By: The Hatter Theory

All Saint's Day

Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to Inu Yasha

"I set the kitchen on fire last time I tried this," Kagome reminded him as she gripped the skillet handle. His hand was closed over hers, keeping her grip tight. Cooking was incredibly awkward with only one functional arm. It was twice that with Sesshoumaru behind her, trying to show her how to flip an egg without breaking the yolk.

"We're making eggs, not using oil," He reminded her sternly.

The front door opened and Kagome heard Yasha bark. Several pairs of feet scuffled over the carpet and shoes dropped onto the floor.

"Sis!" and "Mom!" sounded out before the footsteps stopped. Kagome twisted in Sesshoumaru's arms and saw her her brother, Shippou and Souten staring.

"Who's hungry?"

"No one, if you burn it," Sesshoumaru rumbled into her ear. Kagome flushed and stuck out her tongue before letting his hand guide hers in trying to flip the egg. It turned a neat flip in the air before landing, the yolk unbroken. Perfect.

"So does this mean we can move?" Souta asked.

"Souta!" Kagome gasped, trying to turn. Sesshoumaru's arms tightened around her, keeping her in place.

"My kitchen is bigger," He murmured into her ear, the offer implicit. "I'm sure we can get Kirara too. She'd love Yasha."

"Only if I can bring my bed," She mumbled, flushing. He obviously knew how to get to her still, and she doubted he'd care to remain in her tiny little duplex. But moving in was a little frightening, even though they'd lived together before.

"It's a hotel."

"It's a handcarved bed that was made especially for me. I'm not putting it in storage," She countered, holding firm to her resolve.

Five minutes of light hearted quibbling (she was winning) and Sesshoumaru's phone rang. He untangled himself from around her long enough to retrieve it from his jacket. Kagome slipped the finished eggs onto one of the waiting plates. Sesshoumaru frowned after answering before taking the phone from his ear and switching it to speakerphone.

"I knew you two would pull your heads out of your asses!" Inu Yasha crowed, his voice tinny through the speaker.

"Inu Yasha!" Tala's voice shouted over the phone. "Language!"

"You're just mad I won the bet," He chortled. "So when's the wedding?"

"Inu Yasha!" Kagome sputtered. Her brother, Souta, and Souten weren't even attempting to hide their laughter.

"Oh come on," The hanyou growled over the phone. "Like you two are going to let each other out of your sights now. It was pathetic before. Now it's just going to be sickening."

"I suppose it's good you're on another continent," Kagome muttered, thanking all of the deities that he wasn't nearby to taunt them in person. Gods, that would have been awful.

"Hey Sesshoumaru, you know what this means?" Inu Yasha demanded, sounding positively manic. Gleefully so.


"You're going to have hanyou pups. They'll look like me," Inu Yasha taunted.

Kagome watched Sesshoumaru walk to the sink and set the phone in. "Goodbye brother, enjoy your day." He turned on the faucet and Inu Yasha's taunts were shorted out.

"You're going to have to tell mom too," Souta reminded her, face still red from laughter. "At least she likes Sesshoumaru. And grandpa will. Eventually."

"He did go light on the ofuda last time I saw him," Sesshoumaru rumbled, expression more dour than the comment had hinted at.

"So," Kagome said, face burning. "When do we tell your mom?"

Sesshoumaru made an annoyed sound.

"We can let Eri do it," She suggested, smirking.

"That sounds acceptable." His voice rumbled with laughter, and she found herself joining in.