A few hours later, Carmen was beyond frustrated and annoyed. It had taken forever to fix Laura's article and now she was stuck in her office, trying to get her own work done as fast as she could because of the new deadline. Olivia had turned everything upside down and created a new level of chaos. At least, Carmen still had her own office and thankfully there was a thick, massive door between her and her colleagues in the main room, keeping their anger away from her.

She sighed and leaned back in her seat, interrupting her work for a moment. It was taking so long and she couldn't take it anymore, she needed to go home. At home, Dean was waiting and probably wondering why the hell she wasn't back yet. The thought of Dean sent another wave of heat through her already burning body and she shifted uncomfortably and crossed her legs, hoping to ease the pulsing between her thighs.

The tiny room was scorching hot, but only because she was burning up. A human being could have never told the difference though, her skin was still cold to the touch whereas Carmen was in a state of pure torture by denying her body what it craved. She decided to finish the piece she was working on and then go home; she had to stop doing this, it was not healthy to keep tormenting herself like that. Fuck the deadline. It didn't matter that her article wouldn't be published in the next issue.

Suddenly the door opened and Carmen looked up angrily at the person who hadn't bothered to knock. Her whole body tensed when her eyes met Olivia's cold ones, but she shook her head and raised an eyebrow to hide her anxiety. Until now, she had successfully avoided running into her.

"Didn't your parents teach you to knock before entering someone else's room?" Carmen asked, slightly irritated and Olivia let out a laugh in response. "My parents are dead."

The lack of emotion in her voice made Carmen's stomach turn. Her own mother died shortly after giving birth to her and her father died in 1804, the same year Dean turned her. Even though it happened a long time ago it still hurt as hell.

"I admire how brave you are, talking to me like that." Olivia's voice tore her from the memory. Carmen suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. "What do you want?"

"To talk to you." Olivia replied and walked over to her desk, taking a seat on top. "About Dean." She added with a provoking glint in her eye.

"Oh boy." Carmen groaned and rubbed her forehead. This was what she had been fearing all along. "I don't know whether you are that dumb to trust him or just incredibly naive."

At this remark, Carmen couldn't help but smile. Before she had the chance to say anything Olivia continued talking. "He's going to leave you, you know. It won't last forever, Dean's not a one woman man."

Carmen looked at her intently, realizing that this woman loved to hear herself talk. "I know. He loves the ladies." She replied in amusement, knowing exactly what Olivia was up to. But she wasn't going to let her intimidate or scare her. She didn't know what exactly happened between Olivia and Dean – he may have told her how they met, but she was sure he had left out all the gory details that would hurt her. It didn't matter, Dean chose to be with her.

"See, I know that things haven't been running smoothly for you guys lately. You two seem to spend an awful amount of time away from each other. For instance today, you're here and not at home with him." Olivia was bluffing, but Carmen didn't know that and by the look on her face Olivia could tell she had struck a nerve. Carmen wasn't able to hide her true feelings, she knew the hurt and shock she felt at hearing Olivia's words were evident to the vampiress.

However, she regained her composure remarkably fast. She slowly got up and walked over to the window to open it and let some fresh air in. The heat in the room and Olivia's heavy distinct scent were unbearable. She remained standing at the window, letting the breeze soothe her heated skin.

"I have a job. And thanks to you we all are forced to stay longer." Carmen heard Olivia laugh again behind her; her words were still ringing in her head. For a split-second she feared Dean had told her about their difficulties. But no, he would never do such a thing. Olivia didn't know shit and was just fucking with her. Carmen's annoyance quickly turned into anger.

"By the way, where's the ring?" Olivia asked smugly and she snapped. Spinning around, she narrowed her eyes and looked at her coldly. When she spoke her voice was calm. "Excuse me?"

"The wedding ring. Oh, that's right. He never proposed, you guys never got married." Olivia taunted, an infuriating smile appearing on her face. "If you ask me, Dean has some major commitment issues, sweetie."

Carmen crossed her arms in front of her chest. "We're vampires. He claimed me, I'm his mate. Our bond is the equivalent to a human marriage, so technically, Dean and I are married, sweetie." She bit out.

Actually, most of the vampire couples did get married because it was a beautiful tradition and because the bond wasn't enough for them. They wanted to express the love they had for each other in the old fashioned way and maintain a piece of humanity in the vampire world. Olivia was hoping to unsettle her by reminding her of that fact. Carmen didn't care. Every vampire could sense that she was taken and who she belonged to, she didn't need a ring on her finger as proof that their love was real. The existence of the bond between her and Dean was more than enough for her.

"Keep telling yourself that." Olivia spat.

Carmen chuckled at her response. "The fact that Dean turned and claimed me as his mate is one hell of a commitment, don't you think?"

To her surprise Olivia turned pale, all blood drained from her face and her superior expression turned to one of pure shock and confusion at Carmen's words.

"He turned you?!" She squealed and slowly got off the desk, taking a few unsteady steps through the room as she processed the new information. "You were human when he met you?"

Unknowingly, Carmen had stabbed her in the heart. "You didn't know?" She asked cautiously and Olivia shook her head, angry tears pooling in her eyes.

"He wanted you, he really wanted you..." She rambled, looking at Carmen with blazing fury in her gaze. For a moment Carmen thought the vampiress was going to attack her, but she didn't move. She stood paralyzed, her anger eating at her and all she was able to do was glare at Carmen, pure hate and resentment in her eyes as she continued mumbling under her breath. "I can't believe it... How could he... how could he choose you over me?"

Carmen stood frozen, not sure how to react. Olivia was having some sort of a nervous breakdown. Suddenly, she came to. "This is not over, bitch! He'll never be yours." She yelled hysterically and Carmen stepped closer until she was face to face with Olivia, her eyes turning to a threatening red. Dean knew that look all too well, at this point it was smart to run.

"Watch it, you little skank. Stay away from my man, I mean it. Keep your fucking hands off him. If you dare to appear in my house ever again or so much as look in Dean's direction, I will destroy your pretty little face and rip you to shreds. I've killed before and if I have to, I'll do it again." She wasn't sure how Olivia was going to react, but she had clearly reached her boiling point.

Thankfully, in that moment there was a knock on the door and then Jason rushed in, grabbed Olivia's arms and started dragging her with him as she struggled to get out of his hold. He was a young vampire, but very fit and way stronger than he looked. He kept a tight grip on Olivia and easily maneuvered her out the door.

"Let me go! Dean is mine, you hear me? Let me go, I'm going to kill that bitch!"

Jason gave an apologetic, insecure smile and Carmen smiled back at him, realizing he had come to save her from Olivia. The door closed behind them and with an exhausted sigh she leaned against her desk.

Her phone rang. She picked it up and sighed when she saw who was calling. "What?" It came out rather harsh since she was still upset.

On the other end, Dean stopped short for a second before speaking up. "God, you're bitchy when you're in heat, sweetheart."

"Sorry, I'm just pissed." Carmen quickly said, not wanting to start another fight with him.

"What happened?" He asked, his voice low and deep, sending a shiver down her spine.

"Uh... I'll explain later..." She replied and left her office, slipping into the hallway unseen and walking to the bathroom at the end of the floor. It was empty and she locked the door behind her and leaned against the pleasantly cool surface, closing her eyes in relief.

"Dean... I..." She choked out, trailing off. She needed him. Now that the commotion was over and there was nothing else to distract her, the arousal she had been trying to ignore made itself known again. And his voice, dear God his voice...

"What's taking you so long?" He asked huskily, his tone longing and full of love and lust. "Why is my girl still there and not here with me?"

Carmen bit her lip. "Something came up and... oh God, this is killing me!"

Dean chuckled at her desperation. "I know, baby. I can hear it."



"Are you at home?"

"Yeah, I'm sitting here at my desk, waiting for you." There was silence on the other end, she didn't reply. "What is it, baby?" Dean asked again and heard her take in a deep breath.

"I can't take it anymore. I...I need your help." Dean paused in surprise, having not expected those words. "I'll do whatever you want, sweetheart."

He heard her heavy breathing, she was almost panting. Dean shifted in his seat in anticipation of her reply. His mouth was suddenly dry.

Keeping her eyes closed and the phone pressed to her ear, Carmen slipped her hand down her chest, over her stomach and down her thigh. When she reached the hem of her dress, she slipped her hand under the material and up her thigh again, pulling it up. Her fingertips caressed the soft skin of her inner thigh, slowly easing closer to her center.

Dean heard the rustling of fabric through the phone as Carmen moved her dress out of the way and he swallowed hard, knowing exactly what she was doing.

"Fuck, I'm so wet, baby." She whispered as she stroked over her soaked through panties.

Hearing those words, heat shot through Dean's abdomen and his blood went south, his length beginning to harden in excitement.

Carmen pushed her panties to the side and ran her fingertips lightly along her heated dripping core, sending a jolt through her body. She whimpered, biting down onto her bottom lip at the contact. Her skin was swollen and pulsing hot and demanding, needing more.

Dean closed his eyes, taking in a deep breath. Carmen had barely touched herself and was already making those beautiful needy sounds.

"Fuck, sweetheart." He said hoarsely. "Why are you torturing me like that?"

Carmen's legs started to shake as Dean's warm gruff voice washed over her, reverberating inside her.

"Oh God, Dean... I need you, need you so much." She mumbled, leaning heavily into the door to keep herself up. "You have no idea what you're doing to me... I'm so fucking glad you called. Just talk to me, baby. I wanna hear your voice."

"You're that desperate already, baby girl? You can't wait until you get home?" Dean teased. Noticing how her voice echoed off the walls every time she spoke, he realized she had locked herself in the bathroom at work. He chuckled in amusement.

That delicious sound sent electricity shooting through her feverish body, fueling the fire even more. Carmen felt her legs threaten to give out and slid slowly down onto the hard and cold tiled floor with her hand still between her legs, cupping her center. Her dress was long enough to cover her back side properly when she sat down and help her ass avoid direct contact with the nasty floor. Hastily, she hooked her fingers in the waistband of her panties and pulled the slick with her juices little scrap of underwear over her ass and down her thighs.

Dean gripped his phone tighter, leaned back in his chair and scooted a little foward as he listened carefully to all the different noises on the other end of the line. Never in his entire existence had he been more grateful for his vampire hearing. He groaned and palmed his hard length through his pants, lifting his hips up into his hand to ease the ache when he heard Carmen part her folds and run her finger through the wetness as she panted and moaned.

"That's it, baby... Let me hear it, let me hear every little delicious movement. That beautiful wet noise when you touch yourself. This isn't fair, I wanna taste you, my love. God, I love it to lick up your sweet honey and feel you lose control. Feel my tongue? Feels so fucking good, doesn't it?" Carmen shivered and let out a mewl in response. He knew how turned on she was, he could practically smell her arousal as if she was there with him in the room. He licked his lips as he stroked the still covered bulge in his pants, relishing the pleasure of the heat slowly building in his stomach and Carmen's lustful little moans in his ear.

"Dean... I wish you were here, wish I could feel your mouth and your strongs hands on me. Honey, I'm so ready for you, have been ready the whole day... I bet you love this. Listening to me always turns you on." She breathed out heavily. "Are you hard, baby?"

Dean laughed. "God, you know I am, sweetheart. I was rock hard the minute you breathed into my ear." He quickly undid his pants as he spoke and tugged them down a little along with his boxers. He wrapped his hand around his hardness and gave it a few leisurely strokes, making it harden even more and then stilled his movements. He didn't want to come before Carmen and miss the entire show. Her desperation and neediness was quite amusing and he loved hearing her writhe in pleasure. "I can't wait to get my hands on you, sweetheart. Wanna touch you, feel you dripping for me and your beautiful pussy clench so fucking tight every time I hit that sweet spot inside of you."

"Dean..." Carmen moaned weakly, sliding her fingers down the entire length of her center and then up again until she found her clit, giving it a light flick. Gasping at the sudden overwhelming feeling, Carmen threw her head back and it thumped painfully against the door, but she didn't even notice. The pleasure overrode the pain, enveloped and took complete hold of her as it coursed continuously through every single cell of her body.

"Yes, baby. I'm right here. Keep going, wanna hear you scream. I need to be inside of you, gonna fuck you so good. When you get back, I'm not gonna let you out of the house for at least a week. That's a promise." Dean started to caress his length again, moving his thumb over the tip where a few drops were already leaking.

"Are you close, baby? Are yout thinking about me and picturing me sitting on the floor with my hand between my legs?" Carmen rasped, surprised that she was still able to get a coherent sentence out.

"Shit." Dean cursed at the image, his hand tightening around his length. " 'Course I do. You're always on my mind, I want you so fucking bad. Can't wait to feel you wrapped around me, so hot and tight."

"Dean, this is so good... keep talking." Carmen moved her hand further down again and slowly circled her opening, feeling how tight yet a little loosened she was because of her sweet hot arousal. The wonderful wetness allowed her to easily slip a finger in. She let out a moan and added a second finger, rubbing her walls. She arched her back and started to breathe frantically, continuing to rub her hot wet walls, and felt herself tighten around her fingers and her juices coating her hand. More heat bubbled up inside her at the constant stimulation, and with Dean breathing hotly in her ear and whispering wonderful filthy things, she found herself quickly losing control and her phone slipped from her weak hands.

She stopped and caught it before it dropped onto the floor. Breathing heavily, she pressed it to her ear and heard Dean laughing.

"Shaky hands already?" He taunted and she could tell how much he was enjoying the whole thing.

"I have to put you on speaker, I need both hands." She said quietly and her voice almost cracked.

"Both hands? God, you are naughty, baby girl."

Carmen let out a breathless laugh at his response and put the phone onto the floor. Slowly, she sat up and moved onto her knees, placing one hand on the floor to brace herself and slipping the other under her dress to tease her clit again. She circled the little bundle of nerves and squeezed her eyes shut, gasping at the sensation running through her. She felt more wetness build and a spark of release as she trembled.

"Dean." She moaned, her hand on the tiles clutched to a fist, fingernails digging into the skin of her palm. "I'm so close... so fucking close."

Dean's groans sounded through the phone and filled the little bathroom. He picked up the pace of his own motions until it matched Carmen's moans and whimpers. "Fuck, this is so good. Don't stop. Let go, sweetheart. Come for me."

She let out another moan, rolling her hips into her hand and desperately seeking the sweet release. Dean was breathing heavily, he was so damn close and about to explode.

"Come with me, Dean. I need you to come with me." Carmen sobbed, continuing the rhythmic motion with her hand and tormenting her most sensitive spot until she finally felt her body tense.

"Dean." She choked out and bit her bottom lip as her back arched and the waves came crashing over her. She cried out, her climax hitting her hard at the same time as Dean spilled his load all over his hand with a delicious low and feral noise, almost like a growl.

They both remained still and silent for a few minutes, breathing heavily and letting their bodies come down from the high.

"Was it good for you, baby?" Carmen finally purred, her voice hoarse and pure velvet.

Dean laughed at her words. "Hell yeah. Did you hear all the pathetic noises I made?"

"Yeah, I did." Carmen replied, amused, and he knew she was smiling.

"It was all because of you, my love. I've never come so hard from my own freakin' hand." He said and clamped the phone between his ear and shoulder to reach for a tissue. He wiped his right hand clean and looked down at himself with a sigh. "Fuck, I think I ruined my pants."

Carmen laughed loudly at the unexpected statement. Now that she was able to think straight again, she noticed for the first time that she was in a disgraceful position on all fours on the cold tiled floor in the small bathroom at her workplace with her dress crinkled and her panties pushed down to her knees. She knew she was loud, but not that loud. But in that moment she could have cared less if someone had heard her or had even been eavesdropping. She was in heat and had needed that damn orgasm.

Carmen picked up her phone off the floor and sat up to lean with her back against the door.

"Thank you, baby." She said into the phone, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

"It was my pleasure." Dean chuckled. "That was fun, we need to do that more often." His words reminded him again that the past few years hadn't be so carefree and easy for them. He pushed the memory aside and focused on this blissful moment.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about your pants though." Carmen replied.

"It's okay. When will you be back?" He asked and she didn't hesitate. To hell with work.

"Now. I'm coming home now." Carmen stated determinedly.

"Good girl." Dean said and they quickly hung up after saying their goodbyes.

Carmen got up as fast as her shaky legs allowed and took her panties completely off before walking over to the sinks. She washed herself clean off all the traces of her orgasm and splashed some cold water on her heated face. She looked at the ruined underwear in her hand with a frown, knowing she couldn't just throw them in the trash can. Every vamp could pick up her trail and Dean would be pissed at her for leaving her scent all over town.

Rushing back to her office, she tucked her panties into her purse, gathered all her things and left the building unnoticed. Stepping outside into the darkness, she closed her eyes in relief and revelled in the way the cool air surrounded her.

Finally she could go home and let her man put out the raging fire inside her. As amazing as the orgasm she just had was, it was still not enough.

Carmen walked down the steps in front of the building and turned right, crossing the parking lot when suddenly an eerie feeling made her stop. Something or someone was there behind her back, hidden in the dark. Holding her breath, she turned around and came face to face with the man she hadn't seen in almost ten years.

He pushed himself off the car he had been leaning against and approached her with slow calculated steps as Carmen cautiously started to back away.

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