The only things I own are the Ashlans, Moritz and Anea.

This is a companion piece to 'The Ghosts of Eras' You might want to read it first although it isn't necessary to the plot of this fic.


Anea paced the ship. She couldn't sleep. Finally she headed over to the cooling unit and pulled out the blue milk, poured herself a cup and heated it up.

The moment the heater beeped Anea retrieved the cup and sat down to drink it.

It was very peaceful on the ship. The only noise that could be heard was the hum of the hyperdrive.

"NOOO!" A man's voice screamed suddenly, shattering the quiet. "NOOOOOOOOO!"

Anea leaped from her chair and raced for the cabin of her friend and partner Moritz. She found him covered in sweat and gasping for breath.

"What happened?" Anea asked. "Nightmare." Moritz answered. "It was so real."

Anea sat beside him on the bunk and started to rub Moritz's back. "Why don't you tell me about it?" she suggested.

"I was on a desolate world in a city that was abandoned and falling apart. There was rubble in the street and weapons scattered here and there among the rubble.

"I entered a building and there were skeletons littering the floor along with bits of machinery and pieces of the ceiling."

Moritz swallowed.

"Then the voices start. Then people appear with bloodstains on their clothes or holes in their chests; there was one man that was carrying his head. They spoke to me and it frightened me.

"Finally I entered a bedchamber and took something and the ghosts grabbed me and took me deep into the building and strapped me to a table and a woman said that I could consider it payback. Then I woke up screaming." Moritz said.

Anea continued to rub her friend's back. "It was only a bad dream." she said softly. "But it was so real!" Moritz said.

Anea hesitated of a second before planting a gentle kiss on Moritz's left cheek.

"Once we get back to the Temple promise me that you will speak to Master Lyns-Col. He's helped Master Ly-pah with her nightmares." Anea told her friend. Moritz nodded.

Anea smiled gently, stood and headed for the door. "Sleep well, Mo." She said before the door shut.