned a guardian from the NERV staff. Indeed, he was relieved to know that there would be an adult looking out for him. But the idea that Misato - who seemed less reliable than he would've liked based upon his first impression - was going to be that guardian, well... it made Shinji a bit nervous.

Ah well, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

"Okay, I guess we'll give that a shot."

"I just need you to drop by the main office so I can sign you out, mmkay?"

Glancing at the bluenette waiting patiently for his advice, Shinji replied, "A few minutes for me to wrap things up here, and I'll find my way down."

With that, Shinji hung up on Misato before proceeding to rummage around in his bag. "Sorry to cut this short, Rei, but here's some stuff you might try out until I have a chance to visit again... ah, here we go. And here-" he put a strip of paper on her bedside table "- is my cell number if you have any questions. Later!"

As Shinji briskly strode out the door, Rei examined the handful of cartridges he'd tossed into her lap. The games before her were MOTHER 1+2 and MOTHER 3, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, Golden Sun, and Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Ignoring them for the moment, she examined the handheld gaming system. There was already a game cartridge in it, so Rei decided she'd try it out first, and powered on the handheld without seeing what the game was.

The logo of a company called Game Freak flashed onscreen for a second, until a yellow mouselike creature ran up from the background and into the foreground, interspersed with brief sequences in which it attacked a flying kick, showed great skill in using a surfboard, and flew with ballons tied around its waist.

After the creature unleashed a burst of electricity, the game moved to the title screen: Pokémon Yellow Version.

As Rei stared at the yellow mouse on the screen for a moment, it very cutely stared back at her, accompanied by awesome music blaring out of the speakers.

A single thought entered her mind, which she unknowingly spoke aloud in her signature monotone.

"It's adorable."

Turns out that Pikachu's sheer cuteness, even on Rei, is... *puts on orange sunglasses* ...super effective.

Anyway, one of the omakes below may or may not make sense, depending on whether or not the reader is familiar with Fate/stay night...


Shinji and Rei examined each other for a moment, until the young man spoke first. "Rei - can I call you Rei?"

"So long as it isn't 'Jack the Reipper', I couldn't give less of a damn what you call me if I tried."

Shinji and Rei examined each other for a moment, until the young man spoke first. "Rei - can I call you Rei?"

"Call me Rei or Ayanami, that's fine. But call me Aya and I'll have to strangle you."

Shinji and Rei examined each other for a moment, until the young man spoke first. "Rei - can I call you Rei?"

"You will address me as Rei Ayanami II, bride of King Gilgamesh, mongrel. Anything less and I shall throw you bodily into my lord's treasury."

Shinji and Rei examined each other for a moment, until the young man spoke first. "Rei - can I call you Rei?"

"Ask me that question one more time and Unit-00 gets a Shinji-flavored milkshake."