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So this story is more like my own version of the seasons. Starts in Season 1 Episode 2 Wendigo. But I will not copy the episodes. Of course certain episodes must be written, again in my version ;) If you want to see any certain episodes just tell me! I have no problem in writing them :)

It may start in season 1 but you are going to see the angel storyline, which means that yes Castiel will appear! Not from the beginning but…have patience. If you know my style of writing, you know what to expect ;) Lots of humor, drama, angst and cliffhangers ;)

As you can see I've named the story 'Gemini Dream' which is a song by the Moody Blues. Hope you like the title :)

Uh…I don't know what else to say. This first chapter is a prologue of sorts, the first and last chapter written in John's POV. Hope you stick with me throughout this story and needless to say that I own absolutely nothing! Nothing at all…which is sad

So I present you the first chapter!


Chapter 1

My name is John Winchester and I just killed my little girl. No, not like that. I guess I have to explain what happened from the very beginning or how I like to call it, the beginning of the end

It all started when my wife, my Mary, was murdered by the yellow eyed demon. Of course I didn't know that then and I wish I'd never found out what really happened that night. Damn me, damn my curiosity and damn Missouri

The one thing I was grateful about was that my kids were very young when their mother died. Especially little Sammy who was only 6 months old. They couldn't remember anything from that hideous night. But I'm not so sure about the twins, Dean and Louanna. There were many nights, after the fire, that both of them woke up screaming and sweating. They never said anything and I never asked

The twins were inseparable. They always used to go everywhere together. I still remember the time where I had to explain to them why the little girls and the little boys can't go together in the bathroom. Most awkward day of my life…well that and that one time I confused Louann with Dean. Not cool…

But I'm babbling

So, when the twins were at the age of 7, I took them out for shooting practice. They bullseyed the bottles every single time and of course I told them the truth about the monsters being real. Dean being the little man he was, was shocked at first but that was it. But I can't say the same about Louann. Sometimes I used to forget that she was the baby girl of the family. When I told her the truth she locked herself in the bathroom for two days. Eventually she came out of the bathroom and that because she said that she was hurting not being with her twin all that time.

The following events will be forever stuck in my head. I keep replaying the scene like it was yesterday

*that night*

"Daddy! Dean ate the last piece of pie" 7 year old Louann complained. She was pouting and had her arms crossed over her chest

"Tough luck Lou" 7 year old Dean said while chewing the last bite of his pie


"There's nothing I can do sweetheart if your brother has already eaten the pie" John said while he was making Sam's food

"Ha ha" Dean laughed and grinned

"Dean you shouldn't have eaten all the pie without saving some for your sister. That's why after I'm done feeding Sammy…"

"I can eat by myself daddy, look" 3 year old Sammy said and took a spoon and guided it in his mouth. John laughed and shook his head

"Ok big boy, I won't feed you. So, I'm going out to buy some more pie and this time Dean you don't get to have any"

"But dad…" Dean cried

"No Dean!"

"Yes sir" the boy mumbled and pouted. After John gave the usual instructions about salting the room, he left

Louann approached Dean and took his hand into hers

"Don't worry Dean I'll save you some pie" she said and smiled. Dean grinned widely "Thank Lou, you are the best" he said and suddenly the both heard a thud

"Oh uh…" Sammy mumbled "I dlopped my plate" he said as he had a difficult time with pronouncing the 'r'. As soon he talked the twins started laughing

"Don't laugh! Help me!" Sammy said and looked at them with those puppy eyes

"Don't worry Sammy" Louann said as he scooped the plate from the floor

"We'll always be there for you" Dean finished and patted Sammy on the head

Meanwhile, John was on his way back from the store when he suddenly felt like he was being followed. He stopped and slowly went to reach for his gun

"I wouldn't do that if I were you John" the voice said. John did grab his gun and turned around to face the threat

"I'm not a threat John Winchester. I'm here to help you" the stranger said

"Yeah right. Who are you?" John said pointing the gun at him and dropping the pie down

"My name is Zachariah" he said and put his hand in his pants pockets

"Ok…what are you?" John asked

"I'm an angel of the lord John. And I'm here to warn you"

"An angel?" John asked in disbelief "Ok…is the unicorn going to show up now or after the Easter bunny?" John said and Zachariah laughed

"Oh you Winchesters always with the sarcasm. Why it's so hard to believe John? Good does exist"

"Oh yeah? Let's say I believe you. Where the hell were you when the demon bastard was killing my wife?"

"We can't be everywhere John"

"Just walk away before I shoot you in the brain" John threatened

"Still you think I'm no angel?" Zachariah said and took a step back. Thunder echoed in the parking lot and suddenly in the shadows, John could see his…wings

"No way…" he breathed as he let his gun down slowly

"I'm an angel John. And God send me to warn you about your daughter"

"What about Louann?"

"She has to die" Zachariah said

"WHAT?" John yelled

"She will be the death of your sons John"

"B-but…she loves her brothers" said John still stunned from what the angel told him

"I'm sorry John. Either you do it or we will"

"Just hold on a damn minute! You are saying that if I don't kill my child you will?" he said and Zachariah nodded "Isn't there anything else I can do?" John asked and looked at the ground. Too bad cause if he was looking the angel he would see the sinister smile on his lips

"Actually there is…"

Half an hour later John, after his talk with the angel, walked inside the motel room. All three kids were watching Thundercats on the television

"Hey daddy" Louann greeted her father "Where is the pie?"

"Um…uh they were out of pies. Um…Louann, what do you say you and I go and get some ice-cream for all of you?" John said and the kids cheered

"Yay ice-cleam" Sammy giggled

"Come on Louann, let's go" John said

"Can I come too dad?" Dean asked

"I'm sorry champ but you have to stay and watch Sammy"


"No buts Dean. You stay here"

"Yes sir" Dean mumbled and went to sit again next to his brother. Louann gave Sammy a kiss on the forehead and hugged Dean really tight

"I'll get you your favorite Dean"

"Chocolate with extra chocolate fudge and chocolate syrup?" Dean said

"You know it bro! I love you Dean"

"I love you too Lou"

"Well then I love you three" Louann said and grinned "Aaaand I love you as well my favorite Sammy boy" she said to the youngest who grinned

"Louann! Now!" John barked and within seconds they were out of the room and into the impala

John started the engine and they were off, little Louann smiling despite the ugly feeling in her stomach

"Daddy? The ice-cream store is the other way" Louann said and John gripped the wheel tight. But he didn't say anything

"Daddy?" she tried again but nothing

"We are not getting any ice-cream are we?" Louanna asked and once again silence filled the car

After 2 hours of driving, John reached his destination. Louann couldn't understand where they were. John got out of the car and Louann followed him. She saw him talking to a young couple

"You are the one Zachariah talked about?" the man asked and John nodded

"Are you going to take care of her?"

"Don't worry Mr. Winchester. Little Louanna will be just perfect. She will get along fine with our other foster children" the woman said as the man grabbed Louann's suitcase

"Daddy?" Louann said and John turned around

"I'm so sorry baby girl"

"Why are you leaving me here? I want to go home with you! With Sam and Dean!"

"I can't do that hunny" John replied

"Why daddy?" Louann asked crying "I want Dean! Where's is Dean?" she sobbed

"I'm sorry baby" John said and went to leave. Louann went to follow him but the woman stopped her


"I'm so sorry" John said, tears ready to fall


"I'm doing this for you own good baby girl!" John said and started the engine. As soon as he did that Louann stopped crying

"Listen to your father Louann" the woman said and the following words shuttered John Winchester's heart

"I have no father"

Those 4 little words broke my heart. But I couldn't blame her. She had every right to hate me. I will never forgive myself for that but at least I'll know that she is in good hands and most important…alive. Zachariah guaranteed that she will be fine as long as her brothers think of her as dead. And for the second time that night I had to break two more hearts. I had to tell them that their sister was gone. I had to tell Sammy that she was with their mother in Heaven. I had to tell Dean that he would be sleeping alone that night and all the following nights.

I had to tell Dean that his other half was dead

And that's the end of the first chapter! Bet you have lots of questions huh? Don't worry, things will clear out!

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