World B

Rating: K+(?)
Final Fantasy XIII-2 &
Dissidia : Final Fantasy
Characters: Serah, Lightning
Summary : The Historia Crux went to a lot of places... Provided there was a paradox of some sort. What better place than World B? AU to Dissidia, 12th cycle.

A/N: Hey guys! Totally random idea, right? Yep! I was playing Dissidia, and I guess the cycle or war could be classed as a paradox of sorts (though we know what's causing it and all) and since Serah and Noel are looking for Lightning, shouldn't they look there? Well, if you're reading, enjoy! Slight spoilers for Dissidia, read at your own risk!

Also, HP attack wise, none of them have any Eidolons (revealed) yet, as Lightning's HP attacks are Odin's... I'm making them up for now. Hope you don't mind! Oh and more action scenes, so please tell me what you think?

If the text is in brackets; it's the place name.

If it's in italics, it's a whisper. You'll know who is doing the whispering, don't worry.

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Chapter 01 : Lux Concordiae

(Dream's End)

They fell from the sky.
And landed on their backsides.
Serah was the first to stand up, frowning and looking around. Mog flew upward next to her and 'Kupo'ed in confusion. Noel wasn't far behind. They appeared to be standing on a floating stadium of sorts. Upon looking down, jumping into the swirling orange didn't look too appetising.
To say they were puzzled was an understatement. "Serah, do you recognise this place?"
"Nope. It isn't anywhere on Cocoon at least." She shook her head, and then added "But we might as well take a look around. The only reason we can get anywhere through the Historia Crux is if it's affected by a paradox, right?"
"Yeah, that's right. So what you're saying is that we should try and help?" Noel folded his arms. "Whatever, I suppose. But remember, the future isn't going to save itself."
Serah wandered forward slightly. "Don't think I don't know that, silly. I'm just saying... She might be here and there's no harm in looking!"
Mog followed her, then Noel followed suit. He jogged ahead though shortly after, sensing something was not quite right.

A person ran out from behind, a giant sword in the middle, assuming a battle stance. Another jumped from above them, and stood behind, ambushing them. What shocked the two travellers most was that the two people looked exactly the same, and all over their body, covering their clothes was the same colour. In this case, the two 'people' were docked in yellow, belt adorned with numerous weapons.

Noel and Serah looked at each other. Mog turned into a sword. Noel drew his blades and the two paused, silently agreeing to take down one 'person' each. Then Serah cartwheeled out of the way of a spinning axe and slashed the back of the manikin. Hearing a distorted grunt from the 'warrior', she jumped back and threw a water spell at it. The manikin, after it had recovered, jumped up and fired a bolt of electricity at her. Serah, unsuspecting the bolt, fell onto one knee. She turned her sword to a bow, and fired off three shots before standing and kicking the thing in the face.

Noel, however, wasn't having as much luck. The manikin he was facing seemed to be stalling, annoyingly dodging all of Noel's attacks. Even spells he fired that chased the thing were blocked and sent flying back to him. Getting extremely ticked off, he jumped and stabbed his sword to the ground, casting Slow. His time spent training as a saboteur was obviously not wasted. The manikin at first stopped completely in shock. He took this as an opportunity to let out a full combo of dual-wield greatness on it.

However, no matter how much the two fought, they couldn't seem to get rid of the enemy. They could feel themselves getting a bit stronger, but the Imitation Liegemen never fell.

Serah almost gave up, but as the manikin got a spare moment, it changed it's posture and drew it's bow, it pulled back a glowing arrow, ready to hit Serah. She jumped out of the way, with the arrow flying clean past her shoulder. She had clocked it.

"Use a different attack! Something special! That's what'll do the damage!" She told Noel as Mog turned into a bow. Leaning back slightly and looking up, she fired her best shot; Ultima Arrow. The manikin was skewered, and broke into yellow fragments when the arrows faded. Smiling to herself, she turned, ready to finish the other one off, but then she saw that Noel was already finishing up.

He did something quite simple. All it took was a bit of fiddling with his swords until they merged into a spear like object, jumped up, cast Aero and threw it down. The result was a spinning blade that chopped nicely and cleanly through the Liegeman.

Mog morphed back and the two carried on, muttering about how weird their foes were. They showed up at a cavern moments later. Next to them was a treasure chest and a strange symbol. [Stigma of Chaos: marks end of floor/gateway] First, Noel wondered where that creepy castle went, but then he saw the treasure chest.

"I like this place already! Free stuff!" He went and grabbed what was inside.

"A Sirius? (Gun) Well, better than nothing. You want it? I don't know how to use a gun very well."

Serah gave him the look. The kind of look only a woman could pull off, and Noel sheepishly put the gun in his bag.

"So... Any idea how we get out of here?" He asked.

"There's nothing else here except that... thing. I'll go check it out." She tapped it cautiously with her foot. "Woah!"

(Elven Snowfields)

When the two could see again, they were in some tall grass near a mountain.



"Kupo ku- kupo!"

"I still don't get it Mog..."

"Shut up Noel. Let's go find some people."

In silence they walked eastwards, towards a volcano crater. A few more of those soldiers showed up, one of which had a stupidly long sword, as Noel pointed out. They carried on until they reached another gateway.

"It says that this gate is called," Serah checked the sign. "'Gateway to the Sanctuary'. Hm... Worth a look? It's got this smoky stuff around it. Does that mean something bad?"

Noel shrugged and tried to walk through it, but was met with a brick wall. "Ow! We could walk straight through the other ones!" He whined, rubbing his nose.

"But they had a blue symbol on them. Maybe that's it. The one we went through got one too, but before it must have been like this." Serah smiled. "Let's go, silly."

Her and Mog tapped the symbol and disappeared inside. Noel ran in behind them.

"Be careful!"

(The Rift) [Warning, this scene uses recycled dialogue from the game; Scene: Main Scenario 012:Treachery of the Gods – 032: The Long Way Around]

Noel and Serah hid behind a wall once they heard footsteps. Shhh! Serah put a finger to her lips.

A tanned young man came in from the right, then asked a woman with black hair, "Hey, uh... Tifa? You figure they all made it to Cosmos by now?"

I'm assuming that's Tifa then.

Noel! I'm trying to listen!

"Hmm, I guess they could have. You must be tired, huh?"

He put his hands behind his head. "Of course I am. Laguna led us down the scenic road. I don't know what you were thinking."
Another man, Laguna, they assumed walked in from behind and added, "Yeah, I, uh, coulda sworn this was the quick route. Guess not." He shrugged his shoulders and grinned.

I think he's the joker of the pack, eh, Mog?

Kupo. Mog nodded.

"Yeah, guess not." The blond haired man added in irritation. A woman in a blue kimono looked anxious, and asked, "Well, it can't really be that much farther from here, can it?"

Bless her, she sounds quite frightened. Noel folded his arms. Are we gonna find anything useful here?

"I think I've seen this place before." Laguna, cheering up, piped up and said, "Right! See there? Yuna knows what's up. We went a little out of our way, but we're still on track, no need to complain."

The blond however, squinted and told Yuna, "Yuna? You ought to let him know what you really think. It's for his own good."

Serah looked around a bit. Then she saw a familiar red fabric. Is that...?

"Lightning, time to stop sulking." A masculine voice came from the left of the pinkette.

She unfolded her arms and turned, annoyance evident on her features. "Who's sulking?"

He too, unfolded his arms, then claimed, "Had Laguna not taken charge, we might well never have made it this far."

Serah tapped Noel, who was looking the other way.

Seriously, Serah, is that her? What's she doing here?

The man in purple armour walked towards Lightning, and spoke, "Perhaps his words were mostly false. But even so, they moved us, and that's why we're here."

Lightning looked away. "I know that. Thanks for the refresher." She paused. "Kain. Cosmos called us again. Why do you suppose that is?"
"Who knows?" Was the only reply the ex-soldier got.

"I want... I intend to win this fight." She corrected herself. "I win, and I get my memory back. I get to go back home. I keep telling myself that, just like everyone else. But you know, now that I've been here awhile... Sometimes I wonder if winning really means we'll get to go back home at all. If it might be that winning... won't change a thing. I just... can't help but wonder." She looked worriedly at the clear blue sky surrounding the floating building.

Laguna broke the mood. "What's this? Is it really possible our Lightning's as human as the rest of us?"

"Look, we've all got our worries, but we're trying to do what we can. You gonna lead us now? Or you leavin' that up to me?"
"Anything but that."

"Don't sweat it. We'll figure something out. Long as we stay alive, things are bound to work out, right?"

Kain retorted, more so to Lightning than anyone else. "I'd trust our once wayward guide. He speaks from experience." Laguna looked much smugger at this compliment.


"Shall we then? Relax. Our battle will not be ended so easily."

Lightning had no answer. She stared off into space.

After a brief pause, she said, "No...that it won't."

She walked off.

Noel had to grab Serah's arm to stop her from running off. Once the six people had left, he raised his voice to normal. "Serah, we can't just go off chasing people! You heard her, no memory."
"But Noel, she's my sister! She's gotta recognise me! Are you saying we should just leave her here?"

"No... I didn't- I didn't mean it like that. We're still going to tail them, see where they're going off to. But we can't just go storming in like that."
Serah frowned, jerked her arm away and nodded.

The trio walked further into the gate, and it wasn't far until they met the exit, since the six before them had already rid themselves of the strange creatures that lurked in the gateways.

"Let's wait here. We can still here what's going on outside in that Sanctuary place. Once they've gone, we'll go look around."

(Order's Sanctuary) [See videos 012:Treachery Of The Gods – 033 : At Sanctuary and 034 : The Goddess's Light for reference to the events transpiring here.]

The voices the spies heard were muffled, but they got the gist of whatever the other people were saying. They had missed a bit of conversation at the beginning, but they saw a beautiful woman with flowing blonde hair gaze over her warriors, then let out a stream of blue light to her troops.

The light enveloped around the people there, and without a word, they left, smiling.

"What was that?"
"Looked like a ritual of some sort..." Serah looked to the ceiling. Well, gateways don't really have a ceiling, so she looked upwards. "Should we go ask that woman?"
"Sounds a bit rude, charging in on her though."
"You just think she's pretty, come on you wuss!"

Noel blushed bright red but followed Serah through the exit. Upon walking on the water that flowed on the floor, the woman sensed them.

"I know that you are here. Come here, young warriors."

Serah and Noel cringed. They thought they were stealthier than that. They ran to the centre, not wanting to keep the lady waiting.

"You... I do not recognise you. What are your names, if I may ask?" She sat on the armchair beneath her.

"I am Serah, miss."

"And I'm Noel. Noel Kreiss."
"I am the goddess of harmony, Cosmos. It is a pleasure to meet you. Now please, tell me. How exactly did you get here? This is a dangerous world, ridden with warfare. He told me that it is impossible to leave nor enter, unless summoned my me, Chaos or the great dragon."

"Um..." Noel started scratching his head. "It's a long story, but basically Serah and I, are going throughout time in our world, because our future is apocalyptic. On the side, though, we're looking for her sister. Lightning. Have you seen her?"
Way to go being subtle, Noel. Serah reminded herself to kick Noel later.

"Yes, I summoned her not too long ago. Your story interests me. You have to solve paradoxes too, correct?"
"How did you know that, miss Cosmos?"
"I am a goddess, Serah. I find out a lot of things."
"So why did you ask us?" Serah was once more confused. If she knew about us, why ask us?
"To see if you are trustworthy. It isn't very often when I do not have a knight by my side, so I am quite vulnerable at the moment. It wouldn't do to kill of harmony, would it now?" Cosmos smiled, but she smiled weakly. She knew all too well what the fates of these two travellers would be, should Chaos or Shinryu catch them. She then noticed how worried Serah had looked when she said she had summoned Lightning to fight for her. "Do not worry so much, Serah. The Lightning I summoned here is not the same as the one you are looking for. I was not the one to rid her from your world."

"Then who could have taken her?" Noel added, slightly angered that the Goddess looked unlikely to give a straight answer.

"That is to do with the laws and gods of your world. I cannot change what was done there, but I could observe some of it. Now, I hate to ask this of you, but you two are going to be looking for a way back to your world now, correct?"

The goddess was answered with two nods.

"Please, could you help me? I have been at war with Chaos for so long. All I wish for is some freedom. My warriors have gone forth to fight Chaos's army, but I know the six you saw before coming here have a different fate. Please, could you help them? You will be travelling all over this world, a portal to your time must be somewhere. I fear for their existence."

Upon hearing this, the two looked up. Was she really serious about this? Not their lives, but their existence? Noel looked more shocked than Serah. Serah acted before Noel could think to.
"Of course. It's in both of our best interests. So could you tell us about this world? We saw men who looked exactly the same, and they both tried to kill us!"

"Ah, those are manikins. They take on the appearance of warriors summoned here, and fight like them two. They appear to be Chaos's main source of power. They inhabit the land and the gateways and will attack anyone who comes near them. They also appear to take on a different colour depending on which world the original came from. There shouldn't be any that look like you, either, since you just arrived."

"Is there anything else we should know? Does anyone else live here?"
"No. There are a few Moogles that run shops for Kupo Points (KP), and an equipment shop here, but no one else lives here. Oh! How silly of me. Here's a map of this world. We can't have you getting lost now can we?"

A map appeared in Serah's hand. She opened it and read it aloud.
"Order's Sanctuary. We're here, right? We came from the Elven Snowfields, and past there is Melmond Fens and Cornelia Plains. Straight north is the Land of Discord. I'm assuming that that is Chao's headquarters. Near there, going east is the Bahamut Isles and the Mirage Sandsea. Where will those guys be headed?"

"North is your best bet. Not all of them have another person from their world on Chaos's side, so they might be headed straight for the god himself." Cosmos added. "Thank you, you two."

The two walked away from the goddess, who needed to rest.

"Helping a goddess, eh? Didn't know I had it in me."
"Quit being so smug! We have people to save!"
"Now look who's trying to be a hero!"

"Oh! Almost forgot!" Serah jumped and kicked Noel in the shins. "That is for being oh-so subtle back there. Let's go, slowpoke!"

A/N : I'm going to stop it there. So, did you guys like it? And yes, I do like using official dialogue in the very few fanfictions I have places, by the way, are all from Dissidia, so for people who don't like names of places, here's a quick guide.

Dream's End – Place where you fight Braska's Final Aeon in FFX, and resident stage for Tidus, Jecht and Yuna. The one that looks like a stadium? The giant sword in the middle's hard to miss.

Elven Snowfields – On the world map. It's where Tifa goes at one point, and it is the mountain surrounded by grass. It looks cold there. Know it yet?
The Rift – Not quite sure about it's relevance in FFV, not played it, but resident stage for Bartz, Exdeath and Gilgamesh. Giant floating castle, moving pillars everywhere! The stupidly blue sky is rather, uh... noticable.

Order's Sanctuary – Quite obvious. Cosmos's homebase. The water on the floor and green Quickmove lines make it recognisable.

All the notes on the videos? Get out your copy of Dissidia 012, go to the main menu, hit Collection (The one with Yuna by it), go to museum, and theatre. Alternatively, go into Story Mode, 012:Treachery of the Gods – The Twelfth Cycle and Prologue – Path to the Sanctuary and watch it there. It's one of the first videos you see in the game, so you shouldn't have missed it.

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