Halloween was approaching soon and Natsuki was very much excited to dress up Syo and everyone else in cute costumes. The only people who managed to escape from his crazed frenzy were the S Class students seeing that Natsuki had immediately grabbed hold of Otoya, Masato, Haruka and Tomochika immediately after class had ended.

The four were puzzled when Natsuki seemed completely excited and hyper as he tugged them all into his room. Natsuki then proceeded to tell them that he had decided on what theme they were going to do for Halloween.

Surprised and confused comments were sprouted and Natsuki simply smiled and told them that they were going to look so cute in the Alice In Wonderland costumes he had decided to get for all of them. Haruka, Tomochika and Otoya seemed to like the idea while Masato was just indifferent in the idea.

Natsuki had even decided on who was going to dress up as what, Otoya was to be the Mad Hatter, Tokiya the March Hare, Haruka as Alice, Tomochika as the Queen of Hearts, Masato as the dormouse (Which caused a frown on Masato's face) , Ren as the caterpillar , Syo as Cheshire Cat and him being the White Rabbit.

Natsuki discussed with them on how they were going to do the group costumes and attend the Halloween Party together. Masato was not keen on that idea much, especially when Natsuki asked him to make sure that Ren would join.

Otoya was frowning when he heard that he was given the hardest job of making Tokiya to join. He complained that that was just impossible while the other four looked away with the thoughts that he would be the only one capable of making that ice block agree to the idea. It was precisely the reason why they assigned the job to him, Tokiya would not even pay much attention to them even if they ask.

If Haruka asked, he would respond but it would be a soft and polite refusal. But Otoya on the other hand, would be really insistent and he had something that the others had realized that worked on Tokiya really well. Although, the four of them wondered if that would be enough to get Tokiya to agree to dress up with them.

Natsuki promised that he would get Syo to dress up no matter what and the five of them had started plotting on what they were going to do. Masato had given up arguing when the other three agreed to Natsuki's idea and he knew that he had no choice but to agree when Natsuki was in this state.

After a brief discussion on deciding that they were going to join the group Halloween costume contest and attending the Halloween dance party, Natsuki briefed them that they had to make sure that the costumes were made properly and all eight of them must attend, earning Masato and Otoya to sigh at their task.

Masato was already dreading on asking his roommate to attend, knowing full well that it would be at the cost of his expense. He nodded his head to the things he had to tell Ren later once he had made him agree to it, leaving quickly before Natsuki wanting to include any more things.

Haruka and Tomochika left after assuring Natsuki that they would be helping him with all the costumes while Natsuki was busy swooning at how cute Syo was going to be in his Cheshire Cat costume.

Natsuki was pretty much the only one that was looking forward to coax his roommate to join in the madness that he had created. He wanted everyone to enjoy themselves at the party as a way to relax as well as seeing them all in cute costumes that he would be certain to photograph and keep as keepsake.

Otoya left the room pouting to himself as he tried to think of ways to get Tokiya to go, but all his ideas ended up with the same conclusion that Tokiya would just be annoyed and reject his suggestion. Tokiya does not exactly agree to what he says anyway and he rarely even hangs out with him.