"D-Derek" Odette groined but then realized that she was lying in Derek's arms then Derek looked so relived and he said "Odette, you're alive"

"Where are we?"

"I think we are in the dungeon of my brother's lair"

"What does he want?"

"I don't know but why did you want to get captured with me"

"Because I love you Derek"

Then suddenly the doors of the dungeon and Demevek walked in and said "Derek give me Odette's locket NOW"

Derek then yelled "NEVER"

Then Demevek tried to throw a fireball at Odette but Derek held her so tightly willing to let himself get hurt, just as Derek closed his eyes waiting for the pain to hit him but nothing came Derek opened his and noticed a forcefield around him and Odette and outside was a half shocked, half angry Demevek.

Odette suddenly transformed into a strapless knee-length white dress, gained a golden tiara, white heeled shoes and sprouted white feathery wings on her back and then she blasted an orb of light at Demevek.

Derek then asked "Odette, what happened to you"

Odette floated down and softly said "I don't know but it seems that Demevek is knocked"

"Hopefully he is knocked out for long enough so we can escape"

Odette realized that her leg was not chained to the wall anymore so can reach the key and unlocks Derek's chain then she and Derek run out of the dungeon until something grabbed Odette's arm…

Sorry another cliffy

But what grabbed Odette, what will happen next