Natsuki was very much excited to see how everyone looked in their costumes. He had already taken many photographs of Syo already but he has no photographs of the others much less see them yet.

He had heard that Tokiya had agreed to take part in it and he was very much excited to see the usually alone male dressed up in his costume. Natsuki was certain that even Tokiya would look cute if he dressed up in cute clothing and smiled.

Come to think about it, has Tokiya ever smiled before? "Nee Syo-chan, have you ever seen Tokiya-kun smile before?"

The sudden question took Syo by surprised as he thought that Natsuki was busy thinking about seeing the others in their cute costumes. Tokiya smile? Was that even possible? Syo highly doubted that the aloof male would even show any expression in the first place. "No. Why do you ask?"

The answer was exactly as Natsuki expected and he could not help but feel disappointed that he would not get to see Tokiya smile for once. Perhaps he could ask Otoya to do it for him, he did do the mission impossible and completed it after all.

But he had already troubled the lively male already with his selfishness and he was glad that Otoya had managed to fulfill it anyway. His present to the red-head was well liked too, Otoya and hugged it immediately after he had gotten it. Thanking him for it, Otoya had sent him a really cute and sweet smile that Natsuki immediately took a photograph of.

He was so caught up in his thoughts that he only snapped out of it when Syo shook him and glared at him. "Huh? Oh….I never answered your question. I was just thinking that even Tokiya-kun will look cute if he smiles. I wanted to take a group photograph of everyone with their cute costumes and smiles."

That was so Natsuki-like. Syo sighed, that was impossible was it not? Getting Tokiya to smile was one thing but Masato was just as hard to make to smile as well. Come to think about it, why were the both of them here so early anyway?

"Syo-kun. Shinomiya-san."


Syo smiled and waved back before blushing. Haruka looked really cute in the dress and he was surprised to see how well his design suited her. Haruka looked much better in it than he had imagined. That was really a big shock and he felt that he had butterflies in his stomach. "Haru-chan looks so cute! Tomo-chan too."

Natsuki had instantly took out his cellphone and snapped photographs of a flustered and embarrassed Haruka. She was blushing out of embarrassment and Natsuki was still shouting how cute she was as he took a few more photographs of her before asking Tomochika to join in the pictures.

While Natsuki was busy snapping photographs of the two girls, Ren was strolling in while whistling, behind him walked Masato was seemed to be enjoying his Melon Pan. It made Syo questioned if Masato took part because Natsuki sent him a box full of Melon Pan. Ren joined in for amusement purposes, that much was apparent with how much he was teasing Masato.

Now all they were lacked of were Otoya and Tokiya. Syo was really curious to know how his cheerful friend had gotten the cold and aloof male to agree to come. But no matter how hard he asked and begged, Otoya would not tell him. He would blush too whenever Tokiya appears and get all flustered and run off instead of answering him.

He really wanted to know what Otoya did, but a small part of his mind told him that it would be better if he did not know. Knowing it would change something for him and that was something the blonde was unwilling to risk.

Why was he that fearful of it anyway? There was something he did not want to admit to himself was it not? He did not have the time to ponder more onto it when Otoya came tugging an unhappy Tokiya along with him. "Hey Syo! I brought Tokiya with me."

"Otoya. Let me go already."

"No way! After all I did to get you here, I'm not going to risk leaving you alone when you could escape."

"I'm not going to escape."

"Not taking any chances."

Tokiya sighed and glanced around, leaving Syo the chance to talk to his soccer partner. Otoya…why are your lips so red? Did you put on lipstick on something?"

Tokiya looked amused while Otoya's red was heating up, a pink tint already present on his cheeks. "Wh-What? No. I didn't do anything to it. Syo's costume really suit you though, much better than mine."

It was apparent that Otoya was changing the subject but that was fine with Syo, he was just asking out of curiosity anyway. But it was rather disturbing that it had caught Tokiya's attention, was it something that had to do with Tokiya? "What's wrong with yours? You look good in yours too, maybe you're just not used to hats?"

Otoya flushed slightly, embarrassed by the compliment. Really, he did not think that he looked good in it at all. The clothes were really pretty and Otoya felt that they were wasted on him, he was excited about it at first but when he had seen the costume, he had immediately known that they were too good for him.

They would look better on someone cute like Syo or someone pretty like Tokiya. Those words would probably get him attacked by those two males if they ever found out what he thinks of them but Tokiya most likely already known already.

His lips were hurting though with it bruised that it was red but it was the only way to get Tokiya here. Tokiya was only satisfied and willing to go if Otoya let him kiss him as much as he wanted before they left and the result was scary.

Otoya did not think that Tokiya would kiss him that much, is that guy a kiss monster? The number of kisses he had taken from him was just too many to count and Otoya was really afraid if Tokiya would one day overdo it too much.

But today was bad enough already, his lips were already badly bruised. Sure he enjoyed the kisses, but there were too little sweet ones than harsh ones and Tokiya was really rough with his kisses mostly, often kissing him till he ran out of air.

His possessiveness was something that he did not mind though, that only made him felt loved and that the other male really did care about him. Tokiya was extremely wary of Ren and he never let Otoya anyway near him alone.

His thoughts came back to Syo when Tokiya tugged on his wrist. He must have lost himself in his thoughts again and he silently thanked Tokiya for bringing his mind back by holding Tokiya's hand tighter.

"The hat? It does feel slightly weird but the real reason is that I feel that the clothes are wasted on me."

"That's not true, Otoya-kun. You look really cute in it."

Natsuki's voice interrupted the conversation and the both of them jumped slightly at it, not expecting Natsuki to bug in. "Natsuki. You scared me there. You think so?"

Natsuki smiled and nodded his head, using his phone to snap more photographs of a cute blushing Otoya with his phone. That was quickly disrupted by a frowning Tokiya that was dragging Otoya away to a corner, telling them that they would be back soon.

Natsuki pouted at losing the chance to take more photographs of Otoya when he looked so cute, complaining to Syo who was worried about his friend. The two came back minutes later, with Otoya still blushing and Tokiya who was back to his usual poker face.

What exactly happened there was something no one asked, they had no time either for it even if they wanted to. Natsuki smiled and started briefing them on what they should do during the party. Since they were a group, they would have to stay together during the party otherwise they might not be chosen as the winners.

A grumbling Ren could be heard before mutters of how he could make it up by bugging Masato. Otoya blinked a few times, curious to know if he had mistaken what he had just heard while Tokiya was indifferent when it did not concerned Otoya.

"You. Stop harassing me already Jinguji."

"Harassing? I was doing no such thing."

In fact the two started arguing along the way till Syo got annoyed and asked them both to shut up before he locked the both of them in the same room together till the party was over. Ren did not seem to mind saying that they were already sharing a room and he would like the chance to bug Masato more.

Masato simply ignored him and walked further ahead. There were many people dressed up in costumes and Otoya was awed by all the special Halloween food and decorations. He had never seen a big Halloween event before with his background and he was pretty excited as he pointed at things that interest him to Tokiya who just wanted to get away.

The red-head had a death grip on him though and he did promised him he would stay after all the kisses he had gotten. Well, he was well satisfied and he liked them greatly but being in a place with all these people annoyed him.

At least he got to see Otoya smiling happily and enjoying himself, he supposed he could make an exception if he got to see his source of light happy. He tightened the hold on Otoya's hand, not wanting to lose the red-head in the crowd when he could easily be picked up on with how dense he was.

There was no way he was going to lose Otoya to anyone when he had just gotten his hands on him. He was never going to let someone else steal him away from him, Otoya was his and his alone.

Otoya was being oblivious as usual and kindly stuffed a piece of cake into Tokiya's mouth thinking that he was unhappy because he was hungry. Tokiya rose his eyebrow confusedly, silently questioning what Otoya was trying to do.

When he got no response since said red-head was busy nomming on cake, he released his hold on his hand and instead hooked their arms together. At least this way they get to eat together.

The sheer irony when he realised that they were eating cakes and drinking tea exactly like their characters. His character had helped to not make people look at them strangely for staying close and having physical contact which was a good thing.

Masato was enjoying himself with the different special Melon Pan on the buffet table while Ren laughed at how Masato was easily pleased with bread. Glancing around to make sure that there were no people looking at them, Ren snuck beside Masato and licked the crumbs that were at the corners of his mouth quickly before pulling away, acting like he did nothing.

Masato was pissed and embarrassed at the same time, making his face as red as the fruit punch that Ren had in his hand. The whispers that Ren was sending him annoyed him even more. How far was Ren planning on teasing him?

Ren had been stealing kisses from him ever since the night he had asked Ren to join this. No matter how hard he tried, he just could not protect himself from them while Ren just continued doing them without telling him why.

Meanwhile, Natsuki was busy swooning at how cute everyone was and following the Piyo-chan mascot with his eyes since he could not leave his group and just follow it. He picked all the food that he found cute and bit into them one by one.

Syo on the other hand was already eating. He had wanted to find Otoya to talk to but he seemed busy and Natsuki was too focused on the Piyo-chan mascot to do anything. It was slightly boring but at least his two friends were enjoying themselves.

Haruka and Tomochika were having a chat while they ate their cakes, smiles on their face. Their conversation seemed to be something the both of them enjoyed discussing about.

Masato, Tokiya and Syo were already bored but they could not leave till the results came out while the other three were still very much into the party.

Otoya was busy with all the different things he had not seen before while Ren was still teasing Masato and Natsuki just could not stop with how cute everyone and everything was.

When the results finally came in, the three sighed in relief and hoped that they could just get it over and done with. When the spotlights shined on them, the eight of them smiled and high-fived each other…..well, with the exception of Tokiya.

All seven stood back and Syo pushed Natsuki in front to do the speech seeing that it was his idea after all. After minutes of hearing Natsuki talk, it was finally over. But Natsuki wanted to keep a photograph as a memento and he insisted on one that Tokiya was smiling.

Said male shook his head and asked why should he when his roommate pouted at him and saying that he was a spoilt sport. Tokiya leaned down and whispered that Otoya would have to own him another kiss for this and he was only doing it for him.

Tokiya nodded his head and when the picture was snapped, he did smile. Just that his eyes were on Otoya the whole time since he was the only person he was willing to smile for.

With that Halloween was over and everyone of them returned to their rooms. Haruka thanked them for an enjoyable night while Natsuki thanked them for joining in his charade.

Ren closed his eyes as he prepared to sleep, this had gave him an excuse to tease his rival and although he knew that his feelings still had to be hidden, he was glad that he had a chance to see Masato smile again and enjoy himself like back when they were kids.

Even if Masato forever thinks of him as a rival, he was happy that he had Masato's attention and the fact that Masato did kiss him back the first time helped too. That meant that perhaps he still had hope.

Unrequited love. But even so, Natsuki still enjoys all the time he spends with Syo. He knew that there was someone else in the blonde's heart but seeing Syo happy is good enough for him. He liked Syo and Syo was always cuter when he was happy. No matter how much it hurts him when Syo turns down his request to hang out, as long as Syo was happy, that was all that mattered.

Otoya really should have seen this coming. Tokiya did say that he owned him another kiss but he did not think that it would be immediately once they reached their room. He kissed back and smiled, but at least this shows that Tokiya likes him. He likes the kisses better than when Tokiya ignores him and do not show him his affection openly. This Halloween has given him something special, something that he would not forget.

He smiled and hugged Tokiya, nuzzling against him as he felt his warmth. He coujld feel Tokiya's hand ruffling his hair and asking him to change and get ready for bed already. He nodded and kissed Tokiya's cheek before he skipped off after he had gotten Tokiya to let him sleep on his bed again.

Otoya was happy that he was able to get Tokiya to show him affections like this and he wished that it would stay forever. Even if he was selfish that he was the only one of his friends to be in a relationship, he was happy. Just this once, let him be selfish and forget about everything.

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