Hey guys, ShadowMajin here and I'm back with my first of many continued GV Week entries. This one was my entry for GV Week 5.0, the theme being Monsters. The whole week was ripe for AU story ideas and the first thing I thought of when it came to monsters was vampires, werewolves, and Frankenstein. That would be the traditional Frankenstein pronounciation, not the Mel Brooks one lol. Anyways, after some thinking, this story was born. I've done some editing to this entry, but you can find the original version on my DA account. There's not much differences to be honest, but there are a couple extra lines added in.

Now, I know AU stories aren't exactly the most popular story in fanfiction, but I'll say now that I love AU. I enjoy reading those sort of stories very much and as my story list suggests, I enjoy writing them as well. There's just something about creating whole other realities and worlds that I find very compelling. I wish I saw more of it, so here I am making my contributions.

And finally, Happy Halloween everyone! Here's my treat for y'all. I'll be expecting some tricks later.

Videl hated the club scenes almost as much as she hated the guy that had put her there. The lights were too dim; the pounding beat of what was supposed to be this generation's version of music gave her headaches. And all of the inane chatter that the youths thought to be the world changing events were enough to make her want to starve to death.

But once again, she wouldn't be here if it weren't for that one guy.

"Hey babe," one of those men they call metro-sexual said as he strolled up to her, a drink in one hand, and a flower in the other. "You look a bit bored. Is there anything I can do to you…I mean, for you to relieve that."

Videl rolled her eyes. Someone with fashion sense and a perverted attitude, just like all the other guys, though bathing more than once every few days was nice. Yet you could make over a pig and it would still be a pig. "I don't know; think you can handle someone like me?"

"I'll handle you the way you deserve to be," was his reply.

"Then put your money where your mouth is," Videl said as she grabbed his arm and began dragging him to the nearest exit. Though surprised, the guy lit up at her invitation.

Reaching the exit and swinging the door wide open, Videl and her new "friend" entered what looked like a deserted ally. She looked one way and saw only a dead end, the other way showing nothing more than an overfilled dumpster and scattering of trash and cardboard. A perfect place for what they were about to do. Heading towards the dead end, she felt the guy press himself up against her back, his hands wrapping around her torso, and his lips finding their way onto her neck.

Oh no, not gonna happen.

Moving a bit faster, she pulled out of his grasp, spinning around in time to see a surprised look on his face. Obviously he had been expecting a more submissive girl to play with. With both of her hands, she grabbed him by the shoulders and slammed him into a wall. A yelp came from him, indicating that she had forced him a bit too hard into the bricks behind him. What could she say, if she wasn't in the mood for a certain activity, she could get a bit violent.

Holding him there, she closed her eyes as she felt a well of desire spring up in her. Pressing herself against him, her eyelids flew open her, her mouth widening as her canines extended. With a growl she bit down onto the man's neck, feeling the blood leak from his wound.

It was feeding time.

At first he struggled as he immediately felt something was wrong. With her unnatural strength, she held him at bay as she began sucking the blood from his neck. As more and more blood left his system, the less and less he resisted until he fell unconscious. Normally this is where one would stop if they wished for a victim to survive an encounter such as this. A little more and they could become one like her, yet as of now Videl didn't feel like seeing this guy for the next few centuries. So she drained him of everything he had, ensuring that he would be just another statistic on the bizarre homicide charts.

When she finished, she withdrew her mouth, licking off any excess blood from her mouth. That would hold her for awhile now so no more club scenes tonight. Dropping his body to the ground, she made her way from the ally and headed for home.

This is how life for Videl has been for the last century. While it made hunting easier, she did wish the people at these clubs wouldn't drink as much alcohol as they did. It left a very bitter aftertaste when she fed and she wasn't as fond of it now much like when she started this life. The worst were co-eds. Videl didn't really target them, but when one was desperate, a shit-faced college girl was better than nothing.

As she came to a stoplight, the walk signal showing that familiar big red hand, she waited for her turn at crossing. How she missed the days when nature was everywhere. The thrill of the hunt was so much more satisfying than this current farce. That's what happened when you live for way beyond your natural life.

For those of you that hadn't caught on yet, yes, she was a vampire. Had been that way since…well, for a very long time, thanks in particular to that one bastard that had wooed her with poetry and admissions of love. Don't look too shocked, that's how most women were back in those days, even she was susceptible to such romance. Though today's version of romance was about as romantic as garbage.

Once the walk signal lit up the white walking man, she crossed the street, heading for the parking lot she found there. It was only a matter of time before she found her car, got in, and got the heck out of there.

Fortunately for her, her apartment wasn't too far away. To be honest, she preferred it over the damn castle others of her kind seemed to favor, if you could call an oversized mansion a castle. As much as she hated to admit it, the public perception of vampires as being aristocratic was very much true. Most vampires were of the lower class back in her original time, so naturally their attempt at living in wealth would reflect that era. Even she had partaken in that lifestyle until it went stale, which happened about the time mankind had gone berserk with industry and technological advances. One day she could walk through a small village and see farmland as far as the eye could see; the next those farmlands had given way to large, ugly factories churning out what a year's worth of products in half the time, maybe even less. That was when a different version of high-society began and the aristocratic one fell into disarray for her, the moment life as a vampire because empty to her. Of course, vampires were ones of very little changing so they held steadfast to it, despite the ridicule in popular literature they received with each passing decade.

Incidentally, that was around the time she began hating the bastard that did this to her. Yes, she enjoyed the lifestyle for quite awhile. It was better than what she had admittedly. Yet once the world began to change, she wished she hadn't been forced to see it. Everything, everyone she knew faded away until she was left with only memories. A solitary feeling that made her resent her position and the one that put her here.

And yes, when she began feeling melancholy, she had a tendency to repeat herself. Get used to it.

Minutes passed until her apartment building towered above her. Pulling into the sub-terrain parking garage, she found her spot and parked. It wasn't long after that that Videl was walking into her apartment, seeing her roommate cooking something in the kitchen.

Not even greeting him—yes, he was a guy—she walked into her room and began changing into something a lot more comfortable than the dress she was wearing, that being an oversized t-shirt and boxer shorts. "Who did you feed on this time?" she heard her roomie call out.

"Does it matter?" she called back, pulling on the shirt.

"I know you're a bit immune to killing people, Videl, but the fact remains you are killing them." Her roomie was standing outside of her door, leaning against the door frame as he watched her with narrowed eyes. Hmph, he was one to talk.

Everyone, meet Gohan Sing. Yep, Sing was his last name. She had gotten quite a laugh out of that name when they had first run into each other. After spending some time getting to know each other, he then preceded to try and impale her on a wooden stake. She didn't laugh at it much longer after that.

Perhaps she needed to do a bit of explaining. At the time, Videl hadn't known his name as Gohan. He had introduced himself as Vanyel Sing. Videl had to hit herself in the head several times not to see the obvious Van Helsing there. Go on, say it out loud. She'd wait. Anyways, apparently Gohan was the embodiment of the infamous monster slayer Helsing, one that passed itself down through the generations, seemingly at random. It would be pretty easy to spot if someone were paying attention, since each name they took on was some version of Van Helsing in place of their original name. Some had chosen the exact name while others, like Gohan, took on an edited version of it. What Gohan's real last name was, Videl didn't know, but at least she had his first. It was odd though. It had taken a few months and a close call—for her, embarrassingly enough—for him to give her the name. Said it was a token of his trust in her, something she hadn't been given in quite some time.

Now, you may be asking yourself why a vampire, such as herself, was living with a guy who seemed to be a vampire hunter named after one of the most famous ones in history. Well, that was a simple explanation. While managing to avoid a more permanent death—and destroying Gohan's previous apartment in the process—the two had come down to a stand off where they ended up making a deal. Gohan wanted to get rid of the vampire community in this part of the world and Videl wanted a particular vampire dead. Seeing a point they could compromise, they had made a deal. Videl would point Gohan to vampires and he would overlook her lifestyle. At least until their agendas clashed with each other once more.

That had been three years ago. With Gohan's apartment needing some repairs, he decided his best option was to move in with her. Quite an unexpected twist, but Videl did have a spare room for use. She originally used it to lure unsuspecting victims who needed a place to stay, but that option had been rendered moot. That and if she did bring someone here, she couldn't feast on them lest Gohan bring out that big scary stake of his, and trust her, she still had nightmares about it. Logically, one would try to get rid of it, but the last time she did, she had gotten a large amount of garlic in her face and it had taken three weeks for the stench to go away. She was still teased to this day by her fellow kin. Well, the ones she ran into anyways.

"I think we've been over this already," Videl said as she walked to the vampire hunter, brushing pass him as she headed into the living room. "I can't change who I am because you find it detestable."

Plopping down on the couch, Videl immediately grabbed the TV remote and flipped it on. Crossing her legs, she flipped through a few channels before saying. "I've got another one for ya."

She heard Gohan back in the kitchen, cooking up something that smelled pretty good to her. "Is it another underling this time?" he said annoyed.

"Nope, this one's a higher up." Videl shifted herself around, turning to look at Gohan. "The guy is Nostramos Krillen. He's a bit of a joker, but a few baby steps away from the local leadership in the city. He'll be able to tell you who's running the city and how well-connected he is to them."

"When and where."

Videl could feel a shiver run up her spine. It wasn't often she heard Gohan speak with that tone of voice. So confident, so deadly. It was quite a turn on, she freely admitted. It was the same tone he used when he had tried to kill her too, making her experience fear for the first time in quite awhile. It was very likely she was sick in her head somewhere. "He'll be at the club I was at tonight, the Canaanite. He likes to meet up with a blonde woman there. I don't know if she's a vampire or not, but I would think she is since most vampires don't meet up with humans as frequently as they have without the human being turned."

As she stared at the man, she could his face considering everything she had said. It was almost machine-like. His eyes were always focused though, seeming as if they could look into her soulless body and pick out the lies and truths that floated about. Finally, he said "When."

So caught up in his gaze, she had forgotten that second part of his earlier demand. Or was it the first? Damn it, who cared? "In two nights. He usually stays there until the witching hour."

Gohan nodded his head. Slowly, his serious face melted away into a friendlier one. "I made steaks if you want one."

A belch rip through her lips. "Sorry, just ate." Taking another sniff of the aroma in the air, she couldn't help but lick her lips. "Though I think I might have a little more room."

As she got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen, she couldn't help her teasing nature as she drew near Gohan. For someone that was deadly to anything that moved he was still a bit uneasy with someone of the opposite sex. Weird considering that he lived with a female, not to mention tried to kill said female—sorry for the repetition, but that sort of thing was hard to get over—he had such unusual quirks like that.

That still didn't stop her from making him feel uneasy.

Pressing herself lightly against his side, she felt the young man freeze. "Ya know, if the steaks are just as good as they smell, I might be in the mood for some…desert," she purred.

"I-I didn't make any," he stuttered.

Putting on a pout, she said "That's a shame. Though, perhaps we can enjoy ourselves in a different way." Just as she said "different," she leaned more into Gohan. His reaction was priceless as his face went bright red. It got even redder when she felt his pants becoming tighter. Mmmm, it was good to know she could still elicit such reactions out of some men. It was a shame Gohan didn't want to follow through on what his body wanted, but that was okay. When the day their alliance ends, it'll be much easier to fight against him without having an attachment.

"H-here's your steak," was all he said as he handed a plate to her. Taking it, Videl indulged in one last act of mischief, leaning in closer to him taking in a very obvious breath of air, getting a generous amount of his scent. Backing away, she sauntered her way back to the couch, enjoying every minute of his frustration.

Though destined to be enemies once more, Videl definitely wanted to enjoy these uncomfortable (for him) moments.

A few things about the chapter. I have no clue as to how vampires turn people into vampires. I just know that they bite someone and that's about it. Whether drinking blood is necessary or if there's some point-of-no-return, I have no clue. It always seems at random on who's turned into a vampire or who just becomes dead, since I've seen both in movies and such. So instead of going out and researching it, I've just made up my own little scenario for it. I hope I don't offend someone's knowledge on the subject.

Also, I added a little sensuousness into Videl's personality, which you saw in the last scene. From what I've gathered from movies and such—again—vampires tended to be primal in their desires. Very indulgent too. So I wanted to put that influence into the girl's personality, at least for this story. Hopefully it didn't come off too contrived. It won't be a common thing in the story, mostly because I'll forget about it or there's more serious issues at hand, but I do want to have it pop up in the more laid-back moments.