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Su Li

That's my name

The Ravenclaw people don't remember or notice

Well unless I show my self anyway

Been unnoticed has it's advantages

For example I get to observe people quite a bit:

I observe the Hufflepuff's

I observe the Slytherin's

I observe the Gryffindor's

And of course I observe the Ravenclaw's as well

But out of all my observations there is a person I can't read

He hides his emotions too well now a days

He used to be shy and quick to anger when insulted

Good at quiddich, hates his fame, good looking with amazing eyes

Now some might think I have a crush on him but I haven't

I'm merely stating fact

But it worries me that I can't read him and it also intrigues me

It intrigues me because even when he's around his friends

He hides his emotions

And because of this, this person has began to grow on me and I can't help but be endeared towards him.

Malfoy is so easy to read he's arrogant, stuck up and has all the cunning of a first year

But he is the only person up till now who could break his mask

But now he is the one who gets his mask of superiority broken

And all it took from his mouth was "I don't care"

Simple but effective as it sent Malfoy's mask reeling

I stop my pondering as he walks in and sits next to his friends

The only thing I observe is that he knows I'm watching

How do I know this?

He winks at me as he sits down

Is he trying to hinder my observations or is he trying something else?

I notice his friend's faces as they look at who he winked at

Hermione Granger looks intrigued

Ron Weasley looks and then starts eating again

And finally Ginny Weasley looks angry

But of course the youngest Weasley would be angry

For she still carries a torch for him

I catch his eye and notice they are sparkling with humour

So he knows

I idly wonder if he observes as much as I

For he seems to notice a lot more than his friends realize

He knows Ginny fancy's him

He knows that Hermione and Ron are dating even thought they haven't told him

And he most definitely knows I find him interesting

Hmm, I wonder if he would be willing to share observations with me some time

For some strange reason I like that idea a bit to much

And I think it shows as he seems to have noticed my slightly glazed look

Maybe I wasn't just stating fact

Maybe I do like him after all

After all no ones ever interested me as much as him

The enigma that is Harry Potter.