Follow up because I felt like writing another quickie in this universe. Again, I wrote it all on my own, so, if it's really bad, don't blame Googlemouth. I can't stress this enough. This is a Halloween story, which means that it's not my normal shtick.

Characters aren't mine. They belong to Tess, Janet, Warner Brothers, and other assorted important people.

"Take these, please," Maura handed two pills and a glass of water to Jane before sitting down on the sofa beside her.

Giving them a wary eye, the detective shrugged, popped them, and took a long swallow of water. Shrugging, she sat the glass down on her coffee table before resettling into the warm spot she'd made on the sofa. "What was that anyway?"

"Iron supplements," the honey brunette stated with a slight air of amusement. "I'm afraid you'll become anemic if we don't pay close attention to your iron levels. The supplements should help." She gave the lanky woman beside her a long look. "You really are very tasty."

"So you tell me," Jane grumbled as she turned off the tv and violently tossed the remote onto the coffee table. "It's not that I don't like the Cards, but I think that last play was total BS. The outfielder should have caught that ball."

Maura tried to hold back a sigh even as she rolled her eyes. "Jane."

The husky voice continued to rant. "I mean, any ball that flies that far outfield is the outfielder's ball, not the infielder's."

"Jane," the doctor's voice was growing slightly impatient.

"It was like watching one of those cartoons where the two players are both looking up and they run into each other. I've never seen something like that happen, and I watch Pro and the minors. That sort of thing I'd expect to see in a little league game, maybe, but the World Series? Really?"

"Jane!" Leaning forward, Maura placed a hand gently over the still moving lips of the other woman. "Enough. I know you like to watch sports games, but must you get so worked up? If you're going to let out all that aggressive energy, I can think of far better uses than sitting here ranting about it."

Reaching up, Jane wrapped her fingers around Maura's wrist and gently pulled to encourage the hand to move. When it did, it revealed a smirk to match the mischief in her eyes. "Oh yeah?"


"Wait a minute, you're not hungry are you?" Dark brown eyes narrowed.

"Oh, I'm hungry, but not for blood," came the quiet reply as Maura stood, pulling Jane up with her.

"Why didn't you say so?" Jane asked as she eagerly followed the smaller woman into her bedroom.

"I just realized you asked me if I was hungry," Maura said quietly as they lay snuggled under the covers; she on her back and Jane curled around her left side. At Jane's noncommittal grunt, she continued on. "I just want you to know you're more than a blood donor or sex partner to me, Jane."

"I know that," Jane answered softly. "Did I say something to make you think that I thought you thought of me that way?" She grunted. "That was a confusing sentence, but you know what I mean."

"Yes, I do know you mean." Giving a sigh, Maura urged Jane to look at her. "I mean it, Jane. It concerns me that your first thought is that I might be hungry, as you put it. I… I don't want you to think of me as a monster."

"What? Maura, no!" Quickly sitting up, the dark hair brunette's voice lowered as her face fell into the expression Maura had come to know as one of complete honesty. "I would never think of you that way. I was teasing you, that's all. But, if that kind of teasing makes you feel the least bit uncomfortable about who and what you are, I'll never do it again. You know how I feel about you, sweetheart. We've been together almost a year." She frowned. "It will be a year in a few days. Do you really think I'd still be with you if I thought of you as a monster?"

"I don't know," came the uncertain response. "There is ample evidence to indicate that a vampire's bite can be addictive. If you were addicted to my…"

"No, Maura. I mean it. The only thing I'm addicted to you is, and that happened way before you … well, before this new change." The detective winced at her inability to actually say what Maura was.

A perfectly sculpted eyebrow raised in question. "You're saying you're not ashamed of me?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying. I'm not ashamed of you, or of us, in any way."

"Then why haven't we told anyone about us? It will a year on November 4th, and no one knows about us at all. If you're not ashamed of me and you say you're not ashamed of our relationship on any level, then why are we still keeping this a secret?" Hazel eyes intently watched the other woman's face, searching for the truth in the answer to come.

"Because I'm a coward," Jane replied softly. "But," she shook her head, "give me a few days?"

"I have all the time in the world," came the acrid reply.

"Yeah, but I don't," was the response as Jane slipped from her bed. Shoulders hunched, she shuffled to the bathroom.