Chapter 14

"Wake up Malcolm. Malcolm wake up," Erin said shaking him from his sleep. "What?" he asked still sleepy. "We're going for a run with Garry. He has some stuff to go over with us," she answered. "Alright I'll be down in a minute," he answered. She nodded and left him to his thoughts. He through on his shorts and running shoes. He thought of yesterday and how Reef got to visit his family. Malcolm wanted to speak to his parents so much but they were in some mansion over in America. He missed his dad and mom and his three sisters and one brother. He wanted to talk to his grandmother and play with his new baby cousin. Instead he would be going for a seven k run.

Matt woke up to Bec shaking him. "What is it?" he asked. "Telephone," she said. He took the phone and answered it. "Hello? Yeah…ok…is she alright? I'll get him…yeah…I'll meet you there," he said as Bec tried to make sense of the conversation. "Is everything alright?" she asked. "No not really. Look I'm going to have to take Reef out of training, it's an emergency," he answered. "Well what happened?" she asked in worry. "Our little sister Sophie just got diagnosed with leukemia. He's really close with her," he announced with sorrow. "Oh my god. Take all the time you need Mattie," she said and hugged him. "Yeah now we just need to tell Reef. Would you mind coming with me?" he asked. "Of course come on," she said.

Reef ran, pushing himself to lead. His legs were sore and his pulse was rising. "Reef, bring it in!" Garry shouted as Bec and Matt spoke with him. He already knew something went wrong before he reached them. "Come on Reef we need to talk to you inside," Bec said guiding him inside. The first thought was that he was going to have to leave the academy. "What's going on guys?" he asked.

Matt was reluctant to answer, but he knew it was vital. "It's Sophie Reef." Reef's legs went numb and he felt completely weak. "What? What happened to her?" he demanded. "She was diagnosed with leukemia yesterday. We're going to go visit her today that's why they're back here," Matt explained. Reef fell to the ground the pain in his wasn't even there anymore. Matt watched as the pain in his eyes returned. It was taking everything in him not to let tears fall. He helped Reef up and Bec and he drove to the hospital in Matt's car as Reef cried in the back.

The five teenagers sat in the warm sand in front of Garry. "Alright guys we have something that just came up and I really have to talk," he announced. "Well what is it?" they all asked impatiently. "Well all I'm really going to tell you for now is that Reef and Matt are going through a family crisis and they're going to need some help. So if you have the extra time taking a share of their chores would really help," he said. "Yeah sure anything you need. So can you tell us what happened?" Jordan asked. "No I'll leave that up to them."

Heath searched the house trying to find Fly. "Hey Edge, have you seen Fly?" he asked. "Um I think she went surfing," he answered. This was the perfect opportunity to take a few pictures. He tip toed out behind the tall rock wall and angled the camera in the hope of getting the perfect picture of her. The tail of her board was controlling the waves and she really tore it up, making it a good day for some photography. He could remember the other pictures he and Fly first took. His best one was one of Fly airborne above the wave.

"Hey mum," Matt said. "Hello son. And you must be Bec," she said. "Yes it's nice to meet you," Bec introduced herself with a polite tone. "How's she doing?" Reef asked. "She's nauseous but other than that she is doing quite well," she answered. They walked into the room where she was lying in the bed. "How are you feeling Sophie?" Reef asked. "Fine," she answered. Matt watched as his sister lye in the bed in front of him. He pulled the doctor out of the room to find out information that nobody else was telling him. "How long does she have?" he asked. "Well actually since we discovered it early on and with the proper treatment, she has a pretty good chance of surviving this," he said. The smallest flicker of hope flashed within Matt. "Oh and Mr. Leyland, might I suggest that you begin your therapy on your arm. It might get you back into the water soon," Dr. Samuels said. "Thanks I promise I will."

Perri lye in her bed tired and not ready to face the day. "I hope you feel alright today," Edge said sitting in his newly acquired chair. "Not really." She sat up staring at her chum bucket. Her stomach wrenched and the pain was overwhelming, but nothing would happen. "Care for some breakfast?" he asked. "I'll try some thanks," she said not really sure of her answer. She waited and flipped through the channels as she searched for her programs.

"So I hear you haven't been going to therapy," Bec said announcing her presence in the car as her and Matt drove home. "Yeah well I can assure you I'll start going," he said. "See to it that you do. You need to be healthy if we're going to go on that Sydney tour together," she said smiling. "How'd you find out?" he asked confused. "I don't know if you noticed but Heath isn't good at keeping his mouth shut," she teased. He smiled leaning over and kissing her as he tried to focus on the road ahead of him.

"School time!" Garry yelled from the bottom of the stairs. "Coming," Jordan replied. "What do you reckon we'll have for homework?" asked Taylor. "Probably math, math, and uh more math," said Malcolm. "Don't suppress the joy," Heath said as he walked towards the two new vans.