The Nightmare Before the Night

By: Shooting Star Sky Saint

Pain beyond anything Ed had felt before coursed through his body like a raging fire as he hit the brick wall with a bone shattering sound. It all happened too quickly. The mission Mustang had sent him to do seemed simple enough: to capture a rogue murderer who escaped from prison. Simple right? Wrong. This man was beyond strong, he was superhumanly strong. It couldn't be possible. None of this could be possible. Edward wished with all his focus that Al were there with him. He could help him deal with this stranger but no, Ed had told Al to stay back at the hotel saying that this would be an easy mission and that he could handle it himself. But he was dead wrong. He already had at least three broken ribs, counting the new one from his encounter with the wall, a broken arm, nine times out of ten a collapsed lung, and of course the occasional concussion. Just his bloody luck. The stranger growled and bared his teeth like a feral animal. "Blood…" he snarled at the blond teen that was slumped up against the brick wall, "Blood… haven't eaten in… so long…" The man was getting too close to the state alchemist now.

Ed began to panic. He tried moving but his body refused to perform any movements. Ed cursed himself. He cursed his body for not moving then finally he cursed at the madman through his golden slit eyes. The stranger growled again then lowered himself to the boy, he grabbed the boy his shoulders then pulled Ed into him much to Ed's dismay. Ed was close enough to hear the man's shallow harsh breaths that reeked of some sort of repulsive scent… it smelled so familiar but the blond couldn't match scent with item at the moment. His mind was fully connected to his body but his focus was pointed only the cold slivering tongue that had raced off his neck. His hair jumped up and skin crawled with disgust as the urge to move became even more desiring than anything else. "So beautiful…" the man hissed as he bared his long canines and bit down into Ed's vein. Ed gave a gasping pained breath and blinked, it was stinging. It was hurting. He could feel his blood drip down his collar bone as slurps and vicious gulps found their way into Ed's ears. He could feel this man drinking his blood. It was disgusting. Repulsive. And Edward wanted it to stop. He tried to move his body again but that didn't do him any good, he was beginning to feel weak… he had to do something now. As a last resort Ed opened his mouth and bit down into the man's shoulder, he tightened his teeth around the shoulder until he finally broke flesh and exposed blood. The man shrieked and quickly let go of Ed's neck, though Ed didn't loosen his grip on the shoulder; in fact he just bit down harder. Ed could taste this man's blood on his tongue as he accidentally swallowed a few drops, Ed gagged and released himself from the stranger. The stranger stood up spitting snarls and growls everywhere. "Insolent little brat!" he spat, "I'll tear you limb from limb! I'll-"

The man then screamed out in pain as he withered to the floor. Ed wheezed and looked up to the morning radiant colors that exposed themselves before the sky. The man screamed once again as the light caught him and hit his entre body then Ed gasped in horrified disgust. The man's skin began to bubble and sizzle violently, it reeked of burning flesh and the rancid smell became stronger by each second that went by. Ed choked and gagged some more, blood dripped from his mouth as a stab of pain struck his abdomen. The blond cringed and coughed at the pain traveled through his body, it wrapped him in agony until he was brought down to all fours with his forehead against the ground. The alchemist stifled a scream and yelped in pain his squinted eyes looked up at the withering man who was no more. There was nothing left of the stranger but bones, melted flesh, and blood. Ed didn't focus long at what happened to him but instead was brought down to his own withering state of being.

White hot pain.

Bone snapping, muscle tearing, heat blazing pain. It tore through Ed's body and enveloped him with agony beyond hell. His lungs were making an effort to keep the young teen breathing but those too were withered in pain then Ed felt it. Fire. Pure flames coursing through his veins and burning away at his cells. Ed could no longer hold back the scream, he whimpered, he cried, he clenched his already fisted hands and screamed. He screamed with everything he had. Cried out for the pain to stop. Cried out for the pain that wouldn't let him go. Cried out in wondering if he was going to die… death would seem like salvation at the moment that Ed suffered. It was getting too hot. Too much. Ed screamed out once more as his body convulsed and the bright full moon looked down on him and smiled…

"Wake up… Al… wake up…" Al heard his voice but his tired body wouldn't allow him to move. He groaned and shut his eyes tighter. "Al, wake up! Its time to go." With an even louder groan he opened his eyes as light seeped in, Al cringed and squinted his eyes. "Finally Al, usually you're the one to wake me up!" the sound of his brother's laughter reaches his ears. Al slowly sat up and faced his smiling brother.

"Ed, what's got you in such a good mood this morning? You're usually still a zombie even at this time." Al chuckled.

"What? I can't be excited for just one morning?" Ed asked.

"Excited? About what?" Al asked.

"Tonight's Halloween, Al!" Ed laughed, "How could you forget?"

"Aren't we a little too old to be getting excited about Halloween?" Al smirked.

"You're never to old for Halloween and besides Central HQ is having a party!" Ed smiled, "That means the General won't be bitching on me about not doing my reports!" Al sighed, with a smile he got out of his bed and walked over to his closet, catching a glimpse of the calendar that was hanging on the wall. "Brother, tonight is going to be a harvest moon!" Ed smiled at this. "A harvest moon on Halloween, thats perfect timing!" Al laughed as he proceded to put on his clothes.

"It really is perfect timing, Alphonse." Ed said to himself as he walked out of the room and gave a vicious smirk showing off his fangs. "It really is."

To be continued… sometime today I'll update! :P