Crystal Tears


Sakura stood in front of her mirror , her chest filled with fears. Just a couple of months ago was the dreadful fight between Syaoran and that horrid Prince Melikon. It had been all over the villages and had spread to other Kingdoms as well. Sakura didn't even want to remember it , for at many points during that fight , it seemed like Syaoran had lost.

Now she was standing , staring at her image in the mirror. She had grown up from that girl she had first been when she had traveled to the Li Kingdom. She had matured greatly and now knew what life held for her.

She now wore a white wedding dress with a bouquet of flowers held tightly to her chest.
How could these months fly by so fast , she thought to herself. How could I go from hating to loving the man I'm about to marry??

A memory inched its way through to Sakura's thoughts and she smiled , fondly.


" Hello , uh , Prince , uh Li. I was , um , thinking that while we're here , um , we can just bear the days , by , um being friends?" Here her voice went embarrassingly squeaky as he glared at her. She continued nervously , " Um , I know , uh , that I don't want to be here , and uh , probably you don't , uh , either , so uh-"

Syaoran interjected ," Yah , that's right , I don't want to be here. And no , we are not going to be friends. Look , I don't need squealing little girls chasing me around like puppy dogs , and staring at me all the time, so stay outta my way , and once these weeks are done , you can go home and never come back!"

Sakura stared at him , unbelievingly. How rude was this guy! Here he was thinking he was the King of me and can boss me around. Sakura felt her friendliness melt away and her face burn with anger. She tried to blink back any tears that threatened to come to her eyes and stepped forward.

" Look here , Syaaaorrran." She extended his name , angrily , " I didn't come here to be bossed around by the likes of you. I was practically forced to come , and be with a money-hugging self-conceited jerk like you! So it isn't me that will be following you around , It'll be me kicking your butt!"


She giggled a bit. Wow , now she was marrying him! What irony!

The door suddenly creaked and Sakura whirled around. A familiar face peeked through the door and Sakura smiled.

Fujitaka walked in , smiling at his daughter. " Hello , Sakura. Nervous?"

Sakura took a deep breath. " Yeah. Really , Really nervous."

Fujitaka smiled , now a bit sadly. " Sakura , I hope you will forgive me.....I know that I was the person that brought such pain in your life....I never stop blaming myself."

Sakura shook her head. " Father , it's alright! I know that whatever you did you thought it was for my own well being. I've forgiven you long time ago , father. Please don't blame yourself anymore."

Fujitaka shook his head , slowly. " You've grown up so fast-"

Sakura held up a finger. " No , father! I don't want any of that sappy , ' it seems like yesterday i held you as a baby in my arms , now your off getting married.'"

Fujitaka laughed. " Soon , you'll be saying that to your own kids!"

Sakura flushed deeply and Fujitaka laughed at her embarrassment. Somebody knocked on the door again and Touya walked in.

" So , little kaijuu , running off with that little gaki , eh?" Touya asked , patting Sakura's head.

Sakura glared at him. " You are going to get it!"

Touya grinned. " Good thing I wore this steel topped boots today! No pain at all!"

Sakura stared at him and then burst into laughter. Fujitaka shook his head.

" You know , Touya , you should be getting ready for your own marriage!" Fujitaka said.

Touya froze . " I'm not getting married....who would I get married to?"

Sakura smiled, slyly. " I heard a couple of rumours about you and Meiling..."

Touya yelped. " What are you talking about? There's nothing going on between me and that maid!"

Sakura shrugged. " Hey , they were only rumours. Though I'm sure the Kinomoto Kingdom will be preparing another wedding in a couple of weeks!"

Touya glared at his little sister. " Father would never allow me to marry a maid , so I have no idea-"

Fujitaka interrupted , " Oh , I have no problems with you marrying Meiling , my boy."

Touya halted. " Whhaat? Really?"

Sakura and Fujitaka burst into laughter. " You better go. You are a groomsmen , are you not? They're calling you right now!"

Touya put his hands on his waist and glared at his sister. " Your lucky your getting married , squirt!"

Sakura smiled. " Back at you , big brother!"

Touya flushed once more and walked out rather huffily. Fujitaka smiled again , this time , light-heartedly. " Ready , Sakura?"

Sakura exhaled. " Ready..."

Sakura could already feel the doubtful thoughts that trying to pry their way into her brain. As forcefully as she could , she shoved them out. She loved Syaoran and she was going to marry him! No one could stop that!

The music started and the bridesmaids and groomsmen started to walk down the aisle. Sakura took her fathers arm and walked to the doors. , covering her face with a veil.

Finally , the bride's music came on , and Sakura began to walk down the aisle with her father. She could hear Tomoyo bawling and she smiled. Tomoyo , so happy was she that Sakura was getting married.

Sakura peeked through her veil at Syaoran. He looked stiff and cold at the alter but Sakura had learned to see through that. He was nervous and Sakura smiled.

Finally they arrived at the alter and the wedding ceremony started. It flew by faster than Sakura wanted it to , and it seemed like no time had passed when Syaoran was already lifting her veil.

The church people leaned forward in anticipation.

But a thump interrupted the whole church.

Everyone whirled to the sound and surprise , surprise , Touya had fainted.

Meiling, who was next to him , smiled , a bit sheepishly. " Probably shouldn't have told him I was a princess yet.....hehe....bad idea , eh?"

The church burst into laughter and Sakura grinned at Syaoran. Syaoran glared at Meiling and then turned to Sakura. He lowered his mouth to hers and the church burst into applause.


" I HATE YOUR GUTS , SYAORAN LI!" Sakura screamed.

Syaoran bit back laughter. " What?"

Sakura glared at him. " You heard me! This is all your fault! I'm here , lying in pain and your just walking around without one inch of pain in your body!"

Syaoran patted her shoulder. " Look , Sakura , you should calm down!"

Sakura yelled , " I AM CALM!"

Syaoran sighed. This had been going on for an hour or so. Sakura was lying on the midwife's bed in the Li Castle. She was right now glaring at him as hard as she could and Syaoran was trying all he could not to laugh.

" Grrr.....why didn't men get this gift of bearing babies?? We women are always given these pains and you guys just stand around , watching! Do you know what pain I'm going through? DO YOU?" Sakura said through gritted teeth.

Syaoran gripped her hand in his hand , trying not wince as she clasped his hand in a death grip. " Don't worry , Sakura , I'm here."

Sakura smiled . " Thank you , Syaoran , I love you."

Syaoran blinked. Mood change...

Suddenly , she caught her breath. Syaoran got up , worriedly. " What , what is it?"

Sakura grinned at him. " Syaoran , I think you should call the midwife now , cause your baby decided to come!"

Syaoran stared at her and then leaped out the door. " Midwife , the babies coming!"

The midwife and her assistant bustled through the door , shoving him out. " Hey , that's my wife in there , shouldn't I be there too??"

Someone behind him tapped his shoulder. He turned around to Tomoyo's worried eyes. " Is she alright?"

Syaoran groaned. " We went through a couple of I hate yous , then I love yous , then I hate yous again...."

Tomoyo smiled , relieved. " She's okay then."

Syaoran blinked. Yeah , he was right. Everyone in this world was insane except for him. It's a proven fact!

Syaoran sat down , waiting as the time ticked. Finally the midwife came out , wiping her hands on a towel. " Mr. Syaoran Li?"

Syaoran leapt up. " Yes?"

She smiled. " Congratulations. It's a boy."

Syaoran froze , shocked. He walked in through the door where Sakura was lying , a bit cautiously. There , lying on the bed , was Sakura , holding a bundle of blankets in her arms.

He walked over to them , slowly , his heart thumping in his chest. " Sakura?" he asked .

Sakura looked up and smiled. She then turned to her baby and turned it to Syaoran. " That's your daddy , Shiro. Say hello to your daddy."


Fujitaka walked through the gardens , his eyes towards the moon. His eyes were sad and filled with tears as he settled on the garden swing and rocked back and forth. Flashes, memories filled his mind as he saw his wife's face through every one of them

Why did you have to leave me , Nadeshiko? He thought , sadly.

Nadeshiko had died just a couple of months after Sakura's wedding. Turns out , she had a disease that had been slowly killing her all through these years. She had found out about it when Sakura was born , but had chosen not to tell any of them.

" Why didn't you tell me , Nadeshiko? Why didn't you tell me?" Fujitaka said into the night , a tear falling down his cheek.

A cool hand was placed on his shoulder and Fujitaka turned around. Sakura smiled reassuringly at him and walked around the swing to sit next to him.

For a few moments they just sat , swinging back and forth.

" You know , Shiro learned a new word today," Sakura said her voice quiet and soft.

Fujitaka nodded. " Really..."

Sakura smiled. " It was mommy...." A tear slipped past her eye. " Why didn't she tell us , father? Why didn't she tell us?"

Fujitaka shrugged , helplessly. " Who knows? Maybe she wanted to protect us from any pain....wanted us to live our lives without worrying about her."

Sakura felt more tears rise to her eyes.

Fujitaka sighed. " Now all we can do is remember her....just look to the moon and remember her."

Sakura raised her face to the moon and smiled.


Kinomoto Kingdom-

The Kichari's have been chased out of the Kingdom as they were humiliated by a foreign prince from the prosperous Li Kingdom. The Kichari Prince, praised all over the world for his excellent sparring skills has been beaten by the Li Prince over the hand of the Kinomoto Princess.

When asked , the Prince would only say , " Syaoran Li is getting it. He's going to pay for what he did to me. He's going to pay."

Is this man going to propose any sort of war against the Li Kingdom? Will he accomplish his revenge? We don't know , but the odds seem against the Kichari's. The Li Kingdom is far more superior than the Kicharis , we don't think they have a chance against them. But who knows? Anything can happen!


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