You're fussily licking your lips and sharply grinning. No, honey, today I'm your hunter, I'm your beast, I'm making you crazy and exhausted. You're skipping breath and screaming, your fingers are scrambling the sheets. You wanted purple sheets: "Because purple and pink are contrasting beautifully together!" I didn't know reasons of your mystique smile, but I wanted to see these pink hair tossing in bed somewhere deeply in my soul. I wanted to touch porcelain skin and taste exactly your scent. I wanted you at that time and now I want you too.

- What are you're thinking about?

Your voice is mocking and teasing. I loved it from the first moment. You were seemed a silent angel came from Heaven to me. But you're talking too many words now. I don't need it. They are mundane and vulgar.

- Keep silence.
- Why, Gakupo? Don't you love me?

Your smile is slightly disappearing. I don't want you to worry.

- I love you. Just be quiet.

- You're not in mood, aren't you? If you want we can do it another day…

You're getting up and pulling on my shoulder. I'm taking your hand, kissing and pushing you away in bed.

- I'm in mood. I want you, just be quiet.

- Then kiss me…
Kissing is good too. When we're kissing you're silent. When you're drinking you're silent. When you're sucking you're silent. You're reading in my half-closed eyes passion and desire, and so am I. But I don't want to read only your eyes, I want read your moaning of pleasure when my cold fingers touch your breasts and going down on your body.
- Silly boy… What happens if they heard us?
Don't make me laugh. Everybody in Singing house knows – we are couple. Miku and Kaito, Meiko, blushing Len and playful Rin, even little Yuki knows about our hot nights. They keep silence. I think it's right.

I'm smiling and kissing you, stealing your breath. Once you've told me about it, I thought it's impossible. You taught me. You're pulling for me, greedily inhaling. Wait a minute, fallen angel. I'll give what you want and take my wishes from you.
My palm is barely touching your neck – I adopt your rules. You're closing your eyes. Maybe you like it. You like to die in my arms and to come back again in my tight embrace. Another palm is lying on your neck. It seems so fragile but you always want my both hands. It's difficult to place it right. That's why you choked yourself with thin belt in the past. Then I began to do this. It's embarrassing me but I'm your good child, isn't it?

- Do it… I'm ready.

I'm listening your eager whispering and nervously swallowing. You're ready. Am I ready? Why did you never ask me? I'm groaning and trying to calm myself. My hands are around your neck, they're choking you. You're struggling. Opening your mouth, trying to throw back your head, wanting to say or scream something, but you can't. Human can't scream when they're choked. If they can – the choking was wrong. You taught me to do it right. How did you know? But I'm not a killer, why I had to kill you now… Your wide open eyes is overflowing by crazy joyfulness, and I'm scared of this glance. It's tempting me by its turbid turquoise. I can't resist it, I'm going slightly mad and light-hearted. My wandering soul is falling into you…

…You're sitting and coughing. What have I done? I've almost choke you… But you're looking at me and smiling.

- Good boy. You've done it right, my darling…
- We are couple of fucking perverts, you know it?

- Yeah, that's why we are couple.

You're hugging me if it's nothing happened. I'm staring. Pink hair and pale skin is beautifully contrasting with purple sheets. But hand prints on your neck are awful.

- Why are you lost in thoughts again, Gakupo? This night has just begun…

Your whisper is teasing me. I want to kiss you again and steal your breath.