This is my first ever fanfiction and I hope you like it. I would like to thank The Narnian Phantom Stallion first for inspiring me to start writing more than what I do but by also encouraging me to post my stories. I also need to give her the credit for M's past. She wrote it all and it is terrific and I suggest you check her story The Secret Life of M to see where I got it from. But also her other stories because they are awesome!

Nothin to Lose

This all started last week, I finally got the courage to tell Winnie exactly how I felt about her. I decided that I had nothing to lose if I did. But maybe I should start at the beginning...

Hi, my name is M and I am 19 years old and live in Ashland, Ohio. I have had a crush on one of my friends ever since she was twelve and I was 13. Her name is Winnie Willis, she moved her from Wyoming and when I first saw her I just fell in love. Even at 12 she was always so smart and kind unlike the other girls, even with her wild brown hair and her glinting green eyes I could tell she was different.

When we first met I was kind of shy and didn't really talk to her, my best friend Catman introduced us but it took me awhile to be comfortable around her. The thing is I am French and most people don't like that, that's why I don't usually speak to many people because I'm afraid that when they hear my accent they won't like me. That's also why I go by M instead of my really name because then everyone would know.

I guess I should give you some details about myself before I continue. I was born in France and lived there with my parents then in a tragic accident when both my parents died I was sent to the United States to live with my aunt in Ohio. When I first got here I was nervous to talk to people because I was afraid of what they would think so I stayed to myself, but Catman was just so different that when he started talking to me I finally opened up a little and then we became friends. The best part about our friendship is that Catman doesn't care that I am French, it doesn't bother him but he is a little different himself.

He was also 13 when we first met and had such a unique sense of style. He would dress in tie dye and bell bottom pants. He was kind of like a hippie but he didn't have the peace signs around his neck. His parents are the same way; I guess that is where he got it from. Anyway we soon became good friends and I could tell him anything and I trusted his judgment on who he introduced to me because he knew a little about my past and knew I was shy around strangers. That's why when he introduced me to Winnie I knew that she was something special.

P.S. All the characters in this story belong to Dandi Daley Mackall. Only the plot and story line is mine.