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The bar was packed with people, drinking and talking in a group and enjoying the Friday night. The scent of humans, vampires and spirits mingled into a bittersweet smell and the air was thick with cigarette smoke, blurring even the vampires' visions.

Dean didn't mind the constant noises hammering in his head or the different smells coming from every corner; he'd learned to blend them out over the past centuries. He was sitting in the back of the bar on purpose, not to draw attention, watching her. She didn't know he was there, that he had followed her and was now looking after her every single step.

His mate. The woman he owned. The only one for him. At least, that was what the rules said. Once you found your mate and marked her, it wasn't possible for a vampire to get rid of her.

He smiled bitterly at the thought. But what about vampires who'd made a mistake and had chosen the wrong woman? In the history of vampires Dean had never heard once that something like that happened though. Til this day, every vampire who's ever marked a mate, has made the right choice.

Except for Dean Winchester.

Dean wasn't happy in the relationship with his mate, girlfriend or whatever the right term was, but he couldn't just get up and leave. He was damned to stay with her for all eternity.

The first time he laid eyes on her, he had known he had to have her. She was human and people warned him, including his brother, to be careful but he wouldn't listen.

Normally, it wasn't a problem for a vampire to seduce a human but she's been the exception, forcing Dean to really fight for her. She's been a challenge and he couldn't have given up til he'd gotten her. Eventually, she gave in and he'd turned her into one of his kind.

He sighed at the memory. That was a long time ago and now he felt like it's all been a mistake.

Dean looked over at her again. She was sitting at the bar, drinking bourbon. A few men, vampires and humans, had been hitting on her during the night, but she'd turned them all down.

Dean smiled in satisfaction at that and felt bad the next moment. It was his fault she'd left for the bar anyway. He knew he'd hurt her.

He turned his head when he sensed a new scent in his vicinity. A waitress came up to him.

"Can I get you something?" She asked friendly. Dean took in her well-built body, long legs and perfect blonde hair flowing down her back. She was pretty and a vampire, definately his type.

He could've had her but he couldn't be cheating again. "Just beer for me." He answered, sighing in frustration, his gaze glued to the dark-haired woman at the bar.

The waitress followed his eyes and smiled at the situation. "Your girl?" She asked, pointing to the front. "Let me guess, you had a big fight?" She continued after Dean had nodded abruptly, looking down at the table.

"It's such a shame you're taken, otherwise you would've gotten lucky." She winked at him, brushing lightly with her hand over his shoulder, and left his table.

All of a sudden, through all the noises at the place, he heard her groan in pleasure. It hasn't been loud at all but he'd heard it in an instant. His head spun around to the front and he saw a tall man sitting next to her at the bar, his arms wrapped tightly around her waist and he was kissing and licking at her neck.

Dean felt his blood began to boil and hot anger built in the pit of his stomach. His eyes turned red and he crushed the empty glass in his hand at the sight.

The next moment she opened her eyes, locking them with his across the room and a devilish smile crept upon her face. Dean's eyes widened in surprise when realization hit him.

She'd known all along he had been there. How was that possible? She's been a vampire for only a little over two centuries now. She couldn't have been able to sense him in a crowded bar; her abilities weren't that distinctive yet.

Before Dean got the chance to find an answer for that, she'd closed her eyes again, moaning a little louder this time as the stranger's hand slid under her shirt. Dean jumped up furiously, crossing the bar in less than a second, unnoticed to the humans' eyes. He grabbed the guy by his collar, jerking him away from her.

"You lost, pal?" He snarled at him. The guy looked at him confused but then started to laugh. "Man, I didn't know she's taken. There isn't a mark or a ring on her finger and..." He inhaled a deep breath " male scent on her. So I assumed she's free." He grinned apologetically.

"Well, now you do know. Beat it, before I rip your heart out." Dean growled at him. "Hey, relax. Trouble in paradise, huh?" The guy challenged.

For a vampire, the most intimate act wasn't just the physical love, but sex with drinking blood from each other. Only then a vampire fully owned a mate. If a couple was having trouble with that part of their lives, other vampires were able to sense that.

"Dean..." He heard her faint voice speak up. "Stay out of it, Carmen." Dean's piercing cold look focused on her. Carmen's been watching the two men, already regretting her attempt to get back at Dean. She never thought he would get that furious. She'd wanted for him to get jealous but now he looked like he was about to kill.

"Dude, shouldn't you be worrying about finding your own mate?" Dean shot back and watched in satisfaction as the vampire's smug smile faded in front of him. Not being able to find a mate was the worst insult for a vampire. The bare thought of being destined to stay alone forever was terrifying.

He recovered quickly from Dean's attack, though. "Keep her on a leash or something, then."

That was enough for Dean and he grabbed the guy by the collar, slamming him into the wall of the bar. The few vampires in the near distance that were witnessing the commotion didn't even bother to look their way.

"If I ever see you near her again, you're dead. Got it?" He snarled. The vampire was barely over hundred years old and not as strong as Dean. He started to panick as he felt his collarbone breaking.

"Dude, please. I promise I won't touch her." He begged. Dean let him go and he quickly disappeared. Dean chuckled lightly. "Unexperienced wuss." He mumbled under his breath.

Carmen tried to breathe evenly, awaiting Dean's reaction. She knew if there had been only vampires at the place he wouldn't have hesitated and cut the guy's head off in a second. But this was a mixed bar; humans were scattered all over the place.

Dean turned to her, crossing his arms over his chest, and looked down at her. "You happy now you had your fun?" He spat.

Carmen smiled up at him. She could feel the anger radiating off him as he stared daggers at her. She found herself turned on by that and she shuddered under his cold gaze.

He was perfect but an asshole. She hated him from the bottom of her heart but that didn't change the fact she was crazy for him and she was disgusted with herself because of that.

Lately, their relationship hasn't been what you could've called perfect. After spending a few centuries together, a couple had to have rough times, that was normal.

At least, that was what she's been telling herself. She'd tried to ignore Dean's infidelity, but tonight's been the last straw. Dean had showed up at home again after he'd stayed away for days and she couldn't take it anymore. She'd had to have her revenge.

"I love to see you go all jealous, honey, you know that." She said in a low seductive voice.

A crooked smile spread across Dean's face and he leaned over, placing each hand on either side of her on the bar and trapped her between his body and the counter.

"I won't let anyone touch you. You're mine." He whispered in her ear and felt her taking in a deep breath.

Dean was confused. What the hell was wrong with him? Just when he'd thought he didn't have any feelings left for her, the possessiveness kicked back in. If he'd made a mistake by claiming her as his mate and therefore didn't want her anymore, then why couldn't he let her hook up with someone else?

Because he had turned her and she was his. He would rather die before giving her up voluntariliy to another man. He knew that was selfish but he couldn't help it.

So what did that mean?

"You didn't like another man touching me, did you?" She continued to tease. "So why aren't you doing it, baby. You haven't touched me in what seems like forever. I've needs, Dean, and if you don't want to satisfy them I've to find satisfaction somewhere else." She smiled.

Carmen wrapped a leg around Dean's waist, pulling him closer, and rubbed up against him.

Dean held back a groan and cupped her face with his hands, pulling roughly at her hair and claimed her lips with his. He felt a moan vibrate in her throat as he kissed her violently. She tasted too good to be true and he simply couldn't resist. Carmen let out a short mewl in surprise when Dean grabbed her ass and lifted her abrasively up.

He didn't give a fuck about people watching as he carried her through the entire bar to the back to find a room. He threw her on the bed in one of the rooms and stripped out of his coat as she watched him with glistening eyes in anticipation.

"Admit it baby, you still want me, don't you? All those women you've been with they got nothing on me." She whispered when he got on top of her, straddling her hips and grinning at her words.

He took one of her hands, kissing the top of it and making Carmen frown at such a gentle action. He then licked her pulse point and she felt the blood in her veins coursing, setting her body on fire. Dean scraped lightly his fangs over the soft spot and she held her breath, expecting him to drink from her, instead he leaned over to kiss her fiercely.

"Don't be so sure of yourself, sweetheart." He said breaking the kiss. He quickly got rid of her jacket and top, throwing them carelessly on the floor. He groaned at the sight of her only in a bra under him. She was perfect in every way and could have had any man she wanted but she was his.

A lopsided smile appeared on his face at the thought and Carmen glared at him. "You're thinking about how no one's going to have me because you already own me, don't you, honey?" She asked.

"Exactly." He replied, dipping his head and kissing her neck. She started to breathe heavily as his tongue left a wet trail on her skin and his hands, roamed and groaped down her body. "You need me baby, don't you?" He teased. "Y...yes." She breathed out and arched her hips into him as he slipped his hand down her pants, stroking her center with his skilled fingers.

"It's been too long, Dean. Tell me, you still want me. Please." She whispered and hated herself for begging. He chuckled, opening her bra with one hand and pulling it off, never stopping to caress her already slick opening with his other hand. "Of course I want you, baby. You drive me crazy, you know that." He breathed in her ear and moved down her chest to kiss and lick her breasts. He teasingly licked around one nipple and let his fangs spring out, biting slightly down.

She dug her nails into his shoulders and let out a cry as he closed his mouth over the nipple and slipped three fingers into her at the same time. Carmen felt waves of pleasure sweep over her body as Dean sucked at her nipple and pumped her with his fingers, hitting the sweet spots. It didn't take long for her to reach her climax and she threw her head back in the pillow as her body tensed and convulsed.

Dean sat up, pulling her jeans and panties off and leaned back in to capture her lips in a feverish kiss. She ran her hands through his hair, over his broad shoulders and down his chest, feeling his muscles flex before she began to loosen the buttons on his shirt.

He groaned at the feel of her cold tiny hands on his chest, wandering further down to unbuckle his belt. Without breaking the kiss, she pulled down his pants with her feet and took hold of his velvety length that had grown to its full size, caressing it slowly. Dean moaned, breaking away from her and before she could have figured out what he was up to, he'd pulled her up and flipped her onto her stomach in one swift movement. She let out a huff, feeling him position himself between her thighs. Dean ran his fingers over her folds and groaned at her wetness. She whimpered as she felt the tip of his length at her entrance. "Dean...please." She moaned again and he chuckled, wrapping one arm tightly around her waist.

Without a warning he plunged into her and she buried her face into the pillow, letting out a cry in pleasure. He started to pound into her mercilessly, tightening his grip around her waist. Carmen was purring like a machine at the sweet sensations assaulting her body. She couldn't remember the last time they've had sex like that and she bit down hard onto her bottom lip, tasting copper. Dean groaned as the scent of her blood filled his nostrils and he turned her head, licking the blood gently off her lip.

"Uh, god, Dean...please, harder." She whispered at his lips and he smiled at her. "Damn, baby. You feel so good." He said before kissing the soft skin of her neck, licking at her pulse point. "You want me to feed on you baby, right?" He mumbled at her neck. "God, yes." She barely breathed out.

Dean's fangs sprang out and he sank them into her soft skin, drawing the sweet blood from her. She was panting heavily as he sucked her blood and kept moving inside of her rhytmically. It's been too long since the last time he drank her blood during sex to knot their ties. The pleasure was unbearable and she peaked in an instant, spasming around Dean's member.

He couldn't get enough of her, the sweet taste of her pure blood was driving him insane, letting him experience a pleasure he hadn't before. He felt how weak she'd gotten, so he finally let go, releasing inside of her and licked with his tongue over the punctures to stop the bleeding.

Dean rolled off of her, putting his hands behind the back of his head and let out a heavy sigh. Why did he let it go that far if he wanted her to leave him? He hated himself for his weakness.

Carmen chuckled, stretching her arms over her head, completely satisfied. He looked over to her, his eyes wandering down her perfect body, flat stomach and large but firm breasts. She's already been a beauty as a human but now as a vampire she was the perfect seductress and no man could ever be able to resist her, including Dean. He reached out, running a hand over her body, and she arched into the touch. "Mhm, I should make you jealous more often." She moaned.

"Are you okay, sweetheart?" He asked a little concerned because he hadn't drawn blood from her in a while and feared she might be feeling too weak, losing such an amount of blood in such a short time. She smiled at his worried tone. "I'm perfect." She replied, getting on top of him and leaned down to capture his lips with her mouth.

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