Card Captor Sakura

Crystal Tears

Chapter One-The Dream , and The Marriage

White mist swirled around him , blowing his hair from his face. Peacefully , it twined around his arms , feeling around his shoulders , and wrapping themselves around his legs. It blew words into his ear , as a melody wafted through the air , floating him to a serenity that he never experienced before. Sighing with happiness , the boy raised his eyes to peer into the beyond . Nothing but white mist shrouded his vision , until a figure shadowed by a resisting darkness , began to float towards him

Suddenly the scene changed to a park filled with greenery and happiness. Children ran across his path , laughing happily. A woman stood in the distance , and suddenly the boy began to feel a strange urge to see who it was. Slowly , the boy walked towards the figure , and with one hand , reached towards the figure. It turned around ,surprising him , and a cheerful girl with green eyes and auburn hair smiled at him , blinding him with her light.

She leaned towards him , until her mouth was at his ear , and she whispered , " Li Syaoran , I love yo-"

Syaoran sat up straight from his bed , sweating heavily. What kind of dream was that , he thought , slowly lifting his feet and climbing out of his grand bed. Heavy curtains hung from huge windows , and finely etched designs shone from the expensive furniture that lay around him. He slowly walked to the window , the feeling of the dream still not leaving him.

" Who was that girl ," he muttered to himself , not fully understanding the meaning of his dream. He felt something , a connection with that woman with the green eyes. Syaoran shook his head. It was just a dream , anyways.

Suddenly a sharp rapping sound came from the door. Annoyed , Syaoran snapped , " WHAT!"

The door opened to reveal a trembling servant.

" M-M-Master Syaoran , it-it-it is t-t-time to go down for br-br-breakfast!"

" Stop mumbling! When have you started to call me for breakfast? When has this ritual started?" Syaoran shot back , knowing exactly why the servant was up here in the first part.

" Your Majesty the Queen would like to speak to you." With that the servant scuttled away , as fast as his short feet could take him. Syaoran sighed. Great. Just another argument about marriage again. Just what I need to make my morning perfect.

After Syaoran had dressed , and got ready , he made his way down the grand staircase , waving off servants. Why can't they leave me alone! thought Syaoran.

" Hello , Prince Syaoran , how do you do ," said the Queen as he entered the breakfast room. Of course , the formalities were only used because of the advisors present in the room. After they had left , satisfied , the Queen sat down , and smiled at him.

"How's my favourite son doing ?"

Syaoran sighed.

" I'm your only son , mother."

" Yes , and my favourite one. You know I'm getting quite old these days , and-"

" Yes we need a King , and the only way I'm ever going to be King is if I get married. Right , Mother?"

" Really , Syaoran , what brought this rudeness to come over you?"

" mother , I am just sick and tired of all this prince and getting married to some money crazed princess that only wants the fame and status of being a Queen. What kind of a wife would that be. Also , mother , I don't think I ever do want to get married. So there!"

" Syaoran!"

With that one word , Syaoran looked down , ashamed of what he had said.

" I'm sorry mother."

His mother strode over to him , her great skirts rustling pleasantly. She came close to him , and put a finger under his chin.

" I promise you , Syaoran , that when you do get married , you will marry for love. And you will be happy."

Syaoran guffawed.

" Mother , there is no such thing as Love. That exists in fairy tales , and stories , not in reality."

His mother smiled.

" No , Syaoran. If you want it to exist , it will. Love will conquer all."

Syaoran rolled his eyes at how silly his mother was being. Was this the kind of behaviour a normal being had? He must be the only sane one in the world.

" Anyways , there will be a ball coming up , and we must represent your marriage at the ball. We have been scouting all the kingdoms , looking for a good Princess. We have found a few , and decided to bring Princess Kinomoto."

The prince stood there shocked , and yelled out , " WHAT!"

" Yes , and we have decided to bring her over tomorrow. We haven't signed the contract of marriage just yet , so don't you worry. "

" Mother , what are you saying-"

"We just want to see how you adapt to each other , maybe ," here she dropped her voice to a whisper and said , " fall in love."

" Mother , how dare you do this behind-"

" And your ancestors will be so proud that soon Li Syaoran will become King , with a wife he loves and cherishes standing by his side. I know you , and you will rule this kingdom fairly and be one of the best Kings that have ever lived."

Syaoran knew what his mother was doing. She was trying persuade him to agree to this experimental wife thing . Well he wasn't going to be a part of it.

" STOP IT MOTHER!" he yelled. She stopped , and stared at him.

" Please don't make me do this!" he yelled , and beat his fists frustratingly on the breakfast table.

A cool hand rested on his shoulder.

" For me , Syaoran?"

Syaoran's eyes filled up with tears ,and banged his head defeated on the table.