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It seemed that Stefan had come home at just the right time. His brother and Elena were having what sounded to be like a heated discussion in the living room. He snuck over to the door and listened.

"I don't know, Elena…" Damon said.

"Damon, it's the only way. I don't want to live like this anymore. Pining after someone who clearly doesn't want me, under surveillance 24/7, or being Klaus' human blood bag. Damon, if you do this for me, we can leave and never look back," she responded, her voice pleading with him.

"It would be nice not having to watch you every move all the time. The whole damsel-in-distress thing is getting pretty old. But what about the other side of you? The one that cares too much about your friends. What about them?"

There was a pause in the conversation before she answered him. "They'll all be better off without me. Please, Damon."

"What are you two blabbing about?" Stefan decided to make his presence known and stepped around the corner of the wall.

"Nothing, Stefan. It's none of your business," Elena said, crossing her arms across her chest.

"Well, actually, I think anything that has to do with your turning into a vampire is my business," he said with a chuckle.

"Dude, since you don't care about her anymore, what she wants is not up to you," Damon retorted, eyeing Stefan dangerously.

His younger brother laughed menacingly, before shoving Damon against the wall.

"Don't you think about it, brother. You know that Klaus needs her alive for his hybrids."

"Guys, cool it," Elena sighed.

"You don't have to worry about it, brother."

"Good, keep it that way." With that being said, Stefan left the house, with the intention of telling Klaus everything that he had heard.

Klaus was very pleased with him. He ordered Stefan to keep tabs on Damon and Elena, and to feed so that he would be strong enough for a fight if things came down to it, which they probably would. So, he stayed out late hunting, and arrived home just in time to see Elena and Damon driving away in secret. He followed them, curiosity and suspicion clouding his mind seeing as it was after eleven at night, and tracked them to the falls. He watched them get out and start a fire, then he called Klaus.

Once he hung up, he got out of the car and snuck behind a tree. Elena paced back and forth in front of the fire as Damon watched her every step.

"Are you sure about this, Elena? You don't have to do this," he told her.

"Yes, I do, Damon. I just need a minute… to let it sink in and to work up the courage."

A million thoughts were running through his head. That was the thing about his compulsion; Klaus could make Stefan do his bidding, could make him like a complete dick, but he could not stop his thoughts. They always broke through the barrier. And right now he was thinking about the pros and cons of Elena being turned into a vampire.

Pros: she would be around forever, if he ever got let free he could chase her and beg for her forgiveness for as long as it took.

Cons: she did not really want this life, she was only doing it to escape Klaus, so she would be miserable, and she would be with Damon.

His vision clouded with red at that last thought.

If Elena ever decided to change, Stefan had always wanted to be the one to do it. That would bring them even closer together, and would strengthen their bond… The walls closed in around his thoughts, pushing them in until they were no more, literally bringing him to his knees. Klaus' voice echoed through his head. "Turn it off!"

Stefan covered his ear and bit his lip to keep from shouting out. Once all of the sentimental thoughts were gone, he got up and moved towards the clearing, the only thought left being that he could not let Elena turn because Klaus needed her human.

"Bad move, Damon. Thought I didn't have to worry?" he said.

"I lied," Damon shrugged, smirking.

"Well, I called Klaus. He should be here any second to rip you to shreds for trying to take away his most prized possession," Stefan threatened.

"He's right you know," a voice said from behind the trees before Klaus stepped out in front of them.

"Now it's a party," Damon said, his words dripping with sarcasm.

"Stefan, take care of your brother while I deal with Elena," Klaus ordered, and Stefan couldn't help but attack.

"Elena, I thought we had a deal. Things were running so smoothly, and everyone was just starting to get along," Klaus sighed dramatically, "Me and my sister were feeling so at home, and now you lot can't be trusted again."

"Speaking of Rebekah, have you seen her today? Oh, wait, you couldn't have… because I staked her this morning so that she wouldn't be in the way."

Klaus had been slowly advancing towards her, but at those words he stopped.

"You what?" his voice took on a deadly tone and his face contorted in rage.

From the corner of her eye, Elena could see Stefan and Damon fighting hard.

"She's locked in the Salvatore's basement, and that's where she'll stay to rot for the rest of eternity," she growled, turning her attention back to Klaus.

His eyes narrowed and he advanced towards her once more.

Just as he was about to attack, Elena shouted, "Now Bonnie!" and Klaus feel to the ground, his hands gripping at his head as Bonnie came out of the woods, keeping him locked under her spell.

Elena immediately started chanting in Latin, saying the same words that Klaus had used when he first summoned the demon. As she chanted, she pulled out a sharp knife from her back pocket and kneeled down next to Klaus. Adding to the pain that he already felt from Bonnie's spell, she put the knife to his arm and looked him straight in the eyes as she the blade across his skin. She held his arm out away from his body, and allowed the blood to trickle to the ground. Where the blood landed, the ground started to quake and slowly opened up.

"Have fun in Hell, Klaus," Elena whispered, right as Stefan tackled Bonnie to the ground, releasing Klaus from her spell.

Elena's eyes widened in fright as he slowly rose from the ground, the smirk on his face even more terrifying than the glare he had on just moments before. She had not accounted for this.

"You know, I give you credit for trying. Pretending that you were going to become a vampire knowing that Stefan would tell me was quite creative. But did you really think you could get rid of me that easily?"

She tried to get off of the ground, but Klaus was far too fast for her. He kicked her in the stomach, sending her back to the ground, and then he knelt over her.

"Obviously I can't kill you, but I can torture you quite a bit," he lightly traced a finger down her jaw line, "Any last words, Elena?"

"Just two. Venite huc."

Fire burst up from the now bottomless pit that had opened up in the ground from Klaus' blood. It lashed out and flew straight at the hybrid. He shot up and tried to get away, but once he was not fast enough. The flames grabbed him around the ankle tripping him and dragging him to the pit. He was screaming, begging for help, but no one came to help him. Elena watched, hard faced, as the flames sucked Klaus down and the ground closed up once more, silencing his screams forever.

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