"I'd have been more surprised if you'd told us you were really a vampire, Rizzoli," Crowe said between shots of tequila. "Don't think anyone here is shocked. You two got anything else to tell us? One of you actually a vampire or werewolf or something?"

"I think one major, life changing revelation of the night is enough," Angela said as she fanned herself. "At least she's a doctor, she mumbled."

"Hey, what if I want to give another life changing revelation for the night? You know I like round numbers." Jane waggled her eyebrows at the chuckles from the other people standing around the makeshift bar on the patio.

"Like what? You two going to get married or something?" Korsak shouted out from his spot on the back porch.

"What? No! I mean, not yet, but, okay, really?" Jane gave Maura a look that screamed 'help me'.

"That is something for some time in the future, Vince. But, if you do need another life altering announcement," she winked at Jane, "I am a vampire."

Jane's jaw dropped even as the others giggled. A few people shouted encouragement to prove it, and a few others mumbled things under their breath about giving large sums of money to see Maura take Jane's blood.

"Really?" Frankie's face held doubt. "Prove it."

"If you insist," Maura turned to Jane, a sly look on her face. "You really ought to warn me when you're about to start telling our secrets, sweetie. You owe me one, I'm hungry, and this is a good time to feed me."

"Maura, sweetheart, I don't think," Jane was backing away slowly from the approaching form of the smaller woman. "this is a good idea. I mean, it could get messy."

"You're a vampire. The blood will mix well with your costume. Consider it an added bonus accessory," Maura winked as Jane's legs hit the side of a lounge chair, she lost her balance, and went down.

"Crap," the detective mutter. "You guys are a bunch of pervs anyway," she shouted over her shoulder, "You know there's no such thing as vampires."

"Don't care!" Came someone's voice, perhaps Crowes. Another person yelled out, "Someone get some pictures!"

Leaning forward, Maura shot her lover a wicked smile, "It's Halloween, Jane," she said so quietly only the other woman could hear her. "It's the only night of the year we could do this and no one think it strange, and the idea of claiming you like this in front of all these people is very appealing to me."

"Yeah, but, Maura," Jane pleaded, "we have to work with these people. They'll never let me live it down. I just came out, and…"

"And no one here batted an eye because they all assumed we were together anyway." Maura's voice lowered even more. "Let met claim you."

Glancing nervously around at the others watching them, Jane slowly nodded. "You guys better get your kicks in because this trick only works once," she shouted. "Once the blood pellets pop, that's all you get. Got it?"

"Yeah, yeah," Frost said, "We got it. Quit stalling. If Maura is really a vampire, we want proof!"

"You two obviously planned a show for us anyway," Crowe said. "You just said you had the blood pellets ready. Come on, Rizzoli, we ain't got all night."

"Oh man," the dark haired brunette muttered. "Okay, just… do it."

"Gladly," Maura whispered as she licked her lips and settled behind the taller woman. Flashes and clicks went off as her hands settled in their normal locations whenever she drew blood from Jane's neck. "I'll try to keep you from moaning, but I make no guarantees," she whispered in Jane's ear.

"Oh crap, I completely forgot about," the panic in Jane's voice was replaced by a grunt as Maura struck. The detective's body relaxed against the medical examiner's, dark brown eyes closing, as Maura's lips, teeth, and tongue worked to draw out the warm, brownish-red liquid. A small gasp escaped the lithe woman as Maura held her tight, and a few gasps and moans could be heard from the watching crowd.

Slowly, Maura pulled away, licking the wound on Jane's neck to clean it of any residual traces of blood before pulling back enough to run her finger gingerly over her lips and chin to wipe the blood away there. Licking her finger clean, she looked around with a wry smile. "Tastes like cherry," she said, smirking slightly and giving a wink as she smacked her lips.

Jane slowly opened her eyes, trying to focus them. "You guys all owe me a beer," she managed to slur out.

"Holy crap, that was hot," Korsak said, standing to go grab a beer.

"Not right now, Korsak," Jane grumbled as she tried to sit up. Standing on shaky legs, she looked around at the leering people, and a few shocked ones. "Right now, we're going home," she glanced down at the honey brunette. "Right?"

"Of course, Jane, whatever you'd like," Maura answered, wicked smile still in place.

"Exactly," the dark haired brunette said, "Next week, on Friday,at the Robber, for every picture I find online, I promise one ass kicking and you owe me a beer. Right now, I got other things to do."

"Like Doctor Isles," Crowe yelled at their retreating forms.

Jane stopped abruptly, turned around, and looked at the crowd watching them. "Hey! My mother is right there, Crowe. Show a little respect."

"What? I'm not the one who just gave a show to the entire precinct," he threw back.

"Your jealousy, though amusing, is unwanted, Detective Crowe," Maura interrupted the fight.

"Jealous? Of what?" He spat back.

"That we are going home with each other, and you are going home alone," she answered sweetly. "Let's not waist more time, Jane. I'm ready to go now."

As the catcalls toward Crowe grew louder, the two women retreated to Maura's car. Jane slid into the passenger's side, a grin on her face. "I love you," she said.

"I'll take that to mean you're proud of me." Maura said as she pulled away from the house.

"Oh yeah, and, when we get home, I'll show you exactly how proud I am," the detective growled.

"Oh, well, happy Halloween to me," the doctor murmured as she sped the car up.

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