Log out. Now.

Why do you spend so much time online?

Facebook. Twitter. Tumblr.

It's all the same.

Comment on a status. Follow a celebrity. Reblog a picture.

How unoriginal.

You spend your life looking for some hilarious quote to post on your social networking site. And for what? So that a few, bored strangers can like it.

Perhaps you go on the internet to research something. Ctrl+C. Ctrl+V does not count. Anyone could do that. You're not working. You're not learning. You are letting the machine do the work. Stop being so lazy.

Stop caring about your facebook status. Stop caring about the new iPhone. Stop caring about some dim-witted, brainless celebrity and how they spend their day.

You are not how many friends you have. You are not your followers. You are not that quote copied from the internet. You are not your fucking playstation.

You are the all-browsing, all-syncing crap of the web.

Get out there.




Fight for something.

Or I will find you.