Auto was absolutely frantic. WALL-E and EVE had been missing for a long time, and there was no indication as to where they had gone. Now Auto was searching in the plains behind

their trailer. By now, he didn't really have much hope of finding them. Then he spotted an area on the plain where it was just dirt. He had never noticed it before. Upon closer

inspection, he saw a spot that had burn marks on it. From the size of the spot, it seemed like it was caused by a small rocket. He instantly knew what it meant.

So, he thought. WALL-E and EVE have left. But why? And where did they go?

He then got the feeling that something was in front of him, so he looked…and jumped backwards in surprise. It was a giant, rust-colored fox with three tails.

Auto, in his usual monotonous voice, said, "Who and what are you?"

The giant fox said, "Pleased to make your acquaintance. My name is Gartino. You must be Auto."

Auto was surprised. "How do you know my name?"

"Two acquaintances of yours told me everything they knew about this planet on the way here."

"WALL-E and EVE?"


The two robots then came out from behind Gartino.

Auto said, "Where have you two been for the past several weeks? And what is that thing?"

EVE said, "It's a long story."

Insert story breaker here

WALL-E and EVE finally stopped.

Chi said, "Gartino really wanted to go with you, didn't he?"

WALL-E said, "He said that if we didn't bring him with us to Earth, he would kill himself."

EVE said, "I just realized something. Not only does Chi look like Coran, but he sounds quite similar, as well."

Anny, who had been silent up to this point, said, "He does?"

EVE, suspicious, said, "Yes… Very much so…"

Chi floated up a few feet and chuckled nervously.

He said, "Um, uh, hey what's that over there?"

Anny, also suspicious, said, "Over where?"

Another voice said, "Over here."

Surprised, everybody turned in the direction the voice had come from. Standing only ten feet away from them was Prid. Now, 90% of his body was black and his eyes were almost

nothing but glowing, red irises. There was an air of evil around him, but it felt like it had been put there by something else.

EVE said, "Prid? What are you doing here?"

Prid said, "A solar eclipse shall occur within the hour. I'm here to watch it."

Auto said, "They didn't predict a solar eclipse to happen today."

Anny, in a somewhat unnatural voice, said, "You loved solar eclipses. And you still do. Sometimes, you'd make them happen just so that you could watch."

Prid said, "Well, it also sets a mood that- wait a minute, how did you-?"

His eyes widened. In an astonished tone, Prid said, "So you're Serin… From what I've heard about you, I'm not surprised."

Anny said, "I am. And I remember everything now."

"It's been a very long time."

"34, 878, 347, 817, 895, 347, 891, 874, 947, 843, 783, 568, 359, 248, 949, 092, 909, 025, 897, 248, 239, 923, 589, 534, 784, 875, 843, 573, 478, 937, 786, 743, 774, 290, 123, 487,

344, 378, 472, 427, 894, 384, 524, 783, 447, 735, 727, 442, 783, 488, 923, 784, 572, 722, 200, 295, 358, 184, 584, 388, 453, 787, 454, 843, 920, 019, 894, 898, 934, 892, 349, 023,

149, 023, 903, 894, 784, 478, 954, 789, 478, 945, 782, 898, 974, 238, 923, 478, 924, 789, 428, 923, 489, 982, 349, 834, 093, 409, 091, 901, 489, 148, 934, 189, 341, 893, 478, 948,

973, 189, 031, 897, 348, 973, 489, 734, 189, 703, 157, 891, 789, 153, 147, 891, 789, 178, 907, 891, 789, 157, 896, 680, 913, 564, 890, 893, 531, 589, 890, 150, 915 ,389, 065, 898,

347, 892, 995 years to be a little more precise."

Prid was amazed. "Wow, has it really been that long?"


"How in the world did you keep track of that?"

By now, the robots had moved several feet away.

Chi went over to the robots and quietly said, "I think you guys should leave."

Auto said, "I agree." All the robots then ran off towards the city.

Serin said, "I've just always been aware of how much time has passed."

Prid said, "Well, uh, I'm not sure what to say at this point, so I'll just lie here and wait for the eclipse to happen and for Coran to get here."

Serin got very nervous. She looked up and could just barely see the moon right next to the sun. Then, the moon began to block out the sun. Serin, having seen a solar eclipse

before, realized that the moon was moving over the sun at a noticeably faster rate than a natural eclipse.

She looked back at Prid, who merely smiled.

In moments, the sun was completely covered by the moon.

When that happened, Prid's entire body became the darkest black possible and his eyes became a solid red that glowed like fire. No pupils, no irises, just a solid red spot for eyes.

He said, "Finally, full power again. I can't wait for Coranzinto to get here."

Suddenly, Chi floated ten feet above Prid and said, "Why wait for Coran when I'm already here?"

Serin quickly backed away as Chi rapidly grew in size until he was a massive black orb with black wisps coming off of him.

Serin said, "You were Coran the entire time?"

In a highly unnatural yet vaguely male voice, Coran said, "Of course. Chirabanui was nothing but a pseudonym. It was a rather clever idea, taking the form of a lowly scout for

Karantius. Of course, it was basically the only option I had. It was made even easier by the fact that my bonds to my minions had been severed, making it harder for them to detect

my power. Your "parents" should never have existed in the first place, though. If it hadn't been for the black hole, my power would've slowly returned."

Serin said, "If it wasn't for the black hole, you wouldn't be alive."

Coran said, "Serin, I get my power from the dark energy in existence. The only way you could get rid of me permanently is to get rid of these."

Thousands of black tentacles suddenly appeared all over Coran. There were so many, they completely covered his "body".

Coran continued. "These things absorb the dark energy in the surrounding area. Even if something managed to cut them off, they would just grow back. If there isn't enough dark

energy, they expand until they find an appropriate source. In short, the brighter the light, the darker my night. As for you, Serin, you never understood what was giving you power.

You are no longer connected to what once gave you power. Better yet, you don't even know how to connect yourself. As such, it will be very easy for me to do this."

Suddenly, one of the tentacles shot towards Serin. She tried to run, but she had only managed to turn around when it wrapped around her. She desperately tried to resist as it

dragged her towards Coran, but it was absolutely useless. Coran lifted her into the air and began to thrash her about wildly as he drained her of what power she did have. When it

was gone, Coran threw Serin onto the ground.

He said, "I see that you still contain the essence of your original form."

Once again, Serin's body had dramatically changed. Now she looked like a human and was the size of an 8-year-old. She had a deep tan and her brown hair was straight and shiny.

She also wore a dress made of plant material.

With difficulty, she lifted her head and, in a bizarre accent, said, "Coran…zar…"

Coran said, "Come, Prid. We must get to Lus. He has already left the planet. We must leave at once. It is time for the seven sins to be reunited once more!"

Prid said, "Yes, master."

A black vortex appeared behind Coran. It was a portal to where Lus was. Coran and Prid quickly went through. Just as it began to close, Serin pointed her hand at it. It stopped

closing. She managed to stand back up. She stood there for a few moments before she said, "Coran…zar techet!"

She then ran through the portal. It closed behind her.

Meanwhile, the robots had secretly been watching from behind a large rock.

Auto said, "Wow. Didn't expect that."

EVE said, "He's gotten a lot more powerful from the last time we saw him."

A voice behind them said, "I guess that now you know, don't you?"

They all turned around. It was Sparrow, the bronze, mechanical dragon.

EVE said, "What are you doing here?"

"I sensed that Serin was here. Looks like I'll have to find my own way to her."

WALL-E said, "How long have you been in love with Serin? And who is Coran really?"

Sparrow sighed and said, "I've been in love with Serin for as long as I can remember. I was there when she defeated each of Coran's major minions, what he calls "the embodiments

of the seven sins". Back then, I was an actual living being. I would also have been there to watch her defeat Coran if Wrat hadn't…"

Auto said, "Hadn't what?"

"Wrat was the last one she faced off against. After she defeated him, he was able to gather enough strength to get back up for a few minutes. He stunned her and threw me

against a wall numerous times. Just as Serin got over being stunned, Wrat collapsed again and he threw me out a window just before he did so. We were inside his lair and his lair

was inside the top of a tall mountain that wasn't too far from the sea. Serin found me a few feet from the water line. I was still alive, but…"

Auto finished for him. "But not for long."

Sparrow nodded. "A strange-looking man built this body for me after I told him my story. I've tried to find Serin, but every time I get close, she ends up having to go somewhere else.

It's incredibly frustrating, but it's worse not being with Serin, so I keep trying."

The robots couldn't help but pity him.

Auto said, "We understand. However, before you go off to find Serin, it would be a good idea if you did something beforehand."

"Sure. What?"

"If you wouldn't mind explaining what happened to Serin to Karantius, Celestia, and the Albatrians."

Sparrow begrudgingly said, "Fine."

The end


Serin-Originally, I wasn't going to have Anny turn out to be Serin, but it would have made the stories about Anny be rather pointless. My mom may not like all these plot twists, but

that's what happens. Also, it is pronounced "sAIRin".

The story-Unfortunately, I don't remember where the inspiration for this story came from. Sorry.

Sparrow-His name is NOT a reference to Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of The Caribbean. Also, "zar techet" means "you idiot".

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