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This is Halloween

Red and black and slimy green

Aren't you scared? Well that's just fine!

Say it once, say it twice

Take a chance and roll the dice

Ride with the moon in the dead of night

Everybody scream! Everybody scream!

In our town of Halloween

- This is Halloween

Central had become Hell.

A living Underworld filled with demons born in darkness.

The once flourishing city became a hellhole in the center of the burning kingdom, and sitting on top of the throne, was none other than the king of the new world.

Edward Elric, the vampire who singlehandedly brought Central to its knees in a matter of hours.

The blonde vampire stood at the very top of Central HQ, watching the world around him burn with a black fire. He watched demons and monsters break free from their human bodies, and, quite humorlessly, thought it good.

Edward smirked, throbbing fangs protruding from his upper lip. It was all so… delightful. Everything was magnificent. Outstanding. Truly the greatest moment in – former – humanity, but… Ed was still frustrated. His fangs ached for blood, but not just any blood.

Brother's blood. His brother's blood. The sweet, life-sustaining nectar that coursed through Alphonse's veins… his beating heart that pumped vigorously in his chest… that's what Ed desired.

And, without rest, he would not stop until Al became his. It was bound to happen eventually because Edward had now built the perfect world. A monster world, that is.

With bored amused golden eyes, Ed looked down on the city and scoffed. From where he was, Ed could see the entire city. He saw vampire children playing with each other, Havoc flirting nonchalantly with a zombie woman and effortlessly failing at it, ghouls digging out of their graves to meet each other, and… wait… what was that?

Ed walked over to the edge of the roof and narrowed his eyes. He looked down at the main streets of Central and hissed furiously.

Marching down the roads were hundreds of giant stone golems and on top of the leader golem was a blond witch with a confident smirk on her face.

"All right boys!" Winry screamed, addressing her stone army. "Let's crash this party!" Edward furrowed his brow. When did she get here? But more importantly, why was she here? Watching, undead soldiers shoot with little progress at the stone army, Edward sharply turned around, his cape flapping in the wind.

With a grunt, Ed jumped from the roof and soared through the air, feeling bat – like wings burst from his shoulder blades. Hovering above, he watched as hundreds of undead soldiers were slaughtered by the golems with Winry laughing all the way through it. In the corner of his eye, Ed saw that Roy and Riza were involved in taking down the stone golems, making somewhat better progress than the undeads.

With a click of his tongue, Ed flew down to Winry and smiled, deceit written everywhere on his face. "Winry," He began, "What specifically are you doing here?"

Winry tilted her head to the side and smiled innocently. "Oh you know, the usual," She stated. Winry snapped her fingers and instantly a magic wrench appeared above Ed's head and prepared to strike him, but, with lightning speed, Ed caught hold of the wrench and crushed it into dust, sparkles of leftover magic dripping from his hands.

"That little trick wont work on me anymore, Winry." Ed growled through a fanged smile. "Now, you didn't answer my question…" The blonde vampire leaned forward so that his face was only an inch away from the witch's. Winry gazed into Ed's golden eyes and felt her head turn numb. Everything suddenly became fuzzy and the world around her vanished. No. This was exactly what Al warned her about! But still… to be lost in those golden sun pools… to just be enveloped by their warmth…

"What exactly are you doing here?"

Shaking her head wildly, Winry pulled herself together and breathed heavily. Slowly and happily, a smirk grew on her face that exposed two sharp incisors as she snickered and glared directly into Ed's eyes, challenging their dominance.

"Just stalling, is all."

Ed blinked. Being a little to late, the blonde vampire turned around and suddenly felt himself flying through the air after a strong gust of wind and aura impacted painfully against his body.

Al huffed as he watched his brother hit the ground, groaning all the way down. The warlock sighed and landed on a stone golem, breathing erratically and roughly as he watched his hovering stone pillar crumble into pebbles. Winry looked at the warlock with a worried look and asked, "Al, are you okay?"

"…" The warlock flinched, feeling his muscles tense and stiffen. "Yah. I'm fine, just a bit drained…"

"Don't use your magic up so quickly." She warned.

"I know that."

"Clearly you don't if you're so exhausted after one measly attack."

Al scoffed and snapped his eyes to the front as a powerful howl shook the night air.

Breaking away from the ground, the blonde vampire growled in anger, his eyes glowing a dangerous mixture of golden and crimson as his fangs and claws grew longer and more feral like. Al jumped off of the stone golem and walked towards his vampire brother, standing a good few feet away from him.

Al watched as the frustrated young vampire huffed and trembled with rage, his eyes glaring obsessively into Al's. The younger Elric frowned and sighed, was this really what has become of his brother? Was he really… truly… a monster…

Shaking his head disapprovingly, Al pushed those thoughts out of his mind and narrowed his eyes at Ed. There was no more doubt. No more hesitation. No more second chances. This was it.

The fight to stop the monster reign began here and will end with only one Elric standing. And sadly enough, Alphonse knew who that was going to be.

Glaring dangerously, Ed let loose a vicious roar then smiled ever so sweetly, his entire persona changing from a ghoul to a gentlemen. "Alphonse… it's so nice to see you again."

"You too, nii-san." Al cautiously replied, eyeing Ed's every movement.

"Do tell, what do you think of this new world I forged?" Ed asked, suddenly looking up at the sky at the glowing red moon. "None of this would have been possible without her."

"You're giving the moon a gender now?"

"…" Ed ignored Al's remark and stared back at him. "This is your last chance Al. Join me. Let me feast on you and I swear I'll make it as pleasant as I can, but, if you choose to defy me…" Raising his hand to cover of his face, Ed smirked even wider and chuckled, "I'll rip out your jugular and take what's rightfully mine by force."

Al blinked, feeling his heart stop for a millisecond. The wind blew around them and the howls of werewolves and cries of death polluted the air. Then, with ease, a smile crept on Al's face as he lightly chuckled. Ed tilted his head at the sudden change in demeanor and scowled. The smile quickly shifted to a wide smirk that exposed all of his fangs as a mad laughter broke past his lips and rang from his throat. The warlock viciously laughed and ran his hand through his hair wildly while struggling to stand up straight. The laugh sent chills through the night and alerted every monster and demon within range, sending goose bumps along their very souls.

"What's so funny, Al?" Ed asked dangerously.

The warlock slowly stopped laughing and began heaving snickers. With a playful smile on his face, Al stood upright and gazed directly at his older brother. "I'm just trying to find out what's funnier," Al said, "the fact that you think I'm going to give myself up to you or that you think my body belongs to you."

In a blind rage, Ed howled and rammed himself into Al, sending them both flying into the air. The vampire viciously slashed at the warlock, biting, punching, clawing, but never letting him out of his grasp.

"Your body does belong to me." Ed snarled, clawing mercilessly at Al's face. Through it all, the younger Elric never made a sound. "Who was the one who took care of you when you scraped your knee? It was me. Who was the one who lost your body to the gate? It. Was. Me." In his fury, Ed could have sworn he heard a crack. "Who was the one, Alphonse, that gave away their alchemy for this body? It. Was. Me."

"It was always me!"

Summoning all his strength into his hand, Ed rocketed his clawed fist into Al's face and heard another snap silence the air. Ed watched as Al's body turned limp as he loosened in Ed's grip.

"It was always me, brother. Your body always belonged to me." With a victorious smirk on his face, Ed leaned into Al's snapped neck and sniffed, the scent if the dead… usually such a fowl odor but this time, it was perfect. Ed licked the pale skin and revealed his fangs, just aching to revel in his little brother's essence.

Or so he thought.

With great impact, a hand wrapped around Ed's throat and squeezed. Ed's wings flapped in every direction in a panic as he gasped and sputtered. The vampire hissed as he gazed into the molten golden eyes of his younger brother, a playful and cunning sneer plastered confidently on his face.

"Nii-san, did you really think this would be over so quickly?" On command, his hand squeezed even tighter around Ed's throat, causing him to yelp. "I'm not letting you go so simply, Edward, oh no I really shouldn't… not after all the trouble you've caused."

Ed hissed, the whites of his eyes turning a furious red.

"I mean, you singlehandedly committed mass murder, brought forth the apocalypse and, quite rudely, punched a whole in my chest!" Al sighed, a small smile gracing his lips as he felt the cuts and bite marks close up on his face. "But I'm healing up quite nicely, thanks for asking. Still… the matter of what to do with you is beating against my head…" With a conflicted look, Al allowed himself some time to think but as he did, black and red aura began to surround and rise from his body. The sickening energy formed around his back until they reforged to be feather like dark wings. "Oh! I know exactly what to do with you!" Al said, his eyes snapping open with a shine.

In a swift movement, the teen let go of Ed, jerked his arm back, and launched it towards him.

"Retribution." Al snarled, feeling Ed's skin smother against his fist. The vampire was sent flying through the air, struggling to maintain control of his flight through gasps of pain.

Staggering through flapping wings, Ed growled and rocketed upwards, the intent of ending his brother once and for all. Al yawned and spread out his fingers, the tips catching a flame at the same time Ed's body caught on fire. The blonde vampire screamed in agony, the pain of the flames searing every cell in his body and kicking his instincts into overdrive.

Without knowing it, Edward fully transformed into a bat creature and roared. With his speed increased, Ed swiftly flew above Al and latched his clawed feet around Al's shoulders, degenerating the energy wings Al had conjured. The vampire bat howled in anger and flew lower towards homes and building, purposely crashing into them with little damage to him but painful agony to Al.

The warlock screamed as brick and wood tore through his skin, cutting as deep to the bone and crushing it. The wounds exposed to the stale night air seared and burned, but healed and reopened in a continuous violent cycle.

Al narrowed his eyes and snarled savagely. Viciously, the warlock grabbed a firm hold of the bat's leg and sank his claws into it, sparkletts of red blood tainting the air. The vampire howled in pain as the claws dug in deeper. Al growled and stretched out his other hand, enveloping it in red magic as it formed into a pointed dagger. Without hesitation, the warlock shoved the dagger into the other leg, and this time, Ed went berserk.

He flew in every direction and screeched in pain, shattering windows and roofs all the same until he couldn't take it any longer. The bat closed his eyes and began to go down, making a rough landing as the two monsters impacted onto hard concrete.

Al coughed and steadily stood to his feet, seeing the bat creature just a few feet away from him. With exhausted eyes and a frown, Al walked towards the creature and heard a faint noise whisper from its lips. Cautiously walking closer, Al cocked his head to listen closer, and that's when he heard it. The vampire bat whimpered and moaned, lying in its own pool of blood. Al felt his heart nearly stop. He looked on at the creature as it slowly began to morph back into the form of Edward Elric, torn clothes and wounds all attached.

"Don't… don't look at me." Al heard the vampire utter. "You mustn't look at me."

Al was dumbstruck. "Ed, what's wrong?"

"Al… everything is wrong."

The warlock felt a shiver go up his spine as the vampire turned in his direction, but he wasn't looking at Al – no, he was looking at the dagger in his hand. Al gazed down at the dagger and felt chills rumble underneath his skin, the reflection on the dagger showed half of his face and half of Ed's face but covered in Ed's blood.

With disgust, Al threw the dagger away and looked back to his brother, finding him keeling over and coughed vigorously. The younger Elric handled his brother and furrowed his brow, what was happening?

Ed's entire body shook with strain as he began to cough out huge amounts of blood and saliva. He rolled over on his back to reveal a gaping hole in his chest, his slowly beating heart exposed in the darkness of the night.

Al nearly lost it. He covered his mouth and gagged, scanning over Ed's body as he stopped at the broken bleeding legs he had contributed to.

"Brother…" Al yelped, feeling all strength and power vanish from his form.

Ed stopped coughing and licked the stray blood around his lips. He wheezed and gasped, feeling his body become ever so weaker by the seconds.

"This is it…" Ed chuckled, a bittersweet smile on his face. "You win."

"Won?" Al bellowed through a cracked voice. "This wasn't a game… Ed, no, this wasn't how it was suppose to end! I know I wanted this in the beginning but… no, brother! You can't die!"

"Then who… will?" Ed wheezed weakly.

"No… you can heal! You're a vampire! You can heal just like me!"

Ed coughed roughly, a splatter of blood landing on Al's face.

"Not from this… I can't…" He eyed the chest hole and multiple injuries he received from their battle.

Al grabbed his brother's hand and squeezed it, feeling tears rush into his eyes. No – no! This wasn't how he wanted this to go… not with Ed's death… not this, anything but this! Al huffed and choked on sobs, feeling that sickening feeling wash over his entire body.

With hesitation, Al screamed, clapped his hands, and slammed both of them onto Ed's chest, channeling all of his magic and all off his life into his hand and into Edward. Everything turned into white-hot pain. A splintering feeling tore into Al's skin as he felt his very life force being separated from him; everything began to go in and out. It took all of Al's will and focus to keep awake during this painful procedure and strangely enough, he didn't know completely what he was doing.

He felt his life pour into Edward as some of the awareness in his brother's face began to come back. Was this really working? Al groaned and pushed even harder, another wave of pain stabbing his abdomen and electrocuting every cell in his body. The pain lasted for minutes but Al felt like it lasted for hours until, finally, with weak consciousness he pulled away in a breathless strain.

The two brothers heaved and gasped for the night air, the darkness around them surrounding every corner of their vision. Al clutched his chest and huffed wildly, hearing demon's cries and ghoul's moan on the wind. Everything was blurry and tainted a bright color of white, Al struggled to stay focused as he saw Ed slowly and steadily stand on all fours.

The blonde vampire weakly shuffled over to his brother and looked him dead in the eyes. Small tears collecting in the corners of his eyes, Ed painfully wrapped his arms around Alphonse's fragile body and began to breathe roughly.

"Nii-san…" Al gasped.

"You saved me…" Ed mumbled in his ear. "I can feel you in me… half of your life is flowing through me…" Al managed to make a small grin. "Al…?"

"Yes, nii-san?" Al responded.

"That only makes me want you even more."

Al hitched a breath and found his entire body go numb once the feeling of sharp fangs ripped through his neck. Blood dripped in masses down his body and soaked his skin and clothes as Ed greedily tore through his brother's neck, slurping and lapping up blood. Al heard everything as the lights in front of his eyes began to dim. The crunching of bones… sipping of veins… the playful chuckles Ed made… it all reached his ears as he suddenly became very tired.

Al coughed weakly, tasting his own blood in his mouth, and looked upwards at the red moon. He wanted to see the sun… if nothing else, for just one last time, he wanted to feel the sun on his pale skin.

Just as his eyes closed, Al heard the snickering tone of what was once his brother.

"Should've kicked your humanity to the curb when you had the chance."

Al sputtered, the light finally enclosed in eternal darkness. For a second, a blonde haired maiden wearing a shimmering black dress appeared in the darkness with a smile so warm that Al felt his heart beat one last time. The maiden danced soulfully in the eclipse of hollow's eve with bright blue eyes that melted Al's very core

This is enough… Al thought woefully. It always was enough… always was…




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