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I thought I'd make a blue water high series because I enjoy the show. It's going to differ a bit but it'll be fine…I hope. The first chapter, every things going to go by really quickly, but after that I promise it'll slow down a bit.

Chapter 1

Bec sat in her chair, looking at the pictures on the wall. She noticed her class on the wall. She missed every single person in that class. She missed Fly's cuteness, and Perri's beauty. She missed Anna's accent, and Heath's horrible jokes. She missed how competitive edge was, and the friendship that Matt gave. She wanted them to come back to her. It had been seven years, and she was 23.

She gazed at the stack of papers piled on her desk which was enough to make her cry. She couldn't do all the work alone. Even the help of Gary wasn't enough to get by. She picked up the phone and dialed Angus. "Hello, Angus? Yeah it's Bec Sanders. I've been doing some thinking and I can't do all this work alone. I've been doing it this way for 3 years and it's getting to be a bit much for me. Do you think you could get me some help?" she asked through the phone. "I've been thinking the same thing Miss Sanders. With the new rooms, we're putting the boys back into the same room, and the girls in the same room to make room for your new helpers. You'll be splitting the responsibility as of tomorrow when they arrive." The dull flat tone sounded as the conversation ended. That was it for her? She didn't even get any names. This was going to annoy her and the only thing that would be on her mind.

She looked at the three new boys she was going to get. A boy named Garret, 16. He looked tall in the picture, and blonde. His stats were amazing, and his records even better. Reef, 16 though his stats weren't as impressing. He seemed like a slacker. The last boy's name was Malcolm, 15. His record was quite impressive considering his age. Unfortunately his record was flagged signaling that he was a trouble maker. Great just her luck.

She flipped through the girl's folder next. Taylor 16, amazing surfer and also Garrets twin sister. Jordan, 16 with a competitive and great. Erin 15, a racer. She competed mostly in surf races. That was a task that would prove to be difficult for her to teach. She wanted to meet the new arrivals and her new coworkers. She sorted out the files on the desk making each pile neatly stacked. A knock on the door came and Gary opened it. "Somebody is here for you," said Gary. She nodded and followed behind.

"It's been awhile hasn't it?" asked Matt who was standing in the doorway. She jumped on him pulling him into a big hug. "Matt! I missed you," she said. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "I'm here to help. I was called and told that they needed some people to help you out." Butterflies churned in her stomach from looking at him. "So who do you reckon is going to help out besides me?" he asked. "I don't know, but I'm happy you're here." She finally found out who was helping her. She was almost certain she knew who else was going to be the extra help.

They sat down sipping on coffee and catching up. "So how are things with you and Perri? Fly said that you two were getting back together," asked Bec. "Well we did for a few weeks, but I realized that I liked somebody else and that I was only settling for her. I think I've been doing that since the day I met her," answered Matt. She was almost confused by his answer but she thought it be best to leave it alone…for now. Matt didn't want to admit that he sort of had a small crush on Bec but he thought it be best if he left I alone too… for now.

Bec hadn't noticed Gary until he cleared his throat. "Oh right Matt this is Garry. He's the couch, and Gary this is Matt. He'll be that extra help I needed," she introduced them to each other. Friendly nods were given from one another. I hope that guy isn't my competition, I hope Edge isn't coming. Maybe I have a small shot. I reckon she wouldn't have the same feelings Matt thought to himself. He allowed Gary to show him to his room and settled in. "So I hear you made the circuit mate. True?" asked Gary. "Yeah I got a sponsorship and won a few. Taking a year or two off to do this," he answered.

The three fell asleep on the couch leaving movies on the screen in front of them. They were awakened by a knock on the door. Matt jumped up and pried the door open only to see heath standing there. "Hey mate! How's it been going for you?" asked Heath. "Better than for you I reckon." Heath walked in and got the same introduction to Gary as Matt. "How's life been?" he was asked. "Great I guess. I did some free surfing and some photography with edge, and I went to some different comps. Nothing big really."

Another knock on the door. "Fly! Anna!" Bec shouted. The two walked in after getting suffocating hugs from the others. "Now it's your turn to tell us your story," said Bec. "You know mine," said Fly. "I haven't been doing much. I got back into kite boarding. I've won two titles. I also won a few surfing titles. That's pretty much it," said Anna. Another knock on the door. Perri. "Hey Perri! How's it going?" asked Anna. "Fine I suppose." She gazed at Matt whose head was facing the table. "But Edge will be here soon. He's just getting his things out of the drive way." Garry took the others to their rooms, as Matt continued to look at the table. When edge walked in, Bec felt it necessary to give him a proper greeting, Matt did as well. "What have you been up to mate?" asked Matt. "Nothing really. Just teaching surfing lessons to some kids and tourists."

Bec looked at her watch after an hour of catching up. "Oh come on guys the kids will be here any minute," she announced. A boy and a girl walked in to the smiling people around them. "You must be Garret and Taylor," said Bec. "Yeah it's nice to meet you," said the boy. Another boy and girl walked in next. "Jordan, pleasure to meet you," said the girl. "Malcolm's the name, surfing is the game," said the boy. They shook hands with the others. "Nice to see we have another humorous person in the house," said Heath. "No I'm pretty sure it's just him," teased Perri. Another girl walked in five minutes after the others. "And you must be Erin," said Fly. She smiled a fake looking smile and nodded. Oh she's one of those girls thought Fly.

It was almost a half an hour before the last boy arrived. He walked through the door with a shocked look on his face. "And you must be Reef," said Bec. "Reef Leyland, nice too meet you," said Reef. "Oh that's funny. Matt here has the last name Leyland," said Fly. "I know he's my older brother," said Reef. "You're kidding right?" asked Edge. "Unfortunately he isn't. Why didn't you tell me you made Solar Blue?" asked Matt. "Well I didn't reckon it would be on your mind. After all you were in the circuit." Well this is a strange turn of events. I didn't even know Matt had a brother. I thought it to be a coincidence that he was from Kings and they had the same last name but I didn't think they could be brothers thought Bec.

Heath examined the two boys head from toe. "They really are brothers," said Heath aloud. "Yeah except he's a total dunce," Matt teased while playfully punching Reef's arm. "Not a total dunce I reckon," Fly said staring at the boy. Matt noticed and laughed to himself. Edge was studying the lot looking at the new students. "So what will we be doing?" asked Edge. "Fly and Perri are taking the role of Jillie, Matt will take on the responsibility of a homework helper and an assistant couch. Heath you'll also be an assistant couch and you'll be on carpool duty. Edge will be cleaning boards, loading the car, and naturally helping out. Anna will help me with anything else I need," said Bec. They all nodded please with their newly acquired jobs. Edge was a little disappointed that he didn't get a job like Matt or Heath.

Bec looked at the faces she would be living with for a year. She missed the familiar ones, and was excited to work with the new ones. Fly was excited just to be there with them all. Heath was sitting on the couch surrounded by the others. He couldn't help but wish for a second chance with Fly. It was all he could think about right now. He just broke up with his old girlfriend that he left Fly for in the first place. Her features were lit by the sunset that shone in from the window. Her laugh was contagious and cute, and her eyes were that of a puppy dogs.