One Year Later

Alot has changed for Bella and I over this past year, alot has also stayed the same too. We had to stay in Forks for over a month after the night we dealt with the Elite Eleven as the investigation was conducted.

We were questioned, both individually and together so that the police could have our side of the story. It only took them three days to finish with us, although they asked us to stay in town until everything wrapped up in case the prosecutors needed to testify against Jacob.

Our alibi checked out rather quickly. We actually had booked a room at a hotel in Port Angeles for the night...using the excuse that I wanted to do something nice and take Bella out for a romantic date night. And we had stopped at the gas station along the way and faked a phone call from Emmett where he invited us to come and meet up with him and everyone else. Making sure there were enough people at the gas station that overheard my conversation was key...especially the part where they heard me say that I would love to get together so we could put the past behind us and try to move forward as's not my fault the good members of the Forks police force were too stupid to actually check phone records.

I'm not quite sure what it was that Bella gave Jacob in that last dose, but he never was the same after it. The whole time the police tried to question him, he kept muttering about revenge and how "Now they're all gone." His ramblings, the very public knowledge of the abuse he had suffered over the years from the Elite Eleven, and the fact that he was found with blood on his clothes and a knife in his hands was enough to make his public defender work out a plea deal. Jacob is now living out the rest of his days at a hospital for the criminally insane. The only way he'll ever be let out is if he is later evaluated to have the mental capacity to stand trial and even then...he'd have to go before a jury and be found not guilty.

The funny part of everything is that Bella and I had fully intended on heading back home when everything was done and over with. But, by the time we were supposed to go, we had fallen in love with living in Forks. Maybe it was because we had no more demons there haunting us. Now people look at us with respect. It might have also been that word got spread by Charlie's deputies that Bella and I fought so hard and did whatever we could not only to survive, but to try to save the others. It seemed like we were the town heros now...the prodigal children who had finally come home.

Whatever the reason, Bella and I finally felt like we had found our home, and decided to find ourselves a house. The icing on the cake was when they held the special election since with Emmett dead, the town needed a new mayor, and everyone pushed for me to run. I talked to Bella about it, and we decided to go for it, hoping to use the position as a platform to institute zero tolerance policies for bullying within the schools and anti bullying programs that would be sponsored by the town government. Needless to say, I won by a landslide.

We attended all the funerals for the Elite Eleven, and it seemed like more people than we ever knew about were glad to see them gone. They had tormented so many people over the years, it was a wonder how no one had managed to kill any of them yet.

After the funerals ended though, Bella and I started getting that itch again. We needed to get hunt again. I think our bloodlust for revenge became ingrained in us after all we did, so we began again. This time however, it was a bit different.

We took our time. We were even more careful than before, after wouldn't do for the mayor and his wife to be arrested for murder. Taking a page out of Dexter's book, we chose carefully, making sure the people we chose deserved what they got. We only chose one a month, and they were always from Seattle, Portland, Tacoma, or some other surrounding city. Our victims were murderers, abusers, molesters...scum of the earth that no one would ever miss.

Our activities were put to a back burner the past five months though with Bella being pregnant. She and I both agreed that we didn't want to be doing anything that could jeopardize our baby. We had just found out that we were having a boy, and Bella and I couldn't be happier, although we were looking forward to getting back out there and taking our knives to those who deserved it once the baby was born.

All in all, everything worked out better than we planned. Bella and I finally found peace. We found our place where we belonged, and we were beginning a family of our own. It seemed, in the end, that the key to it all was retribution.

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