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Well actually there's a few certain people that I hate...

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Anyway...This is another Wrong Boy Who Lived story and more Dumbledore bashing!

I don't hate Dumbles...I just like bashing him...*laughs nervously*

Oh who am I kidding? I don't like Dumbledore AT ALL! I mean I tolerated him at first and found him amusing...then came the seventh book...and the fact that he let Sirius rot in Azkaban when he fought for Death Eaters he KNEW were guilty to have a trial...and leaving Harry at the Gits, I mean Dursleys...

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L-to the-I-to the-N-to the-E



Summary: Sirius died to protect Harry and his twin Alex. Dumbledore told the Potters that Harry died believing Alex to be the BWL. Harry is raised by the Dursleys and re-enters the wizarding world at age eleven. Along the way he will make friends, enemies and discover the truth behind his lightning bolt scar... Dumbledore bashing galore! Nice Dursleys! AU!


Disclaimer: I own nothing...If I did own Harry Potter then Sirius would have been found innocent, Pettigrew would have gotten the Dementor's Kiss and Bellatrix would have die A LOT sooner! Sadly none of that happened so I'm sure it is quite obvious that I do NOT own Harry Potter (But Godric Gryffindor in a tutu I wish I did)


CHAPTER 1-Mistaken Identity


"Thanks for taking care of them for the night" said Lily Potter as she pulled on her cloak. She was speaking to the god parents of her youngest son Harry: Sirius Black and Alice Longbottom.

Alice's husband Frank Longbottom was away on Order business while their son Neville was at his Grandmother Augusta's house.

Alice offered to help Sirius take care of the twins, Harry and Alex, because (and I quote); "He can barely take care of himself I'd hate to see what would happen if he was left alone with two babies!"

"It's no problem" said Sirius shrugging.

"We'll be back by eleven" said James Potter as he opened the door. "See you later!"


The hide out of Lord Voldemort


"My Lord" said Peter 'Wormtail' Pettigrew the Secret Keeper to the Potter's location as he bowed before the Dark Lord Voldemort. "Sirius Black and Alice Longbottom are babysitting the twins tonight. They are at number 25 Potter Cottage in Godric's Hollow."

Voldemort smiled a humourless smile.

"Very good Wormtail" he said. "You may go."

Peter turned to go but stopped at the door. "M-My Lord...Black is a very good friend of mine...He is a pure-blood and a great fighter, much better than Alice Longbottom...I was hoping that maybe you...m-maybe you could...spare him? He could be of great use to you!" he said silently praying Voldemort would agree with him.

Voldemort nodded very slowly.

"Very well Wormtail" he said. "Since you have done such a good job I will grant you your request." He paused and the said; "But know this Wormtail; if Black does not stand aside he will be killed too."

Peter nodded. "Yes my Lord" he said quietly and he left.

Outside he looked quite calm but inside he was praying that Sirius would stand aside...he didn't want to do this, but he wanted people to realise that he was brave too! He didn't want his best friend to die that was why he wanted Voldemort to spare Sirius...

'James, Lily, Frank please forgive me for this' he thought desperately.

...But if this was the only way to be recognised, to not be the tag along then so be it...


One hour later

Godric's Hollow


Alice Longbottom was in the living room.

She was sitting on the floor with the twins making sparks with her wand while they clapped and cooed.

After a while the boy's eyes began to droop.

Sirius walked in and glanced at the clock on the mantle above the fireplace. It was getting late.

"I think they should go to bed" he said and Alice mocked gasped. "The great Sirius Black being responsible?" she cried placing a hand over her heart. "This is an historic moment! Quick call the Daily Prophet!"

"Oh shut up Ally!" said Sirius picking up the twins.

"Don't call me Ally Siri!" said Alice throwing her wand down on the sofa.

"I'll stop calling you Ally when you stop calling me Siri" said Sirius as he walked up the stairs.

Alice simply shook her head fondly and sat down on the sofa reaching for the television remote when suddenly she heard the front door smash off its hinges.

Alice's blood ran cold.


Not now.

It couldn't be!


Alice ran down the hall and stopped dead half way to the front door frozen in horror.

For there, standing before her on the threshold with an evil smile on his lipless mouth was the Dark Lord Voldemort, the terror of the wizarding world and enemy of the Order of the Phoenix.

Alice suddenly remembered the prophesy and knew Voldemort was here for the twins... And though it sickened her to admit it part of her was glad that he hadn't gone for Neville.

But she couldn't focus on that now! She had to make sure Harry and Alex got out of here! She couldn't let Voldemort hurt them!


But how could she? She didn't have her wand.

Voldemort saw this and laughed before he yelled "Avada Kedavra!"

And the green light of the Killing Curse hit Alice right in the chest.

It illuminated the hall with a sickening glow for a moment, shining against the banisters and the twin prams pushed against the wall before it dimmed and Alice Longbottom fell to the ground with a dull thud.

Her dark shoulder length brown hair fell into her deep blue eyes and there was a look of determination and fear still etched on her kind round face which was so much paler than usual.

Alice was dead.


Voldemort heard Sirius give a terrified yell upstairs, trapped, and listened feeling almost amused as he attempted to barricade himself in...He didn't have his wand with him either...

How foolish they were to think that they could discard weapons even for mere moments...

...How stupid they were to think they were safe when they knew there was a spy in the Order...

The foolish Mudblood lovers, they were truly idiotic.

He climbed the stairs slowly, one at a time only adding to the fear that Sirius felt as Voldemort prolonged his death...

His possible death anyway...As long as Black was sensible and listened to his commands he would have nothing to fear...


As he reached the nursery door he gave one lazy wave of his wand and the boxes, chairs and toys that had been frantically placed against it flew out of the way and the door swung open.

And there Sirius stood the twins still in his arms.

At the sight of Voldemort he dropped the infants into one of the white cribs behind him and flung his arms wide as though he thought shielding them from view would keep them safe from the evil in front of them, as though he thought it would work and that he would be chosen instead...

"Not Harry and Alex! Not Harry and Alex! Please not Harry and Alex!" he pleaded.

"Move out of the way you stupid boy...Stand aside now." Voldemort said calmly as he raised his wand threateningly.

"Not Harry and Alex! Please, no, take me, kill me instead!"

"This is my last warning."

"No! Please, not Harry and Alex, have mercy on them, kill me if you want but please just leave them alone!"

"Get out of the way Black" said Voldemort still sounding calm as though he was talking about the weather. "Stand aside and you will live boy."

"Not Harry and Alex please I'll do anything you want just don't hurt them!" Sirius said desperately and he himself was shocked at his pleading tone of voice and the tears that started streaming down his cheeks. In any other situation Sirius would have been embarrassed for crying in front of the enemy but he was terrified and determined at the same time...He could not...would not let this monster hurt Harry and Alex!

Voldemort could have simply pushed him away from the crib, Stunned him or put him in a Full Body Bind but as he had said to Wormtail if he didn't stand aside he would be killed.

And anyway it got one more enemy out of the way didn't it?

"Avada Kedavra!"

The Killing Curse hit its target straight on.

Sirius froze for a moment as though in shock and then toppled just like his friend.

His bright gray almost silver eyes were now as dull as storm clouds, they were still wide open, his cheeks were still wet with tears and there was still a look of absolute pleading on his heart shaped face, his wavy black hair fanned out around his head like a midnight coloured halo.

Voldemort looked down at him. "I did give you a chance" he said emotionlessly and turned to the twins.

Which one should he kill first?

Hmm...Perhaps the one with green eyes. After all if Wormtail had told him the truth then this one was born just before midnight on July 31st...born as the seventh month dies...

Yes. He would kill Harry Potter first.

He pointed his wand at the green eyed child's forehead and said the dreaded curse.

"Avada Kedavra!"

The Killing Curse soared towards little Harry Potter and hit him right in the middle of his forehead...but wait...it...it bounced off!

It bounced all around the room finally hitting Voldemort in the forehead instead.

Voldemort gave a scream of pure agony as he was ripped from his body, there was a flash of light and when it dimmed there was only Voldemort's wand and his robes.

The man himself though was nowhere in sight.

Everything was quiet for a split second and then the ceiling of the nursery started to crumble along with the walls and the room demolished around them.

Harry and Alex started to cry in fright.

A small piece falling debris hit Alex in the forehead. It slashed down making a strange lob-sided 'L.'

Harry's scar on the other hand was in the shape of a lightning bolt.

Finally the room stopped crumbling and all was silent even Harry and Alex.

The two babies looked at each other. What was going on?

They looked at Sirius.

Why wasn't he getting up?

Who was that scary man that had made the strange green light?

Where was Alice?

What was going on?

They started crying again.


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...

Headmaster's Office...


Headmaster Albus Dumbledore was sitting quietly in his office reading a magazine on knitting patterns when he heard a strange whirring noise.

He looked up sharply and turned his eyes to the shelf next to his desk.

A small silver instrument was glowing, spinning and making a noise like a quiet alarm.

It was Dumbledore's way of making sure everyone's location was kept safe.

And right now it was the Potter's instrument that was whirring.

That meant...


That treacherous little rat!

Dumbledore stood, almost sprinted out of his office and into Hogsmeade where it would be safe to Apparate.

Once in Hogsmeade he quickly Apparated to Godric's Hallow.


Dumbledore looked at the house in shock. Almost the entire second floor was destroyed and the door was hanging off its hinges.

He walked inside holding his wand up ready to attack any enemies.

He didn't see any enemies, instead he saw Alice Longbottom lying dead on the ground.

Yes. Voldemort had definitely been here.

"Sirius?" he called.

There was no answer.

"Sirius are you here?"

Still all was quiet.

He walked upstairs to the nursery.

Sirius was lying in front of the crib that held the Potter twins who were now fast asleep.

Sirius was dead too and his eyes were finally closed though his cheeks were still damp.

Dumbledore put his wand back in his purple robes and walked over to the crib. 'So' he thought 'which one of them has fulfilled the prophesy?'

He looked at the twins. He really wasn't sure.

But wait...He could sense great power coming from the one with the L shaped scar.

L for Lord Voldemort and L for Love which was supposed to destroy Voldemort...So Sirius sacrificed himself for the twins and Voldemort went for the hazel eyed twin first. Which one was he again? Alex? Yes it was Alex. Alex destroyed Lord Voldemort.

Dumbledore looked at Harry. He would have to get rid of him.

"Expecto Patronum!" said Dumbledore.

A great silver phoenix flew from the end of his wand and looked at Dumbledore expectantly.

"Go to Hogwarts and find Hagrid and tell him I need his help. Tell him the prophesy has been fulfilled. Tell him I am at Godric's Hollow."

The phoenix nodded and flew away into the night sky.

Dumbledore conjured a piece of parchment and took a spare quill out of his robes and conjured some ink.

He then wrote a fake note saying that Lily and James didn't want Harry in the way of taking care of Alex and addressed it to Lily's older sister Petunia Dursley.

Hopefully she would believe it and make Harry believe that he is her son and not the Potter's. But who cared if she did? After all Harry wasn't important right now, Alex was.


Hagrid came moments later.

"Wha' happened sir?" he asked looking quite shaken. "A-Alice is dead downstairs! Are the babies okay?"

He looked at Sirius and paled. Oh James was not going to be happy about this!

"Hagrid I need your help" said Dumbledore as he wrapped Harry in a blanket and placed the note inside.

"Anythin' sir!" said Hagrid.

"I need you to take Harry to the Dursleys" said Dumbledore. "They live at No. 4 Privet Drive."

"Why sir?"

"Alex has destroyed Voldemort" said Dumbledore ignoring Hagrid's flinch at the name. "Harry will just get in the way."

Hagrid gaped at Dumbledore. "An' wha' will yeh tell Lily and James?" he asked already fearing the answer.

"That Voldemort killed Harry."

Hagrid shook his massive hairy head.

"No sir!" he said "I won' make Lily an' James think little Harry's dead! This is insane he won' be in the way! It'll be fine. I'm sure he'll help Alex."

Dumbledore sighed and took his wand out again and aimed it at Hagrid.

"I'm sorry Hagrid" he said. "Imperio!"

Hagrid's big beetle black eyes went foggy and unfocused. He looked as though he was staring straight through Dumbledore.

"You will take Harry to the Dursleys. You will forget this conversation ever happened. You will think you have been at your hut all evening. You will think Harry Potter is dead too. You will find Augusta Longbottom and tell her what has happened when you are done. Do you understand?"

"Yes" Hagrid mumbled and took Harry from Dumbledore and walked away, no doubt to find some form of transportation.

Dumbledore then sent a Patronus to Lily and James, explaining the situation the same way he did to Hagrid.


Barely a minute later Dumbledore heard a crack like a gunshot and knew Lily and James had arrived.

He heard Lily's scream and sobs as she saw Alice downstairs and two sets of footsteps as James and Lily ran upstairs.

James took one look at Sirius and he too burst into tears like Lily and ran over to him.

"Padfoot?" he said shaking him. "Oh Merlin! Sirius for God's sake wake up! Don't do this to me mate! Don't leave me like this! Wake up!"

"J-James" said Lily shakily as she stared wide eyed at the crib that now only held Alex. "James where's Harry?"

James looked up at the crib and if possible went even paler than he already was. He turned to Dumbledore. "Where is he?" he asked quietly.

Dumbledore sighed and shook his head. "I'm sorry" he said and that was enough of an answer for both of them.

Lily screamed and fell to her knees in agony.

Harry...Her baby boy...No...NO!

James scooped Alex out of the crib and held him close.

Alice...Sirius...Harry...Dead. All of them dead.

His friend, his best friend- no his brother, his son...dead.

He would never get to talk to Alice again.

He would never get to joke with Sirius again.

He would never get to hold Harry again.

They were dead.

They heard two other gunshot like cracks and heard Frank Longbottom give a heartbroken sob downstairs.

Apparently Hagrid had already told Augusta and she told Frank straight away.

While Frank stayed downstairs sobbing over his wife someone came running into the nursery.

It was a tall slim woman with blonde hair and dark brown almost black eyes. She was almost as tall as James and was as tall as Sirius. She was very pale in the face with shock and confusion.

Her name was Marlene McKinnon and she was Sirius' fiancée.

She looked at Sirius and only Sirius.

She ran to him and dropped to her knees letting out anguished, heartbroken sobs.

She lay across his chest as her shoulders shook uncontrollably clutching Sirius' T-shirt as if it were the only thing holding her to Earth.

She couldn't believe it...Sirius was dead...But he was always such a fighter, how could he be dead?

That thought kept circling in her head.

Sirius is dead.

How did it happen?

Sirius is dead.

How was this possible?

Sirius is dead.

What would happen now?

Sirius is dead.

Where was Voldemort?

Sirius is dead.

Where was Harry?

Sirius is dead...Sirius gave his life to protect Harry and Alex and yet Harry died...Sirius is dead, Sirius is dead, Sirius is dead...

"M-Marlene?" said Lily as she placed a hand on her friend's shoulder.

Marlene did not respond.

She instead tightened her grip on Sirius in a protective manner burying her face in his chest.

Hatred was already consuming her.

She needed someone to blame and she blamed the Potters...If it wasn't for them Sirius would still be here... If they hadn't asked him to babysit Sirius would still be alive...Why did they have to go out when they were supposed to be in hiding? Why did Sirius have to offer to mind the twins? Why couldn't he have stayed home?

...But in her mind it wasn't Sirius' fault...

...It was the Potter's fault.

Dumbledore stood quietly watching them all. If he felt any remorse it was quickly squashed. This was necessary.

It was for the greater good.

In time they would understand.


The next morning...

8:30 am...

Number Four Privet Drive...


Mrs Petunia Dursley woke up and stretched.

She looked at the clock beside the bed. It was 8:30.

She had better put the milk bottles out and make a start on breakfast before baby Dudley and her husband Vernon woke up.

Petunia took the milk bottle from beside the front door, opened the door and looked down at the step.

And she screamed in shock, dropping the milk bottles.

There was a baby on her front porch! A very familiar baby...

It was her nephew! Well one of them anyway. She had seen them in photographs sent by Lily.


Dread filled Petunia. Was Lily hurt?

She picked the baby up and saw a note in his small fist. She opened it and felt furious on Harry's behalf.

Her sister and her husband had abandoned him! Just so he wouldn't 'Get in the way' as the letter said.


Complete and utter bullshit!

Vernon came running down the stairs evidently alerted by her scream.

"Petunia what is it?" he asked frantically.

Petunia handed him the letter silently though she didn't let go of Harry.

Vernon read the letter and went red in the face also furious on Harry's behalf.

Who did these people think they were? They called themselves parents? What was wrong with them?

He looked at Petunia. "So will we keep him?" he asked.

Petunia nodded. "Yes" she said "And we'll raise him the right way. Let Lily and James see what they've given up. Besides," she smiled. "I'm sure Dudley will like having a little brother."


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