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Chapter Ten: The Potions Master

"We have Potions today" Parvarti announced to all the First Years, glancing down at her time table.

Alex and Aurora groaned.

"What's wrong, you don't like Potions?" Harry asked. He had been looking forward to Potions, from what he had read it was a bit like Science and he had always liked Science.

"Snape is a git!" said Alex and Aurora.

"According to my parents he came over to our house shortly after Voldemort's attack (Ron, Parvarti, Lavender, Hermione, Seamus and surprisingly Dean shuddered at the name) and as it turns out he told Voldemort something that made him attack us. He wanted to apologise or some crap like that. Seemed to think "I'm sorry" made everything alright. Merlin we were planning a funeral and helping plan two others and he thought "I'm sorry" made it fine and dandy. Mum said he wanted to speak to her in private, he kept glaring at Dad, but Mum wouldn't listen to him. She just bitch slapped him," Alex explained.

Aurora snorted. "My mum literally tried to kill him" she said, "Uncle Frank said she tried to strangle him when she found out. To be honest I believe that. But anyway I've met Snape a few times and he despises me. You know the way I said Aunt Narcissa tries to get along with me because I look like my dad?" She turned to address Harry whens she said this. Harry nodded. Aurora continued; "Well Snape hates me for the same reason. He seems to have it in his head that I'm the female version of Sirius Black and he hates my dad because he and the other Marauders made fun of him in school. He can't let go of a grudge and tries to take it out on me. Mum's not having any though; she copied Aunt Lily and bitch slapped him."

"Well fair play to her" said Seamus looking faintly amused.

Two red haired twins popped up.

"Couldn't help but over hear" said the one on the left.

"But we heard some bashing of Snapey-poo going on" said the one on the right.

They both looked a little like Ron- they had the same eye and face shape but they were both smaller and stockier.

"Fred, George, go away" Ron groaned.

"Don't feel like it" the twins said at the same time.

"So who's bashing the dear old greasy bat?" Fred asked. At least, Harry thought it was Fred. He wasn't sure.

"That would be us" said Alex gesturing to himself and Aurora.

"Aw yes the Prince and Princess!" said George (or was it Fred?).

"The heirs to the Marauder name!" said Fred in an overly dramatic voice (or was it George?).

"How many times do we have to tell you not to call us that?" Alex groaned in annoyance.

"You can keep telling us but we're not going to stop" said the twin on the left cheerfully.

"Which one is Fred and which one is George?" Harry whispered to Ron.

"The one on the left is George, the one on the right is Fred" Ron whispered back.

"How can you tell?" Dean asked.

Ron shrugged. "They're my brothers" he said, "They may not look different but their personalities are a bit different. Fred's louder."

"Oh" said Harry and Dean with a look of dawning comprehension.

Lavender glanced at her watch. "Guys we're going to be late" she said and all the First Years jumped to their feet. Only now did Harry notice that Hermione had already left.

"See you later little Firsties!" Fred and George called after them.

"Give Snape hell!" yelled Fred.

"MR WEASLEY!" shouted McGonagall.

Fred pointed at George, George pointed at Fred. "It was him!" they said simultaneously and they ran out of the Great Hall leaving a very ticked off Professor behind.

Lunch Time

"We have Potions next" Neville said in despair.

"Merlin have mercy on our souls!" Aurora cried to the ceiling.

"Why am I friends with you two?" Harry asked with a smirk.

"Because you love us Harold!" Aurora said brightly and she hugged him tightly.

Seamus wolf whistled causing Aurora to let go quickly and glare at him.

"I'm sure it won't be too bad" said Lavender though as she said it she didn't believe it.

Neither did the other First Years.

"We're doomed" said Ron solemnly.

"Indeed" said Alex nodding.

"It was nice knowing you Al."

"You too Ronnie."

"You're awesome mate."

"I know I am."

"Sod off."

"Love you too Ron."

Harry actually felt a sense of foreboding as he walked into the Potions classroom in the dungeons. He wanted to run for his life like Alex and Aurora had been insisting that they should all do the moment lunch ended.

'Why didn't I listen to them?' Harry thought and then glanced at Aurora and Alex who both looked close to having mental break downs and looked disgusted as Snape walked into the room. 'Oh yeah, they're nuts that's why.'

Snape did indeed look like a greasy bat. His black shoulder length hair was shiny with grease, he had a long hooked nose, his skin was so pale he looked sickly and he wore long swooping black robes that flew behind him when he walked which gave the impression of a bat about to take flight. When he spoke Harry saw that all his teeth were yellow and uneven.

'Has this guy ever heard of personal hygiene?' Harry wondered.

Snape started by calling the roll. When he said "Black, Aurora" he sneered and when he said "Potter, Alex" he looked ready to snap Alex's head off his shoulders. But when he said, "Dursley, Harold" he looked torn between sneering because Harry looked like Alex or looking confused for the same reason. Eventually Snape settled for narrowing his eyes and continuing.

"What's his problem?" Parvarti whispered to Lavender, "He looked ready to kill Alex."

Lavender shrugged. "Don't ask me to understand how his mind works, something tells me it's a scary place."

When he was finished the roll Snape gave a speech. He said there would be no "foolish wand waving" in his class.

"No duh genius, after all we're here for Potions not spells" Aurora muttered so quietly that Snape didn't hear her.

Snape said he would teach them to brew glory, bottle fame (he narrowed his eyes at Alex) and put a stopped on death.

Harry found it hard to believe that last part. After all if you could put a stopped on death no-one would ever die.

All in all though it was a good speech…you know, until Snape called them all dunderheads.

"Great way to win respect," Seamus whispered to Harry. "Just insult all of us."

Snape's eyes narrowed further and Harry wondered if he had heard what Seamus said but instead he waved his wand and the chalk on his desk levitated over to the black board and started writing instructions.

"You have twenty minutes" he said briskly, "Begin."

Was that it? He wasn't going to give them proper instructions, or tell them safety procedures or anything? Did he want them to blow themselves sky high by exploding their Potions?

Harry glanced at Snape who was still glaring at Alex and Aurora. Judging by that expression yes he did want them to blow themselves sky high. What a cheerful fellow.

Harry read the instructions on the board but they confused him so he turned to Seamus, who he was working with. "I don't suppose you have any idea what to do?" he asked.

"Not a clue mate" said Seamus who was reading the instructions on the board and looked completely baffled.

They were meant to be making a potion to cure boils but the instructions were confusing as Harry had never heard of half the ingredients mentioned on the board. He had read the Potions book but couldn't remember the ingredients being mentioned.

Harry sighed. "Bugger it" he muttered and raised his hand. Snape ignored him. Harry raised his hand higher. Snape still ignored him. Harry started raising his hand. Snape still ignored him. Harry practically stood up. Snape still ignored him.

With a frustrated snort Harry sat back down and let him hand fall to his side. "Git" he said quietly, not wanting to chance Snape hearing him.

Hermione, who was working with Parvarti, glanced at him biting her lower lip and she pushed some sort of mangled looking plant towards him.

Harry raised an eyebrow at her.

Hermione blushed and ducked her head. "You have to use that first" she whispered. "Then pour water on it and add the crushed snake fang."

Harry smiled at her. "Thanks" he whispered and he and Seamus got to work.

Luckily Snape hadn't noticed but he did notice when Neville and Dean's potion exploded.

"Idiot boy!" Snape snapped and rushed over. Boils were quickly spreading across Neville's skin causing him to whimper in pain.

Snape turned to Dean. "Get him to the hospital wing" he practically snarled.

Dean didn't need telling twice. With a fearful glance at Snape he put a hand on Neville's shoulder and led him from the room.

Snape turned to Alex.

"You! Potter! Why didn't you tell him not to add the quills? Thought it would make you look good if he messed it up did you? That's three points you've lost for Gryffindor." Snape was practically growling.

"He was working on his own Potion it's not his fault!" said Aurora jumping to her feet.

Snape turned his glare to her and although Aurora looked a little nervous she didn't back down.

"Sit down you arrogant little girl." Now Snape's voice was a deadly, bone chilling whisper.

"But she's right! It wasn't Alex's fault!"

Hermione had leapt to her feet, looking nervous but indignant. When Snape glared at her she paled slightly but, like Aurora she stared him down.

Snape looked furious. "Ten points from Gryffindor!" he yelled, "Sit down and keep quiet!"

Aurora and Hermione sat down. Aurora shot Hermione a thankful looked, who smiled and nodded.

Harry narrowed his eyes at Snape. There was something wrong with that guy. Why would he take a grudge out on Alex and Aurora, especially when James Potter was still alive?

"Mum said he wanted to speak to her in private, he kept glaring at Dad."

Whatever Snape's problem was it most likely had something to do with Lily Potter.

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