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Beyond the Veil

Cold, so cold

I push myself off the floor and look around

Everything looks the same but it's all tinted black

"SIRIUS" yelled out an anguished voice.

I look behind me and see the battle continuing


I look to the source of the voice


I can see he's distraught and crying

"But why" I think "I'm still here"

I see Remus stop Harry from running towards me

"Why did he stop him?"

I stand watching as Dumbledore turns up and ties the rest of the death eaters up

I watch as Bella runs

"She killed him" said Harry getting away from Remus "She killed him, so I'll kill her"

"Killed" I thought, then it struck "The veil" I turned back helplessly watching.

I watched as Harry ran after Bella

I watched as Harry tried to use the Cruciatus on her

I watched as Harry was possessed by Voldemort.

And I watched as Dumbledore told Harry what he knew for years, the prophesy

And tears of anguish fell down my face

I felt useless

I had failed Lily

I had failed James

I had failed Remus

And most of all I had failed Harry

The tears stopped as two hands fell on my shoulders

I turned and faced the owners of them and my breath hitched


A nod


Another nod

Tears came again

"I'm sorry so very sorry I failed you"


I reeled back

"You have not failed us so stop blaming your self and just watch him" said Lily with conviction.

I turned again and watched again

I watched Harry become depressed

I watched Harry promise to avenge me, his parents and Cedric

I watched Harry train to win

I watched him have a real girlfriend

I watched as the two of them grew and trained together

I watched as Harry and she eventually won

And finally I watched him have a family

I smiled; I hadn't failed them after all I had been the catalyst he had needed to win.