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When it came to school work, Sakura had become the master of putting it off until she absolutely needed to do it. This time around it hadn't been her fault. With everything going on with Marie, she couldn't have gotten started on her summer homework if she wanted to. But now that everything was calm, she decided she may as well get started on it, even with three weeks and a half weeks of summer left. Not like she could play around with magic even if she wanted to. She was confined to the house for a while anyway, so she may as well make the most of it. Luckily, Tomoyo, Syaoran, and Meiling had been more than willing to keep her company for they too had their own homework to finish.

"Ugh," Sakura said. "This math is giving me a headache."

"Maybe you should put it away anyway Sakura. You've been having a lot of headaches anyway. Try again later," Tomoyo suggested.

"Maybe," Sakura said mentally reminding herself to never do something so magically and physically tasking again. She could live with being tired and even with her diminished magic, but headaches were terrible.

She started to try one more math problem before she put it away, but stopped halfway through it and not because of her steadily returning headache.

"Dominik," she muttered.

"Guess that means you're recovering nicely," the said sorcerer said coming into the room.

Sakura nodded and then said, "I was wondering where you had gotten to. Yue told me you kind of disappeared."

Dominik sighed. "It's been a right mess since my grandmother died and since I'm her heir, it all falls to me… officially anyway."

"Officially?" Sakura asked.

"She for all intents and purposes disowned me, but she never got a chance to put it in writing," Dominik said. "To be honest, I don't know if I want to inherit this. My grandmother left one hell of a mess. It's a wonder she had any kind of prestige and now with her dead and nothing to fear a lot of people who were closely tied to our family are severing ties while they can."

"Well at least she's dead. There's nothing she can possibly do to ruin the family name from the grave," Syaoran said dryly.

"Syaoran!" Sakura said.

"Well it's true," Meiling agreed. "Your family really is better off without her."

"They're both right," Dominik said before Sakura could chide them. "They're not offending me. The only reason I'm even having a memorial for her is out of respect that she was my grandmother. Other than that, I guess I'll do my best to fix this mess or else the entire family is in trouble."

Sakura smiled. "I'm sure your family will be fine. This will all blow over eventually. Actually, I'm surprised I haven't had a visit from the council yet…"

Dominik laughed and Sakura frowned asking, "What?"


Sakura furrowed her eyebrows. "Seriously?"

"It's something to ask your moon guardian later," was all Dominik would say. "But I hope you're right and this does blow over."

Sakura shrugged. "Even if it doesn't, then use it as an opportunity to start over again. Don't let people force you into your mother's shadow. You're not like her. Show your remaining allies that."

"If I have any by the time this is all over…" Dominik muttered.

"You will," Sakura said and then continued, "Me."

Dominik looked down and shook his head, a small smile playing on his face as he said, "You truly are one of a kind, card mistress."

"But there's one condition," Sakura said frowning.

Everyone looked at her in surprise and before they could asked Sakura said, "Please call me Sakura."

Dominik let out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

"I think I can do that."

Sakura beamed, and Syaoran said, "If Sakura trusts you, I suppose you can trust the Li Clan to back you. But only so long as you're not like your mother."

"I can assure you I won't be," Dominik said. "I guess this is farewell then."

"You have to go back to Europe?" Tomoyo asked after being silent for a long time.

Dominik turned to Tomoyo and smiled gently. "I'll be back. I've found that I like Japan a lot. But perhaps you could visit Europe. All of you I mean."

Sakura and Meiling giggled, while Syaoran rolled his eyes.

"I'd-I mean we'd like that," Tomoyo said, a light blush playing on her cheeks.

Dominik handed her a folded piece of paper and then said, "In case you need anything."

With that, Dominik turned and left the room, before leaving out the front door. When Sakura was sure she didn't sense his presence she grinned, jumped off the couch, and sat next to Tomoyo.

"Tomoyo's got a boyfriend," she sang.

Tomoyo blushed. "I do not. We just talked a little is all."

Meiling rolled her eyes. "Sure. He practically blew us all off to invite you to Europe."

"He invited all of us," Tomoyo corrected.

"To cover up his real intention," Syaoran said as he continued to do his homework.

"So what's in the note," Sakura said enjoying Tomoyo being on the receiving end of the teasing for once. "What did he write?"

"None of your business," Tomoyo said.

Meiling scoffed. "You're one to talk. You're always in Sakura's business. Do share."

"Shut up," Tomoyo said sticking the note in one of her books, trying to continue doing her homework.

Kero had a feeling and even expected that it was going to take a while for Yue and Sakura to get over almost losing each other as a result of everything that happened over the summer. But this was the last straw. Kero couldn't take it anymore. He understood what his brother and Sakura were going through. He really did. But this was taking it too far!

He had watched the two carefully in the two and a half weeks since Sakura had awakened, and they were both acting, for the lack of a better word, clingy. He rarely saw the two apart in the last few weeks, though it could be chalked up to Sakura being confined to the house. Kero knew better.

Yue was usually willing to give Sakura her space when she was doing her school work, and there had been a lot she was rushing to finish before her break ended in the next few days. But lately he would go find her and wordlessly place her in his lap while she continued, falling asleep if it were during the day and occasionally helping her if it were at night.

Sakura, on the other hand, who was usually content to do things for herself if she didn't need the help, was unnecessarily asking for his aid for menial things like helping her do laundry, cooking dinner, even once asking him to brush her hair.

But if those things didn't make their physical need to be with each other apparent, then the fact that Kero kept running into the two making out with each other with less caution and consideration for other people living in the house than they normally did certainly made it apparent.

Kero was trying to be sympathetic. He really was. So when he found the two downstairs in the living room in a passionate session, he'd just gone back upstairs. And when he accidently came upon Yue with a half naked Sakura pent against the wall in the basement when they were supposed to be clearing out some of Sakura's old things from her room, he let it slide. No one went in the basement that often anyway, and he wouldn't have if it hadn't been for the fact that it had taken them too long to come back from taking a box down to the basement anyhow.

But now, it was becoming an issue. Not only was this the umpteenth time he had caught them, second time that day (the first being in the laundry room), but now they were in the kitchen. And it was lunch time for heaven's sake! He was hungry! He wondered briefly if this was the first time they had done something like this in the kitchen… where the food was. The thought almost made him lose his appetite, but just almost. Regardless, he needed to put an end to this.

Luckily, neither was lacking any piece of their clothing. Sakura was just propped on the counter next to the cutting board she had taken out to no doubt make lunch before she had been distracted. But if the last times he had caught them was any indication, it wouldn't be that way for long.

He almost decided to just throw a fit about it, whine and shout until he got their attention, until they jumped apart in embarrassment, and Sakura continued to make his lunch; however that wouldn't solve the problem of finding them all over the house together. And the house wasn't that big, so it wasn't like he could avoid them very well.

Kero grinned as something came to him. Not only could he effectively bring the issue to their attention but have fun doing it. So he went into the kitchen, headed for the refrigerator, pretending to act as though he wasn't bothered by the two.

"You know," he said as he flew past the two. "It's a wonder Sakura's still a virgin with the way you two have been behaving lately. That is if she is still one."

Kero had intended for it to be a joke, but it became more serious than he intended considering the truth present in the words.

Their response was delayed, but it was Yue who seemed to register what he had said first and slowly he turned to look at Kero who was taking the last bit of pudding from the fridge. The moon guardian was obviously taken aback.

"What did you say?" Yue asked, both he and Sakura too shocked by Kero's words to at least try to regain their composure and resume a less compromising position.

Kero repeated himself as he made his way out of the kitchen, both his brother and Sakura too shocked to respond. He was halfway up the stairs when he heard it.



Kero paid dearly for that comment, not just by the beating Yue gave him, but also that Sakura wouldn't make or get him anymore sweets for a whole day and forbid SWEET to do so. But it was worth it. The comment got the point across. Yue and Sakura kept it confined to Yue's room after that.

"Sakura, where are we going?" Kero demanded from inside one of the pockets of his brother's pants.

"You'll see," Sakura said unable to keep the grin off her face as she looked out the window of the bus.

"Whatever it is," Yue said from next to her, "I hope it's worth it."

"It is," she assured patting his arm.

It had taken all kind of persuasion to get Yue to come with her, on a bus no less. She had dragged him on one before, and he had vowed never to use one again. But Sakura had managed to convince him one way or another.

The bus stopped, and Sakura stood up mentioning that this was their stop. It was crowded, but not too crowded. Regardless, Sakura locked her arms around Yue just in case the crowd began to get to him. To any onlooker (and there were many), they looked like a any normal couple who had decided to get out on the fairly cool summer day.

"Where are we going?" Yue asked.

"We're almost there," Sakura said simply and then stopped as they came to a fairly crowded intersection. "Tada!"

"Where are we?" Kero asked poking his head out Yue's pocket. Then he sniffed the air and closing his eyes saying, "Ah… Smells like curried chicken."

"Well, it is an international food festival after all," Tomoyo said coming up to him, the said curried chicken on a cup in her hands.

Kero flew out Yue's pocket saying, "A food festival! Yum! Oh this is a great surprise Sakura."

"We're not here for the food," Sakura said. "At least not to eat it. If that were the case I would have left Yue at home."

"Then do tell. What are we here for?" Nakuru asked coming up to them.

"Oh there you are. Good thing I didn't have to go looking for you," Sakura said. "Did Eriol find somewhere secluded but not away from the festival?"

"Yeah," Nakuru said. "But can you tell us what's going on now?"

"You'll see," Sakura said following the girl. "You may want to start recording Tomoyo."

Yue stood behind with Kero and a confused Tomoyo.

"Did she tell you anything?" Kero asked Yue.

Yue shook his head. "I'm just as in the dark as you are."

"So she was cryptic about it with you too? All she told me was to make sure I brought my camera," Tomoyo said.

They all decided the best way to find out was to follow Sakura. Nakuru led them to the roof of an empty building where all the festivities of the food festival could still be seen, smelt, and heard.

"Finally," Meiling said. "Seems like you would get here on time when you call everyone to meet you here."

"It was the bus's fault," Sakura said going over to the edge of the roof to view the festival.

"So what are we here for?" Syaoran asked.

Sakura didn't answer immediately, only took out a card and looked at it before turning around.

"After sealing LIFE and DEATH, I've had my share of making anymore cards. I can have whatever I want using them and anything else I need, I'll do without the use of magic if magic can't help me," Sakura said and then smiled a little. "But there's one last card I have to make, and I want you all to be here to see it."

With that said, Sakura flipped the card in her hand around for everyone to see.

"GLAMOUR," she said and the card rose from her hand flipped in the air. Then it released, not in its physical form, but in the form of purple sparkles raining down on them from the air transforming everyone, including the four guardians.

An unintended power of the card had been that it could also dispel disguises, forcing a person to reveal their true identity. Sakura had figured that out purely by accident when GLAMOUR decided she wanted to play with Kero. The card had decided the Kero's disguised form was too puny and proceeded to force him into his true guise. It made Sakura what other unintended powers the card had. She'd have to play with it later.

Tomoyo squealed at the footage she was getting as GLAMOUR's magic rained down on her also, tying her loose hair in a braid and changing her casual dress into a casual kimono for the occasion.

Its work done, GLAMOUR returned to its card form and returned to Sakura's empty hand, the other hand holding her staff. Sakura twirled her staff in her hand. It was good it hold it again. She hadn't seriously used magic in weeks, more so because everyone wanted her to be sure she was fine. The use of GLAMOUR a few days ago had been the first time she used magic in weeks, and even then, she had done it without her staff since GLAMOUR was one of the more cooperating of the cards.

Sakura then went to stand on the edge of the building, everyone in the festival being too distracted to look up and see her standing there. She had come to learn after the mess with Marie that everything had a type of magical energy in it, but it took large concentrations of this energy to make magic. People who could use magic like her only had a large concentration of this magic inside them and could manipulate it and the magic around them. But it took a special person to be able to gather small quantities of magical energies and make it into something more, personify it.

That was the kind of magic it took to create a card. So Sakura felt for the energy, this essence, the excitement all around them, and latched onto it with her own magic, forcing it to gather into something more tangible.

Sakura had to say, after doing the same thing with LIFE a few weeks ago, this was certainly much easier, the result she wanted coming much quicker and with much less dramatic flair than Life and Death's first appearance.

Sakura opened her eyes to see a spirit floating in front of. It looked something like GLAMOUR, in regards to the fact that she couldn't determine its gender, if it had one. Other than that, it was about as tall as MIRROR, red hair thrown over its shoulder in a braid with simple house robes and what must have been an apron around its waist.

The spirit smelled the air and wrinkled its nose before going over to where Tomoyo was, reaching into her bag and taking out her curried chicken.

It put in a finger to taste and then scowled before tapping the cup, its magic activating. Then it shoved it up to Tomoyo's nose. Tomoyo looked at it confused.

Sakura giggled.

"He wants you to taste," Sakura said, deciding that it seemed better suited to be male.

Tomoyo cautiously took a piece of chicken and popped it in her mouth and then blinked.

"Oh!" she said. "What did you do? It's… It's better. Excellent in fact."

The spirit grinned.

"Hey! I wanna taste!" Cerberus said and the spirit was only too happy to indulge.

I wanna taste too," Meiling said. "Don't eat it all!"

Seeing all the people around, the spirit waved its hand dismissively as though telling everyone not to worry. It reached into its apron and pulled out a red colored bowl. Just as quickly the platter filled with more of the dish.

"I guess it wouldn't hurt," Nakuru said coming up to the spirit.

He grinned ushering everyone else over and one by one everyone crowded around it, but he seemed to like Cerberus more than anyone. Sakura laughed at its enthusiasm and sat on the ledge to watch. Yue came to sit next to her, an odd look crossing his face.

"What is it?" Sakura asked sensing his pensive mood.

"Nothing," Yue said slowly and then added, "Just had a moment of déjà vu there…"

"Oh?" Sakura asked.

Yue paused pulling up a knee and leaning his arms and head on it. "This reminds me of Clow."

Sakura opened her mouth and then closed it, not sure how to take that comment. Yue rarely if ever spoke of Clow to her or anyone for that matter.

"Nothing bad. It's just it's been a while since I was able to enjoy the novelty of a new card," Yue said to her. "What are you calling it?

Sakura grinned. "I settled on CHEF."

"CHEF… That's definitely for Cerberus," Yue said dryly.

Sakura smiled saying, "I figured he deserved it for putting up with the two of us that is."

Yue frowned. "He still didn't have to make that comment…"

Sakura laughed, having long gotten over that incident.

"Well it's not like there wasn't some truth in it anyway. Besides, he was just feeling a little-"

Sakura stopped mid-sentence as at that moment, the spirit came over to the two and shoved the dish in their faces. Sakura laughed and took a piece of the dish, but Yue only ignored the spirit. Not liking being ignored though, the spirit shoved it forward in a most aggressive fashion.

"No thanks," Yue said pushing it away.

The spirit furrowed its eyebrows, red eyes flashing.

Noticing its anger, Sakura patted the spirit on the head.

"Don't take it personally. Yue won't eat it anything from anyone."

The spirit huffed, obviously not about to take no for an answer, looking like it wanted to forcefully shove the plate down Yue's throat.

"Don't be mad," Sakura said guiding the spirit away from Yue. "He's like that."

The platter disappeared from the spirit's hands as it crossed its arms.

"Tell you what," Sakura said. "If you let me seal you, I'll let you try to force him to eat whenever you want."

"What?" Yue said.

The spirit glared at Yue and then eagerly nodded its head.

Cerberus laughed. "Me and this card are going to have a good time."

Sakura couldn't believe it. Well, actually she could. It sounded like something Yue would do, but it still didn't mean she approved. So she made her way to his room, where the moon angel was lying on his bed with an arm draped over his closed eyes. She didn't bother to announce herself. He wasn't asleep. He never slept lying down, only when he was sitting up as odd as that was. And besides that, she rarely caught him sleep after seven o'clock in the evening. It was some weird habit he had of sleeping during the day instead of at night.

"You blackmailed the magic council," Sakura asked bluntly.

Yue didn't react to the accusation, continuing to lie still. He only said, "Who told you that?"

Sakura went and sat on the bed on her knees, leaning on her hands next to him.

"Tomoyo told me. And she learned that from Dominik and he found out from the council himself one way or another."

"That doesn't mean it's true."

"Don't lie."

"I haven't."


Yue moved his arm a little and opened an eye, giving her a pointed look.

"If I did," Yue began, "it's hardly anything for you to be upset about. You're the one who almost killed yourself a few weeks ago."

Sakura sighed. Yue was going to be a little sour about the ending result of her feud with Marie and her sealing of LIFE and DEATH for a while. Regardless, she tried again despite the fact that she sensed Yue was going to continue to be difficult.

"Did you really blackmail the magic council?"

"Did you really not count on LIFE and DEATH killing Marie?"

Yue's question had the exact effect he wanted. Sakura gasped, opening and closing her mouth as Yue waited expectantly for an answer.


"How did you know?" Sakura asked.

Yue closed both eyes again as he said. "It wasn't hard to figure out. It may not have turned out like you planned, but you knew good and well that mastery over life and death can't be passed down. That's why you can't give me or Cerberus jurisdiction over either of them, even if you wanted to."

"How did you know that?"

"You still have those books she gave you, and I read them. I just had a feeling you weren't telling something."

Sakura stared at him for a moment, as though trying to figure out a way to deny it before asking, "You don't think any less of me. Do you?"

"You did the world a favor. Trust me," Yue said.

He started to cover his with his arm again until Sakura whispered his name, something about the way she said it forcing him to open both eyes and fully look at her. She looked ready to cry, so Yue wrapped an arm around her, pulling her to lie on top of his chest.

"I didn't mean for it to be like that," Sakura whispered. "I didn't know what it meant when I read that mastery over life and death couldn't be passed down. I just thought it meant she wouldn't be able to use the power even if I tried to give it to her. I didn't plan for her to die. I really did try to save her."

Only Sakura could have so much compassion for her enemy. After all Marie had done, Sakura had never wished death on the woman. So despite the fact that part of him, wanted to tell her that it was nothing to concern herself with, that Marie had been making her life hell and deserved it whether Sakura had planned it or not, Yue pushed the feelings aside and decided to comfort her. The things he did for his mistress.

"It wasn't your fault if that's what you think. Marie's ambition caused her own downfall. Neither of you could have predicted what you'd be up against because it hadn't been done before. Besides, knowing Marie, she wouldn't have kept her end of your deal with her anyway, whatever the deal was."

"I was bargaining on her not to," Sakura admitted. "For once in my life, I did have a plan. It just didn't work out."

"I figured you did. Even you aren't that reckless."

"Or naïve for that matter."

It was probably something Sakura would never admit again, for she had learned to use the fact that people underestimated her to her advantage, innocence and all. Yue was probably the only one who knew better and even still she could fool him.

"It's all in the past now regardless, so no need to dwell on it," Yue said closing his eyes again.

Sakura made a thoughtful humming noise before muttering, "I completely agree with you, but even though it's in the past I do have to say this summer's still been wasted."

Yue raised his eyebrow. "How's that?"

"I've spent so much time chasing off the council, worrying about Marie, creating cards, and staying alive, that I didn't do much of the one thing I had planned to do all summer."

"What's that?"

Sakura giggled, sitting up and straddling Yue's waist.

"Spend time with you of course," she said, and it was certainly true. They hadn't truly had much time to be a couple since they confessed roughly seven months ago. There was school, all her extracurricular activities, chores, homework, not to mention the fact that her dad and Toya were keeping a close eye on her to make sure she didn't get too distracted from school with magic and the fact that her lover lived in the same house. Every time they tried to grab a spare moment during her summer break, something that stemmed out the conflict with Marie ruined it. It was only the last two weeks or so that they had any time since she had been confined to the house, but even that was limited. But they had time, plenty of it, Yue pointed out.

"Oh I know. That's why I got Tomoyo to help me book a vacation for winter break, just the two of us," Sakura said with a grin.

Yue laughed. "Your father and brother won't like that idea."

Sakura shrugged. "That's why I haven't told them. By the time they find out, it'll be too late to do anything about it. But that's four months from now. For right now everything is calm, I'm fully recovered, and I've got roughly a little less than eight hours before it's back to school until winter break. We should make the most of it."

"You sure you're up to it? That does mean you have to get up early."

"I'll be fine," Sakura said leaning down so that her face was inches from his. She didn't give him a time to answer and closed the distance between them, pressing her lips onto his. She had certainly meant what she said and had every intention of living up to it, and Yue wasn't going to let her go back on her word either.

Sakura yelped when Yue suddenly flipped them over so that he was on top of her and then put his lips to her ear.

"But just in case, when you do wake up late in the morning, please don't blame me for it. I gave you the chance to back out."

Chances were she was going to wake up late, and despite Yue warning her, she was going to blame him for not waking her up. But she wasn't going to be able to blame him for keeping her up late, for she had done that herself, unable to sleep because of one thought running through her mind, something she had been meaning to share with Yue for the past few days now.


Yue was a little surprised. He thought she had fallen asleep until the word left her lips.


"Remember I said MaMa-chan after I woke up after sealing LIFE and DEATH?" Sakura asked and then continued without waiting for an answer. "MaMa-chan is short for Matsuki."

"And who's Matsuki?"

"According to the vision DEATH showed me, she's our future daughter."

Yue didn't make a sound. In fact, Sakura wondered if he had stopped breathing he was so quiet and still. She bit her lip to hold back a laugh and snuggled closer to him, closing her eyes.


"Yes Yue."

"I hate children."

"Of course you do, Yue." They'd talk about it later.

AN: That scene was always intended to be the last scene of this story, though it went through many versions. One version was actually the following morning at the breakfast table before she went to school, another was during the card sealing scene, and then this one. I decided it should be an intimate moment though and so came up with this. And the last four lines came from a conversation me and my sister were having about this very difficult child she has to deal with sometimes and I said this, "There isn't enough money in the world to make have a career in anything where I have to take care or teach little children all day. You have to really love children, and I don't like children." So my sister says, "You don't like children? Don't you want children?" My response? "Let me put it like this. I don't like other people's children. Mine won't be brats."

That's exactly how I said it, partly joking and mostly serious. But we won't get into that.

And that scene with Kero's observations was a last minute scene that stemmed out of a paragraph that was stuck in another scene and kind of got out of hand and it was fun. So I was like, why not? I mean, this chapter really is an epilogue anyway and not just because I couldn't come with a title chapter although that had a lot to do with it. Its purpose was just to neatly tie off the ends. I could have ended it in the last chapter to be honest.

Anywho, I accomplished my goal and this story has clocked in at roughly 96,000 words according to Microsoft Word. That's a novel folks, but I had a good time writing it and reading reviews.

Now I'm supposed to be writing my Star Wars fic, but CCS is just too damn addicting and filled with too many possibilities. A plot bunny for a new story attacked me three weeks ago. I have no intention of putting it up until I at least get out of spring semester. There are a lot of kinks to work out, but if the way this plot bunny is attacking me is any indication, it's coming. So here's a preview:

Sakura gasped, feeling the power radiating off the woman in waves, but there was something odd about it. Like it had suddenly been restrained or locked. It was only Yue's hand on her shoulder keeping her from going to the woman, whose face was painted like a geisha, brown hair pulled up into an elegant bun, deep fuchsia off shoulder silk kimono with gold sash looking like it belonged to royalty. In fact, she looked like royalty. She was beautiful.

She betrayed no emotion, though Sakura got the sense that she seemed rather curious about them.

Finally Sakura took in the destroyed park, pushing the woman's beauty out her mind as she asked, "You did this?"

The woman looked around; the twitch of her lips betraying what might have been surprise.

"I suppose I did," she finally said in a regal, but somewhat whimsical tone. "I hadn't realized it. I promise it was an accident. I didn't know my landing would cause such a commotion."

Sakura looked at Yue and then Cerberus, neither sure how to take the woman.

"Landing?" Sakura asked.

"Oh yes!" the woman said. "I'm not from here, though I am from a world similar to it, but it's boring right now. I've done everything I can do there and being ruler gets boring when there's no rebellion to squash, no empire's to conquer."

Sakura's eyes widened, Cerberus blinked, and even Yue raised an eyebrow. They had never, in all their encounters with power hungry sorcerers and mad magicians, heard someone talk about ruling or gaining power with as much casualty, and whimsicalness as this woman was, as though it had been easy.

"Who are you?" Yue finally asked.

"Oh! My apologies. I usually have better manners than that. I'm the Immortal Queen Tsubame. And I came here to take complete control of your world."

So let's get some stuff established here. No, it is not a sequel to this story. It's not even related. It's an entire new universe for me to play in and head's up, it gets dark and some things are just going to flabbergast the readers I'm sure of it, and I also break one of my own cardinal rules, therefore it's definitely M-rated, not for just a couple of scenes. The very tone is different, heavier than my other stories at least. I really do up the sexual ante in it and not just for the sake of pointless smut or PWP. It plays an important role.

Yes. It is my OTP, Yue/Sakura, but if you want one of those stories where they confess and live happily ever after you're not going to get it. The tone is just that much different that my past three stories in this arc. In any case look for Love Always late spring, maybe early summer on a computer near you on fanfiction dot net. You're welcome to PM if you have any questions or are confused about the story. But no more stories to post for a while. Lady Dae has to knuckle down and focus on school work (like that's going to happen). I tell you, if I put half as much time into school work as I did practicing writing, I'd be done with my college education as of this fall. But alas, I don't. Oh well.

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