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Chapter one

"I cannot give him long, our powers are too different and he is as Gabriel now not Loki. He will have three days at the most. Give him my thanks and…tell him I am sorry. Good luck," Kali said softly before brushing her hand over Gabriel's chest. Sam and Dean watched as Kali disappeared and seconds passed that seemed to linger before Gabriel suddenly arched and sucked in a deep breath.

"W…what…" Gabriel blinked trying to sit up before groaning and clutching his chest.

"Kali brought you back, we have three days to heal you properly at the most," Sam explained quickly as he started wrapping the wound.

"Th…three days huh? H…hope you boys work w…well with a time limit," Gabriel chuckled.

"It's what we do best," Dean grinned but his hazel eyes were worried as he took in the blood Gabriel was losing.

"We need to get him to Bobby's and start researching," Sam said trying to pull himself together.

"H…healing angels 101," Gabriel snorted than groaned. "F…fuck that hurts,"

"I'll call Cas," Dean said as he pulled out his phone.

"I got a whole lot of nothing! How's he doing?" Dean frowned stomping into the living room.

"He is sleeping again. He gets weaker by the hour," Castiel said quietly looking up from the book he had been pouring over to look at his brother worriedly.

"We still have time," Dean tried to comfort the angel who had been distressed at finding his older brother dying.

"S…s…six ho…urs. N…not the b…best…bet," Gabriel's voice drew them to the fact he was awake again. His skin was grey and he had a permanent grimace of pain.

"We've had worse," Dean shrugged. Before anyone could say anything else the sound of a powerful engine echoed through Bobby's yard making them all freeze. Bobby and Sam came out of the 'library' and Castiel stepped over to where Gabriel was lying on the sofa. Sharing a look Sam, Dean and Bobby grabbed their guns and the brothers edged towards the windows. What they saw had them blinking.

"That's a Porsche Boxster S," Sam breathed out staring at the red car almost reverently.

"What's a car like that doing here?" Bobby asked pointedly taking the safety off his gun. The doors of the Porsche opened and a man and woman stepped out almost simultaneously.

"Your sure this is the place?" The man asked looking doubtfully up at Bobby's house.

"These were the coordinates," the woman shrugged slipping her sunglasses onto the top of her head. The man was lithe and not more than a few inches taller than the woman. They looked about twenty at the most. The man had ink black hair that was pulled into a messy ponytail that fell to the base of his neck in a wavy mass, high cheekbones and red full lips stood out making him look slightly androgynous. He was wearing a pair of painted on black jeans and a black tank top with a white baggy jumper that fell off one of his shoulders. A pair of black leather boots came to his knees and he had a pair of sunglasses perched on his nose. The woman had brown curly hair that had an untameable look to it, her eyes were searching and intelligent as she looked around. She was slender but athletic looking, a pair of ¾ length jeans and a pink vest top with leather sandals gave her a relaxed feel. Both were tanned a light gold. What struck them was the English accents both of them supported.

"Oh well, may as well knock then," the man shrugged before heading up the porch with the woman. The three hunters glanced to each other before moving silently to the front door as well reaching it just as there was a knock. They shared another look before Bobby opened the front door.

"Can I help you?" Bobby asked looking between them.

"Erm…yeah we're looking for Bobby Singer?" The woman asked smiling tightly as her eyes scanned him and took in his body language.

"What for exactly?" Bobby's eyes narrowed on them watching as they shifted slightly, their body's moving into positions that would be better if they were suddenly attacked.

"Er…right…Tessa sent us," The man said, obviously hoping Bobby would get his gist, whatever it was.

"Tessa? I don't know any Tessa," Bobby scowled.

"Ah bollox. Er… Tessa Reaper?" The man tried.

"What are you…"

"Wait! Do you mean Tessa the reaper?" Dean interrupted Bobby stepping out from the right of the door.

"See I told you we had the right place!" The woman grinned at the man.

"Hermione I was not walking up to someone's door and going to say 'hey Tessa the reaper sent me saying you have a dying angel that may need some help!'" The man huffed crossing his arms.

"Would have saved the whole, Tessa sent us, Tessa who, stuff," the woman snorted.

"Wait! Tessa sent you to help Gabriel?" Sam stepped out as well.

"How many of you are behind there?" The woman asked incredulously trying to peer around them for anyone else.

"Yes Tessa sent us. She's a sort of friend. She heard about your angel and asked if I would help. Something about thanking you for saving her at a seal?" The man answered as though the woman hadn't spoken.

"You can save Gabriel?" Sam asked.

"I can give it a go, I'm a healer. Oh I'm Harry Potter-Black by the way, this is Hermione Granger-Black," the man smiled offering his hand. He blinked when a hipflask was placed in it instead.

"Sorry kid, got to make sure," Bobby shrugged. Harry glanced at Hermione confused.

"I think its holy water," she said.

"Oh…alright," Harry shrugged before taking a swig and handing it to Hermione who copied him.

"Alright come on in," Bobby said slowly rolling his wheelchair out the way. The two of them hesitated for barely a second before stepping into the house.

"So when you say Healer?" Dean asked as he closed the door behind them.

"Natural born wizard and witch," Hermione said before wincing when they all pulled weapons.

"Natural born! NATURAL…BORN!" Harry emphasised stepping in front of Hermione.

"Those are rare over here boy, the chances are your lying," Bobby scowled cocking his gun.

"Hence the fucking accents!" Harry snapped waving his hand in front of his mouth.

"So what? You came all the way over here to heal Gabriel?" Dean asked sceptically.

"Yeah and this is the thanks we get. Next time we'll just take the vacation," Hermione huffed.

"Tessa said it was important that he got healed, so here we are, at gunpoint for our troubles," Harry gritted out.

"You really are natural borns? I've got very little information on natural borns, you stay pretty private," Sam said eagerly as they lowered their guns.

"Yeah we tend to keep private. So you have a dying archangel? We drove for two days straight to get here, so we should probably do this before he dies," Hermione asked pointedly.

"Oh, right! Right through here," they led the two through to the living room where Castiel was still researching and Gabriel seemed to be nodding off again.

"Who are they? They are powerful," Castiel frowned standing.

"Oh…wow…" Harry gasped freezing in the doorway staring at Castiel and Gabriel.

"What? Harry what's wrong?" Hermione asked concerned. Harry didn't even twitch or look away from the angels.

"Wings…light…Merlin they really are angels!" Harry said absently.

"You can see their wings?" Dean asked shocked.

"That should not be possible while we are in our vessels," Castiel frowned slightly and even Gabriel forced himself into a more upright position.

"Yes well Harry here has never been one for following the rules," Hermione laughed amused walking over the sofa and dropping her handbag on the coffee table. They were finally distracted from staring at Harry staring at the angels when Hermione's arm disappeared to her shoulder into her bag.

"What the fuck!" Dean swore catching the image in his peripheral and turning to stare.

"It's in here somewhere…ah here we go. Harry stop gawping at the angels and help me start healing him," Hermione muttered as she started lining vials of various coloured potions up.

"Huh? Oh right yeah, sorry. Right, I need to get a feel for how your…life force? Is connected to the vessel so we can heal both," Harry explained seeming to snap into professional mode. He walked over to the angels and rested his hands on Gabriel's forehead and heart. He went completely still and seemed completely oblivious to everything including when Hermione started pulling out books and explaining what they would be doing.

"Harry will be healing Gabriel's…life force…urgh did he have to make it sound so star wars? Anyway he will be healing Gabriel's life force while I will heal his vessel. From what we have guessed the injury to his…life force is stopping his vessel from healing so we need to fix up both preferably at the same time," Hermione explained.

"Is it possible to heal angels?" Sam frowned.

"We're about to find out," Harry answered pulling away. "Alright I have a lock on the join between angel and vessel. I can get between it and start healing. Hermione, I need you to keep a watch on me, when you feel I'm halfway there start healing his vessel. Gabriel, I need you to relax and let me in, it will feel…intrusive and probably like your skin is being stretched too thin, but you need to allow it alright?" Harry instructed. Slowly Gabriel nodded and Harry smiled warmly.

"Is there anything we can do?" Sam asked hesitantly. Harry turned to look at them startled before smiling again.

"Some angelic sigils would help, but aside from that it will just take time," Harry said before turning and replacing his hands where they had been. A minute later Gabriel gasped and arched before seeming to pass out. After they drew as many angelic sigils as they could in the living room they just had to watch. Hermione kept placing her hand on Harry's shoulder at regular intervals before going back to researching through her books. It took four hours and a lot of pacing from Castiel before Hermione after touching Harry again started to pick up the vials and pour them either into Gabriel's mouth or onto the wound before she took her wand out and started chanting various spells. Everyone moved back into the living room to watch as they worked, it took an hour before Hermione stepped back with a huge gulp of air and seconds later Harry stumbled back before his knees gave in. Sam reacted quickly grabbing Harry around the waist and holding him up as he trembled.

"You ok?" Sam asked concerned.

"T…tired, s…seat," Harry gasped gripping onto Sam's arm as tightly as he could manage.

"Alright…erm hold on," Sam glanced around before placing his arm underneath Harry's knees and scooped him up to put him on a seat in corner.

"T..thanks. M…Mion..e?" Harry asked.

"She's sleeping," Dean said coming over.

"V…vials…grey, one…each," Harry instructed. Sam nodded before hurrying over to the remaining vials and grabbed 2 grey ones. He threw one to Bobby who was by Hermione before unstoppering the other bottle and pressing it to Harry's lips. They watched stunned as smoke came out their ears.

"Woah!" Dean blinked sniffing the vial curiously.

"P…pepper up," Harry grinned. "I need p…protein and s…sugar,"

"I'll go cook you something. I think we have pie and some chocolate bars, will they do for sugar?" Bobby asked.

"T..that's brilliant. Do you have a…any pop?" Harry asked.

"Erm…pop?" Sam, Dean and Bobby looked at each other confused.

"Erm…coke? F…fanta? Sprite?" Harry said slowly.

"Oh! Soda!" Bobby nodded disappearing into the kitchen quickly.

"Is she alright?" Dean asked glancing over at where Hermione was sleeping on the other sofa.

"Magical exhaustion. She needs to sleep it off," Harry explained tiredly pulling his feet under him.

"But you worked for longer and it sounded like your bit was more difficult," Sam said curiously.

"I'm more powerful. We have different magical levels completely dependent on what potential your born with. Hermione is a strong witch but healing is draining, especially when Gabriel's vessel and soul were so damaged and there some sort of force on the wound fighting me from closing it," Harry explained slowly. "Thank you," he smiled at Bobby as he brought him a large glass of coke and a huge slice of cherry pie.

"What's with the glasses dude?" Dean asked interrupting Harry guzzling back the coke.

"Hm? Oh, my eyes tend to freak people out," Harry shrugged looking shy.

"Can we see?" Sam asked. Harry paused eating his pie and hesitated.

"It really does freak people out," he warned them.

"Dude we've seen freaky and dealt with it," Dean shrugged.

"O…okay," Harry bit his lip before reaching up to slide his glasses off his face. When he raised his eyes both the brothers gasped as they took in the almost neon, glowing shade of green shot with gold.

"Wow!" they said in unity staring at the completely unique eyes.

"See, freaky," Harry smiled sadly making to put his glasses back on but Sam's hand over his prevented him.

"They're cool man! Have they always been like that?" he asked still staring.

"Er no, it kind of just happened when I died," Harry shrugged staring at them as though they were unstable and about to attack him at any moment.

"Oh, how did you come back?" Dean asked settling onto the coffee table.

"Er…possessed objects that made me the Master of Death, came back and killed the bastard that killed me. It was prophesied. People normally freak out more when I tell them I died," Harry stated as he started eating his pie again.

"Sammy died getting stabbed in the back, I made a deal with a demon and brought him back but only had a year. I went to hell for four months up here and got dragged back by Cas over there. There have also been close misses like heart attacks and Gabriel playing a trick on us where I died about 100 times," Dean shrugged.

"Good to know it's not just me," Harry chuckled looking a lot more comfortable.

"Thank you for healing my brother," Castiel said stepping away from where he had been checking Gabriel over finally.

"It's no problem," Harry smiled warmly at the angel. "Erm…brother? Like biologically?" Harry asked confused.

"Angels call each other brothers and sisters. Never really asked if there are angelings," Sam realised looking to Castiel.

"We can have fledglings but they are very rare, I was one of the last fledglings to be born," Castiel explained.

"So do angels have mates?" Harry asked curiously.

"We do, it is rare but it happens," Castiel nodded.

"Cool. So how did he get in that state?" Harry asked curiously nodding to Gabriel.

"Erm…you know about Lucifer and the whole apocalypse thing?" Dean asked hesitantly.

"Yeah we got filled in on that part," Harry nodded.

"Well he decided to help us and stood up to Lucifer and he stabbed him with an archangels blade," Sam explained.

"It was his choice to step forwards, and he's going to be fine. None of you should blame yourselves," Harry advised as he finished his pie. When he looked up they were all looking him shocked. "What? It was written across your faces, even feathers here," Harry chuckled.

"Oh, sorry. This is Castiel," Sam made the introduction.

"Gabriel is my big brother, we fought the last time we met, and accused him of being a coward. He would not have put himself in that position if we had not spoken to him like that," Castiel looked back to Gabriel with a slight frown. Harry reached out and touched his fingers to the back of the angel's hand getting his attention back.

"Families fight, you can argue about silly things or big things. But they know you still love them, no matter what's said or happens," Harry advised.

"Besides last time he beat you up, so it's not exactly your fault," Dean added.

"Perhaps. So he is fully healed?" Castiel asked Harry.

"He's fully healed. The strain of the injury as well as the sudden healing will mean he's a bit tired and rough, but give it a few days and he'll be back to normal," Harry nodded letting it go.

"So you going to hang around the next few days to make sure everything's alright with him? See the job through?" Sam asked hopefully. Harry raised an eyebrow at him, tilting his head curiously.

"Perhaps, Bobby won't mind us sticking around?" Harry asked hesitantly.

"This place seems to be a stop off shop for hunters and angels, why not add a couple of natural borns. You can magic up beds right?" Bobby asked rolling back into the room with a plate of steak and mash.

"Hermione can when she wakes up," Harry nodded shyly.

"Because of how much magic you used?" Sam asked curiously.

"That and I'm not brilliant at transfiguration, it tends to disappear before I want it to," Harry explained sheepishly.