"Hello!" Rob shouted into the dark abyss that was the power station's interior. As his voice echoed down, the two gawked at the power station's majestic, though somewhat rusty look. The station had two giant exhaust funnels and they seemed to be lacking the usual white smoke of carbon monoxide and dioxide as expected from a thermal station such the one towering in front of them. Aldous noted the long electric power lines that extend from a side of the hanger-like factory as they led to the village nearby. He watched as a bid carelessly dropped onto the lines and a sizzling zap rang through the air for a brief second as the charred corpse dive-bombed into the ground, leaving a trail of roasted feathers. Yep, the station is definitely still running. And right in the center of it is its generator, where the fragment is likely to be.

"C'mon let's go." Aldous was about to brashly advance but Rob quickly stopped him. "So we are just gonna waltz right in and take the fragment? Not likely. I'll go first. You watch my back."

Aldous opened his mouth to argue but Rob seemed to insist. Both of them knew that Aldous would be able to hold his own in a Needless fight so his safety is more important than Rob's. "Alright then..." Aldous grudgingly agreed as Rob brought his trusty rifle to his hip level, beginning to walk into the dark station corridors. Aldous did not like to put a team mate at risk but he knew that Rob was determined to succeed in the mission. And to do that, Aldous is needed for a much better chance.

As the two advanced into the corridors, using the rifle flashlight as their guide, they admired the ancient technology the station was built with and passed by a few offices and even a lounge. However, Aldous could not shake off that creeping feeling that has been irritating him so far as his glowing hands begun to pulse randomly, indicating his loss of concentration. "You okay?" Rob asked, which Aldous returned with a quick nod as they continued their exploration of the station.

"Strange...shouldn't the lights be on with the electricity?" Rob felt himself lose his grip on his rifle and quickly silenced his nervous shivering. The darkness was giving him the twitching sensation as they rounded another corner. It was like someone was watching them this whole time.

"I don't know...maybe they short-circuited for being too close to the fragment..." Aldous suggested as he now felt sticky moss on the walls and he hurriedly shook it off. "Damn...this place is old enough for plants to grow in!" Aldous scowled as he pulled out a Super Gel and drank up.

"Hold it!" Rob yelled out of the blue, shocking Aldous to the point he nearly choked on his favorite drink. "Hac...Cah..cah!" was all he could make as he tried to regain his calm. "Oops. Sorry..." Rob brushed the back of his head in apology.

"What is it?" Aldous managed to sputter out as he finally managed to down his drink. Great, now his throat is sore as his nose picked up the smell of Super Gel mix into his own breath. Which is not a very pleasing combination.

"Feel that? That crackle in the air..." Rob got Aldous' attention away from his throat. Yes, indeed he could feel it. It was very easily missed but when one focused, one could feel the electrifying sensation within the air as the molecules vibrate with each spike of the electrical waves. The fragment's presence could not be more than 20 metres away.

"Behind here!" Aldous gasped as Rob found a door that read "Electrical core". Wait a minute. Electric Core? 'This entire station was built around the fragment?' Aldous thought as he noticed another sign on the wall, which had been covered by the stinking grimy moss. "Wear gloves. Electrical hazard."

"ROB WAIT!" Aldous was too late as Rob's bare hands grasped the metallic handle and the soldier yelled as his body begun to grow stiff and spasming. His knees buckled under his uncontrollable movement, bringing him to the ground. Cursing his lack of awareness, Aldous quickly made his hand glow with heat as a layer of protection and rushed forth to assist the electric shocked Rob. Grabbing the man's still tight hand, Aldous resisted the pain of the electric current and he wrenched Rob's hand away from the metal knob. The boy rolled to the ground beside the African American man as he tried to catch his breath. The episode had lasted no more than two minutes and the electricity had left its mark on Rob. Aldous gasped as he saw the branching redness that originated from Rob's right hand before arcing about his lower arm like a real lightning bolt. The man groaned as his body muscles continued to spasm, which to Aldous was a relief. The man was still alive.

"Damn...That felt like I was fighting with my wife..." Aldous sighed as he watched Rob flicker his eyes open, his unbreakable smile still on his face. The man had just escaped death by a mere second and even now he was still joking. Aldous didn't understand what's so powerful about a wife and so he let the joke slip. "Get up..." Aldous made sure Rob's body was completely earthed and uncharged as he brought the sweating man back to his two feet. "Next time, I take point..." Aldous insisted and Rob didn't have the energy to complain.

"Guess I wasn't that much use, huh?" Rob smiled apologetically as Aldous begun to freeze the dangerous door. "No, I would have died if I took that shock...You saved my life in fact...So I was just getting even with you..." Aldous muttered back and with a strong front kick he punched the frozen door right out of its hinges and the two entered the core room with much more caution.

The fragment was just like a Byakugou, though it glowed with a bright yellow. It floated in the center of the very advanced room and Aldous could make out the words "Project Thor" on the machine holding it. The machine was made out of a top and bottom technologically advanced platform and between them were 5 circular disks that spinned about with the fragment in the midst of all of them, creating a sort of hollow sphere. Thick grayish silver wires were the very walls of the room as they transported the electricity away from the room, likely to the power lines Aldous had spotted outside the station.

"This is..." Rob gawked as he left Aldous' support and began to explore the room. The room was just big enough to fit the machine and have a circular passage that surrounded it, just wide enough for two people to walk on it side-by-side safely. Aldous followed Rob once again as the man picked up what seemed like old papers on a metal table near the generator. "This is...amazing..." Aldous glanced at the papers over the excited Rob's shoulders but he couldn't read the English words. Why is English doing in a place like Japan anyway?

"What does it mean, Rob?" Aldous enquired as he gazed at the glowing fragment. The sensation of crackling electric energy was now exceedingly obvious and Aldous could feel his own hairs rise as the air vibrated with the exceeding energy. "This is a USA project...An American project..." Rob translated. "It's a way to harness the fragment's ability to create a clean sustainable energy and it used the front of a thermal station to mask its true identity...I can't believe it!"

"What can't you believe?"

"This project can produce more electricity than a nuclear reactor. It can make up to 10 of them..."

"What does a mere village need so much electricity? And why the hell would there be power shortages some time?"

"It says here that the station was still in development and the optimal vibration disks would be 50. Instead the project was cut short due to the war and the project was left with 5. Thus efficiency was cut by a huge amount and the project was marked as a failure."

"Wait a minute!" Aldous noticed something within Rob's translation. "Vibration disks?"

"That circular disk that spins about the fragment...Electricity is built with the vibration and the movement of the disk."

"Then the fragment doesn't create the electricity?" Aldous began to rub his ears. Something seems to be bothering them.

"No it doesn't. It..." Rob quickly flipped through the last few papers. "It doesn't say..."

Aldous could barely ignore it now. His ears are starting to scream as he tried to shake the ebbing pain off. "What is this?"

"Aldous?" Rob turned to look at his companion. "What's wrong?"

Aldous could now feel it. It wasn't something he could really hear, it was something he could just feel. A very high-pitch sensation that seemed to stabbing holes into his very ear drum.

"Argh..." Aldous roared as his hands glowed with heat. Summoning his strength he ripped off the disks from their spin and threw all to the side one by one. Rob dodged them all to his relief and he watched as Aldous wrenched the fragment from its levitating position. The vibration in the air now faded as Aldous' ears begun to relax.

"What happened? You know you just cut off power from the village?" Rob asked with a confused expression as Aldous replied with a stare, before looking on at the fragment now in his hand.


"Huh?" Rob raised an eyebrow, his voice confused and worried.

"The fragment's ability was to manipulate sound waves..."

Explanation: The reason why Rob wasn't affected was because his ears couldn't pick up the high-pitched screech that the fragment created. This is because as you get older, you unfortunately get worse hearing so a man like Rob couldn't hear the same frequency as Aldous. Also, if you are confused at how the sound produces electricity, the waves act as a vibrator and the cause the vibrator disks to well...vibrate and hence do their job as energy generators.

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