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The pairing is Yue/Sakura if someone happened to miss it in the summary and the character listing. So please no negative feedback about how this paring isn't canon. I know it isn't. I acknowledge that, but how many people did Clamp imply Sakura could have ended up with? I think there were at least five people they implied. Anyway, I'm not here to defend my on true pairing, canon or not. I'm here to post a multi-chapter adventure fic featuring Sakura/Yue as the main coupling. So without further ado I bring you…

Forces of Magic

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Chapter One

The Gift

"So do you have any plans for the summer Sakura?"

The said girl looked up from where she was gathering her things to look at Rika. Sakura did have plans, but they were plans that involved magic and sorcery, nothing she could tell her other friends about. So she shrugged before saying to Rika, "Not really. I didn't have time to make any plans. There was a lot going on."

Tomoyo rolled her eyes. "That's a lie. Sakura's been too preoccupied with her boyfriend."


"It's true," Tomoyo sang.

Sakura blushed. Maybe that was part of the truth too…

"You mean Yue?" Naoko asked.

"We should go on a double date or something this summer," Chiharu suggested.

"Maybe," Sakura said imagining the time she would have trying to convince Yue to agree to something like that.

"It wouldn't hurt to ask him. He's not that shy is he?" Rika asked.

"Yue's not shy. He just doesn't like being around people," Sakura corrected.

"I'm sure you could convince him," said Tomoyo.

Sakura sighed. She wasn't going to get any peace if she didn't at least agree to that. "I'll mention it."

That seemed to satisfy the girls, and Sakura continued to pack her bag, or rather started to anyway. She stared into it for a moment.


"This wasn't in my bag," Sakura said putting her books down and taking out a small box.

"What is it?" all the girls asked crowding around Sakura who only shrugged and opened the box. They all gasped.

"It's gorgeous!" Tomoyo said looking at the gold and diamond necklace.

"Is it real?" Rika asked.

"It has to be," Naoka said.

"Who's it from?"

Sakura looked at the box. "It doesn't say."

"Aw," Naoka said. "Yue gave you a gift."

Sakura frowned and shook her head. "This isn't from Yue."

"How do you know?"

"This isn't Yue's style," Sakura replied although that wasn't the true reason (fully anyway). She would have known if it was from Yue. She would have felt his lingering energy on the necklace. "And it wasn't in my book bag all day. It appeared in my book bag like magic…"

"Oh come on Sakura. That's silly. It's had to be in there and you didn't see it," Chiharu replied. "I bet you have a secret admirer."

"But who is it that could afford a gift like that?" Naoka asked.

Sakura didn't answer and closed the box, setting it down on the table so that she could pack her other stuff. She then grabbed the box and threw her book bag over her shoulder.

"What are you going to do with it?"

"I'm not exactly sure," Sakura said putting a finger on the side of her face as she pondered it. "I just hope it really isn't from some secret admirer."

"Why? Scared of what your brother's going to do."

"No," Sakura muttered and then sighed before saying, "It's Yue I'm worried about…"

Kero floated in front of Yue, who was quietly reading a book and ignoring him outside in the yard. But Kero persisted on. It was only a matter of time…

Finally Yue sighed and said, "You must live to bother me."

"Of course I do. Somebody has to."

Yue closed his eyes briefly before closing the book and standing up to make his way into the house.

"What do you want Cerberus?" Yue asked impatiently.

"If I was Sakura you wouldn't be this annoyed," Kero muttered.

Yue didn't even give an answer as he started to leave, deciding that Kero wanted nothing more than to bother him. If that were the case, he'd just go lock himself in his room.

"Fine," Kero said flying to catch up with the moon guardian. "I just wanted to remind you that today's Sakura's last day of school before summer vacation."

"I'm aware."

"You do know what that means?"

Yue stopped, turning to look at Kero, a smirk playing at his lips as he said good-naturedly, "It's going to be a lot less quiet around here."

Kero grinned. Summer meant Sakura didn't have to go to school, which also meant that she had a lot of free time, free time that she normally used to practice magic. That meant trouble was bound to follow along with late nights; especially since her father had laid down the law on how often Sakura could experiment with her magic during school.

"We should probably warn her father," Kero said heading into the kitchen.

"Warn my dad about what?" Sakura asked as she came into the house and dropped her book bag at the door. She found her two guardians in the kitchen.

"That you're going to be a lot less careful with your magic practicing now that you don't have to hide it from him," Kero replied.

Sakura scowled at him as she went over to Yue and gave him a quick peck before raiding the refrigerator.

"Everyone's coming to Japan for the summer," Sakura said changing the subject. "Meiling's even going to come from China. So I was thinking we should plan something, an outing or something maybe. The cards are restless anyway."

Kero snickered at the look that crossed Yue's face at the mere idea.

"I was thinking the beach," Sakura said oblivious to the look on her lover's face. "What do you guys think?"

"I think Yue wants to hide in his room all summer," Kero joked.

Sakura glanced up at Yue and laughed at the scowl and the delicate twitch of his eyebrow.

"It won't be that bad," she said going to wrap her arms around him.

He returned the embrace burying his face in her hair while muttering, "Between Tomoyo trying to play dress up, Hiragizawa with his cryptic words of wisdom, and Nakuru's hyperactivity, I think it will be."

Sakura giggled and leaned up to kiss him, Yue returning the gesture.

Kero coughed and loudly said, "I'm right here."

Sakura pulled away with a blush on her face as she went back around the counter to take care of dinner. She started to arrange the items before she noticed the box she had randomly set down. Seeing her gaze, Yue followed it.

"What's that?"

"Oh," Sakura said handing it to him, Kero flying to sit on Yue's shoulder. "I found it in my book bag today."

Yue opened it and his eyes widened. He was hard pressed to keep his mouth from opening in shock. Kero fell off his shoulder.

"You found this in your book bag?" Yue asked.

"It must be worth a fortune," Kero exclaimed picking it up to get a closer look.

"It's really strange. I know it wasn't in my bag this morning or most of the day for that matter, but at the end of the day it was there, like…"

"Magic?" Yue said tugging the jewel from Kero and then turning it around to look at the back of the pendant. Though his expression was neutral, Sakura saw something flash in his eyes.


"Look at this," Yue said pointing to something on the back of the pendant.

Kero inspected it and then frowned. "Figures… Seems like she would have given up by now."

"Who?" Sakura asked taking the pendant and looking on the back to find a small symbol on it, a circle with a cross and an ankh crisscrossed in it. "What's that represent?"

"It's the crest of the Voss family," Kero explained. "And apparently their matriarch is up to her old tricks again."

"Shouldn't she be dead by now?" Yue asked.

"I don't know," Kero said. "But you know that family. Always were meddling with the natural process of things. She's got to be knocking on three hundred though. Hm. Not too unusual for a sorceress of her power."

"Who is the Voss family?"

Yue and Kero seemed to remember she was standing there at that point, and the two exchanged a look.

"What?" Sakura asked, cooking dinner forgotten.

"They're a Western magic family let by their matriarch, Marie Voss. She's been trying to latch her people on to a more powerful clan for decades," Kero informed. "But the Li family doesn't agree with some of the things she uses her magic for. Whether that was because of Clow or if they were like that anyway, I'm not sure. The point is the Li Clan won't have anything to do with her."

"But that doesn't keep her from trying," Yue added.

"What do you mean the Li Clan doesn't agree with what they use their magic for?"

"For all his power, Clow didn't believe in using magic to interfere in natural processes," said Kero.

"Natural processes?"

"Life and death," said Yue. "But that's not a philosophy the Voss family shares, well Marie mostly. Originally, Marie wanted Clow's help to conquer life and death, but Clow refused to meddle with such dark and unpredictable forces of nature."

"What's so dark about life?" Sakura asked.

"Life and Death are constant companions. I guess you could say siblings like LIGHT and DARK," Kero replied. "To have power over one is to have power over the other unless you want to knock things out of balance anyway… Clow didn't believe that the power to decide who lived and who died should be in any man's hand."

When Kero put it that way, it did sound pretty dark to Sakura.

"Anyway, the power her family has isn't enough for her to do that alone so she's been trying to find a powerful enough person to help her for decades and I guess she decided since you don't have any real ties to a family, you'd be more willing or at least hear her out," Kero said.

"Well why send a necklace? Why not just approach me and ask?"

"Marie's not a dumb woman," Yue said. "She realizes that if she were to just come and ask you, you'd be wary. That necklace is something of a dowry."

Sakura blinked. "A dowry…?"

That was something she heard often in those movies about sixteenth and seventeenth century England. When that usually came up, it usually had something to do with the terms of an engagement or…

"Does she have any sons or something?"

"And grandsons and great grandsons," Kero added seeing that Sakura had caught on.

"You mean that necklace is part of some kind of proposal?" Sakura asked understanding why Yue had looked bothered when he saw the crest.

Yue and Kero nodded. Sakura frowned and then snatched the necklace out Yue's hand and put it back in the box before setting it on the counter.

"Erase, get rid of this necklace forever," she called out and in the next moment, the box faded away. "That takes care of that. As if I could be bought and flattered into a marriage…"

Sakura began talking to herself under her breath as she continued to arrange dinner. Kero flew in front of her at the counter.

"That's what you say

bi said licking her tongue at him.

that no matter how much we study we'm stand.

tle dignity he had left. only for Cerberus to Sakura, but powerful families have allied and come to power through marriage. This isn't going to be the last proposal you get," Kero said. "And they're going to try everything, especially once you turn eighteen. They'll test your every heart's desire."

Sakura shrugged. "I don't care about those things though. What's the point of having it and being trapped in a loveless relationship for it?"

Sakura glanced at Yue who was strangely silent (even for him) with his arms crossed and staring out into space.

"Hey Kero. I picked some groceries up from the store and left them at the door with my bag. Can you go get them for me?"

Kero started to whine and point out that Yue could get them faster than he could, but Sakura darted his eyes from him to Yue and back to him in a silent request. She only wanted a second.

"Sure thing Sakura," he said flying out the room.

When she was sure he was out of earshot, Sakura went up to Yue and touched his arm.

"You know you have nothing to worry about right?" she asked.

"I know. It still doesn't make it any less bothersome," Yue replied after a moment. He paused and then said. "You know other sorcerers and families are going to look down on you right?"

"Why? Because I won't accept some proposal?"

"No," Yue said slowly trying to figure out how to put it mildly. "Because they'll think you're lowering yourself to be with a creation."

"But I don't think-."

"I know," Yue said a smile tugging at his lips. "I'm just warning you. The world's bigger than the people you've already met."

"Sakura. Is this it?" Kero said poking into the room with the bags,

"Yes Kero," Sakura said sighing a little as she went to grab the bag from him.

"What are we having?"

"Noodles. And Yukito and Toya are coming over too," she added.


Black hair, pale skin, rosy red cheeks and lips; the woman looked like the living Snow white. She used her old comb to comb out her hair as she stared blankly in the mirror.


"Did she get the gift, Dominik?" she asked cutting straight to the point when she saw one of her sons' reflection in the mirror.

"Yes, but as I we assumed, her guardians warned her of our intentions. She'll never be willing to-."

"That was only the first step. Now she knows we're interested. That's all the gift was for, just to catch her attention"

"But mother, why this child? She's hardly attached to any powerful families or-."

"I've seen her future," Marie said setting down her comb. "She'll start her own family and line, this heir of Clow Reed. If the Voss family is to dominate, we need to be a part of that. She'll be able to help us where Clow wouldn't."

"But how?" Dominik asked confused.

Marie sighed and went over to him, putting her hand on his face.

"Oh my son, just trust your mother. Hm?"

Dominik wouldn't even begin to think that he understood his grandmother's thinking or what she hoped to gain from this, but he trusted her. As if he had a choice anyway…

AN: So that was only the first chapter and I tell you. I didn't know what I set myself up for when I wrote this first chapter just by bringing Marie into play I was surprised at some of the stuff that happened and the way some of it ended up writing itself and how much I misled myself by thinking this would be simple… Tsh. Please. I write anything but simple plots. That's why I can't write a short story…

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