Transformers Prime - Our daily life

Episode 8 - Oh not again!

There was for sure something yesterday, but now, no one didn't know what... Actually, no one didn't even know his own name. The yesterday party was a big blast; everything was a total mess now. Megatron slowly, very slowly got out from under of table. He groaned and rubbed his sore head. He really shouldn't drink so much. He then looked around and after while he yelled loud "yes" in joy. Everyone was wasted, total success. It was the best party of the whole millennium. He wanted to pay a little visit to bathroom, but he looked under table. When he saw Optimus curled under blanket, he snorted and poked Prime. Optimus just purred in his sleep and Megatron let him sleep and began to check number of dead victims. To his bad luck, everyone was alive. Knockout was sleeping on bar with a sash, signed: "The most beautiful in the universe." Ratchet was wasted right under the bar with adult magazine on his face and bikini. For some unknown reason, Arcee was sleeping in fridge, and damn, all beer was gone. Bumblebee was lying with face on water table of the pool. Megatron then tripped over something and he saw it was one of Soundwave's tentacles. Oh, now he remembered what his third in command was doing last night. Well he didn't remember everything and he doubted anyone here actually does.

Soundwave was lying with his face deep in the pillow and his tentacles lying everywhere. Well... There will be a lot to talk about at dinner. Because Megatron didn't think anyone will be fit to talk at dinner. And it looked like Starscream is sleeping on the roof.

When they gathered at dinner, everyone was just hardly chewing. Only Megatron was looking very content. Starscream wasn't even eating and his head was lying in the dish, full of food. Knockout noticed Soundwave is still up in his room and decided to check him. Soundwave was still lying there; Knockout came to him and rubbed his back.

"Wake up Sounds." The other Decepticon slowly opened his eyes and grumbled. He began to withdraw his tentacles and then wrapped himself into blanket. "Ok Sounds, don't talk, you talked enough last night. Plus you were swinging on chandelier, stripping, drinking, and jumping on everyone, telling yours and our secrets, you were laughing like a freak. I think you even tried to molest everyone here with your tentacles. Then there was something about Knight Rider porn. and... Hmmmm."

Soundwave was listening with shocked look and wide opened eyes. His carrier, reputation, hard work, it was all screwed... Wait, he began to remember now. He slowly began turn to Knockout and frowned. He began to make him drunk. Knockout was still thinking and checking out his nails. His eyes widened in horror when he saw dirt on one of his nails. After that he gasped in shock when Soundwave smashed him into the wall, and he whimpered. "My finish..." In his CPU began to rein a chaos. All little Knockouts were running and screaming in horror. "OUR FINISH! Dear Karel Gott!" Knockout swallowed hard, when he realized Soundwave's pissed look, frowning and angry glowing eyes. He was pulling smaller mech into the wall and even began to rise him up. Knockout whimpered because of his finish. "Sounds I thought you are rather phlegmatic, you know, Capricorn, calm, nice." Soundwave began to frown even more. Knockout swallowed hard again; maybe he really went too far this time. He then blinked when his medic license fell off from his armor. Soundwave after a while picked the license up and blinked. He then showed it to Knockout. Red mech blinked too and looked at license. He felt like his eyes will pop out. He took it with shaking hands and he felt like he will cry. After a while he began to whimper. "My license... it's cancelled... How could this happen?"


Barricade: "It's dangerous to drive with alcohol. What are you thinking young boy?"

Knockout looked up from the ground, totally wasted. "I'll tell you, what is dangerous, to not drink!"

Prowl: "I am a good cop, but even I can't excuse this."

Knockout grumbled. "Stupid motherslagging cops."

End of flashback

Knockout was silent for a while. "Maybe..." Soundwave was still keeping him in tight grip, but then he put medic down. Well, not only his carrier is screwed. Knockout came out of the room with a long face and leaned on the railing.

"Screw this... I'm rather making tattoos from now on. Just as that, what I did to Orion. Yes, that's my future!" He pointed out and then they saw Ratchet.

"Hey did you see Bulkhead and Breakdown?" Knockout and Soundwave blinked and shook heads. "They aren't anywhere around here."

Knockout looked around and realized it was true, he didn't see him since last night. "So, where are they?"

On totally different place, Breakdown yawned loudly. "Erm..." He looked at himself, and he saw he is wearing scout and too sailor outfit and he is on big army ship. "Oh come on! Not again! BUUUURRRPPP!"

"You're not alone in this buddy." He looked back and saw Bulkhead in the same outfit. Breakdown then just rolled his eyes and collapsed back on the floor, he should never drink again.