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For the very first night after a very long time, the wizarding world was sleeping peacefully. That night, Deatheaters were nowhere to be seen, and so were snatchers. No kills were made that night, no hunts, no one was kidnapped and no one got tortured. Even the muggles slept peacefully that night. Nothing happened, no one died mysteriously, and the muggle prime minister just wished the actually strange peace of that night would last for ever.

The Lestrange manor seemed as peaceful and quiet as every other building; the trees and flowers of the gardens were hidden by the darkness of the night, and the house seemed like a big, blurry mass standing out from the dark. But inside, there was absolute frenzy.

At least six men with black clothes were sitting in the main living room, some with a glass of firewhiskey on their hands, a nervous expression spread across their faces. Some women were coming in and out of the living room, all in a hurry, and another few men were walking up and down the corridors. They were murmuring and talking in low whispers, as if waiting anxiously for something to happen, or someone to arrive. One of the women burst into the living room and grabbed a small glass with a white liquid in it, and left in a hurry. She headed to the grand staircase and soon, she was outside a big, wooden door with a few people outside, all dressed in black, the same anxious expression on their faces as well. They all stepped aside so she could pass through, and after a few seconds she was inside a huge bedroom with a big bed in the middle.

A dark-haired woman was lying on the bed, her black curls falling on her face, which was a mask of pain and stress. A couple of other women were standing next to the bed, along with a short man with worried eyes, while another woman, the only blonde in the room, was sitting next to her panting sister on the bed.

"Bellatrix, breathe!" she tried to say, but her dark-haired sister let out another scream of pain, that caused one of the women to hurry to her side and give the tiny cup to Narcissa, addressing her to give it to her sister. Narcissa did so, and Bella's screams ceased for a while, while the short man's face slowly started to lighten up.

"Come on, Bellatrix, just push a little more, you have to try…" Narcissa whispered to the panting woman next to her, but she only received a sharp glare. "I'm trying!" she shouted. "I want this thing out of me!" Narcissa took a small breath, and stroked her sister's hand. "I know, I know, Bella, but you have to try, it won't come out if you don't push a little!" Bellatrix let out another scream, and the big room was filled with a baby's cries. Narcissa let out a laugh of joy, and the women in the room rushed to the man's side, who was now holding the newborn in his arms, having it wrapped around a white sheet. Bellatrix let her head fall back in the pillows, a sigh of relief escaping her lips, happy to finally hear the cries of her baby fill the room.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" she heard her sister ask, and then she heard the man reply a girl. Her face darkened. A girl? She was supposed to have a boy! He had wanted a boy! Narcissa saw the expression on her sister's face, and rushed next to her. "Oh, Bella, she is so beautiful…" she started, trying to let comfort her. She knew her sister had wanted a boy, and so did the newborn's father. But the baby looked strong and healthy, so she supposed there wouldn't be a problem…

The man walked around the bed, holding the crying baby in his arms, and handed it softly to Bellatrix, who wrapped her arms around it, and held it close to her chest. She couldn't stop her smile. Her baby was beautiful, and it seemed to be very healthy. The women standing around the bed smiled too, and the door burst open. Everyone stepped away from the bed in a hurry, while the tall, dark-hooded man walked towards the bed where Bellatrix was lying. He walked next to her, and she raised the baby girl close to him, so he could hold it in his own arms. The door was still open, and the men outside were frozen, watching the scene with eyes wide open, trying to figure out what the Dark Lord was going to do. Would he accept the baby?

Bellatrix had stopped smiling now, the same anxious expression on her face. She could feel her heart beating. Would her lord be pleased with the bay she had just born? Would the little girl be worthy to be his heir? The dark lord had lowered his hood, his eyes were now scanning the newborn girl in his arms. It wasn't crying, and he seemed pleased with that. After a few seconds that passed like hours to Bellatrix and the rest of the people in the room, lord Voldemort finally allowed his lips to curl into something like a smile, and turned to his Deatheaters; "I present to you Natalya Marvolo Black, my daughter, the Dark Lord's heir." His tone was calm, his voice cold as usual, his face almost unreadable, as it always was. Bellatrix felt like she was in heaven.

After a few minutes, the room was almost empty. Everyone had left, except Bellatrix, who was now holding her baby Natalya in her arms, and Voldemort, who was sitting next to her on the bed. This time, there was an actual smile on his face, a smile that he only allowed himself when he was with Bella. Bella, his best Deatheater, his most loyal, his most powerful, his lover, and now, the mother of his child. He leaned over to place a kiss on her forehead, and she smiled happily. "My lord…" she murmured.

"She is beautiful." He said simply, and then looked at the baby again. "Did you have a hard time?" he asked Bellatrix, his eyes never leaving the sleeping baby. Bellatrix sighed and rolled her eyes, allowing her lord to take this as a "yes". He chuckled softly, and then placed a kiss on Bella's lips. "I have to go now." he said. Bellatrix only smiled. "I will be back in a few hours, I won't be long. I've been having suspicions that someone has found out that a very…special event would be taking place tonight for the Deatheaters…" he sneered. Bellatrix gasped. This was supposed to be a secret! No one knew this except the inner circle and some of their wives, who had helped her with the labor. Voldemort saw the worry in her eyes, and stopped her from talking; she was still weak, she had to regain her strength. "Don't worry, we've caught him." He assured her. "He doesn't know what was that event, and why it was so important, but he will be killed, anyway." Bellatrix smiled back. Voldemort stood up to leave, but before turning around, he looked over to Bella. "When Natalya gets a little older, you will be able to return to normal, as before. But for now, she need her mother's attention." He said. Bellatrix nodded, before smiling to her master again. Voldemort put on his hood again, and he was gone with a crack.

Bellatrix didn't know how could he do that with all those anti-apparation charms, but she didn't bother; he was the Dark Lord, anyway. She sighed with happiness, before her gaze fell on the baby girl on her embrace. She had a pale skin, and she already had a few black curls on the top of her head. "Natalya…" Bellatrix whispered, and then closed her eyes. She loved it when she could be caring and loving with someone, but she only preserved this kind of behavior for the dark lord, her sister, and now, her baby. With everyone else, she was Voldemort's best lieutenant, his best fighter, and above all Deatheaters. But now, she was a mother with her baby on her arms, and she couldn't be any happier.