Violet awoke to a lanky body wrapped around hers. For a few brief moments she nuzzled into the embrace happily before remember exactly who she was snuggling. Her eyes flew open as she took in the scene. Hunters and Estelle all sleeping in a jumbled dog pile of limbs. Liam was fast asleep wrapped around her, clinging to the safety he seemed to think she provided. She carefully unwrapped herself from the embrace, doing her best to let them sleep a little bit longer. As soon as her feet hit the floor all four of her companions awoke with a start. She grumbled irritably, no alone time, no privacy.

She led the strange menagerie to the kitchen for the morning meal and was dismayed to find the hot water had stopped working. She knew it would eventually but she hadn't really prepared herself for it. She was pleased that she could still heat water on the stove to bathe Estelle at least. She didn't think the baby would take too kindly to cold baths. As she readied a can of corned beef hash for Liam and her, Liam wandered away, to explore the house she presumed.

She fed Estelle a fantastic breakfast of formula and cereal, while the hunters enjoyed three cans of tuna. She also mixed in a can of peas, because she was slowly starting to wean them from meat. The canned meat was starting to become scarce in the store and she didn't think a sudden switch would work.

Liam entered the kitchen with a grin. He walked over to the sink and turned it on. To her surprise, Violet saw steam start to rise. The hot water had somehow returned. The grin on Liam's face seemed to implicate this was his doing. He offered no explanation so she finally snapped "well?"

He smiled. "What?"

"How did you fix the water?" She seethed, irritated with his smug display.

"Oh that? I relit the pilot light. Sometimes a problem is fixable, and not due to the zombie apocalypse." He retorted. She just stared at him. Did that little shit just get smug with her?

They ate in silence until he asked "Do you know what the date is? I think my birthday is soon."

She raised an eyebrow. "September 29"

He cursed loudly and whooped, throwing Violet, Estelle and Vincent off. Only Hayley seemed unfazed by his outburst.

"Yesterday was my eighteenth birthday! I'm an adult! I can vote! Wahoooooo!" he said sarcastically.

Violet just shushed him and asked if he wanted every damn zombie in the county to know where they were. He grinned sheepishly and started asking questions. Violet answered for a few minutes until she grew weary of his endless questions and shooed him upstairs to lay Estelle down for her nap. While he was attending to Estelle, she busied herself with checking on Vincent and his progress.

He was doing much better and seemed restless. He was also in a foul mood when Violet swatted him for trying to mount Hayley in the kitchen, calling him names and asking if he was a damn dog. Perverted zombies. She was really disturbed that was part of the zombie way of life. She was also concerned if that meant there would be little zombielettes. God nature was weird. She realized Liam had been upstairs for a while so she should probably make sure everything was okay.

She headed up the stairs and paused when she heard a delighted infant laughing hysterically. She came in and saw Liam lying flat on his back tossing the baby up in the air and catching her, causing her to go into hysterics. She watched the odd pair and was alarmed at the warm feeling in her chest. Seeing them like this made her feel… happy? He noticed her and called her over.

"Play with us Miss Violet! Little Lady over here isn't ready for a nap!"

She refused stiffly. She didn't like all these new emotions, and she was already starting to get way too attached to Liam. These emotions were stupid. She was sharing supplies when she certainly couldn't afford it. She had Estelle to worry about, and a sick hunter that needed attention. She should have left this kid to die. He didn't mean anything to her, he wasn't her concern. He was just eating up her and Estelle's valuable supplies. She needed to get rid of him. Now that he knew how to get in her house, she couldn't just make him leave. She might have to kill him. She could do that. She had killed hundreds of zombies, what was one scrawny kid?

The human seemed agitated. She was too. Her mate wasn't giving her the attention she wanted, and when he did try the human had been displeased. Now he wouldn't try again. She watched as the human paced around looking grim. Perhaps the human's new mate wasn't attending to her either. She knew he wanted to, all males wanted to. The males in this house were strange. She was pleased that she and her human were dominant. Being the alphas was good. But the attention of the male was good. Perhaps they needed to be alone. Her mate used to prefer being alone during those times.

Liam came downstairs and smiled at Violet. She just stared back.

"You know" he said "I never thanked you for everything you've done for me. I'm pretty sure I would be dead if you hadn't taken me in. you're like my guardian angel"

Violet was horrified to feel herself blush. She dismissed his thanks. All thoughts of killing him left her mind as she felt something she hadn't felt in a long time. Pride. She had saved another person and it wasn't just for her advantage. She committed a selfless act. Her therapist would be delighted.

The rest of the day went by without incident. When it was time for bed the hunters made their way into Hayley's old bedroom and Violet wrinkled her nose at the idea that the couple wanted privacy. Estelle fell asleep in the master bedroom almost immediately. She wasn't feeling very tired and Liam asked if she minded some company. They stayed up late into the night talking about how Violet had come to be the guardian of a child and two pacifist hunters. Violet learned that Liam had lived with his mom before the infection, and that she had become infected at the local doctors office after one of her patients had bitten her. She had tried to quarantine herself but she had burst out of the basement and tried to attack him. He had to decapitate his own mother with a meat cleaver. He had driven as far as he could until his car wouldn't go any further. Then he kept heading north on foot.

As they climbed the stairs to the master bedroom, he continued to tell her about his journey. He had spent the entire trip alone, fearing that any companions would slow him down or double cross him. He said he was grateful he had found her because he knew with her, in this house, he didn't have to worry every minute.

They crawled into bed and he instantly wrapped his arms around her. She stiffened before accepting the embrace. The kid was probably just scared; a little human contact would help him out. As she drifted to sleep he continued to talk to her softly. Right before she fell asleep he started whispering so softly she almost couldn't hear him. "The worst part of this whole mess was feeling so alone. But I'm not alone now. I have you. Thank god. I have you." As he went quiet, she felt him brush a soft kiss over her forehead. Her eyes flew open and she shoved him away. The look on his face was a mixture of fear and sadness, as her eyes searched his.

The relief on his face was evident when she brought her lips to his. She kissed him fiercely, yet gently as they lay there. She curled up to him and held him close, loving the feel of his arms encircling her waist. She had almost forgotten what it was like to kiss a man. Violet felt her old self die completely after that kiss. And as Liam stroked her hair she realized she didn't mourn the loss.