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Chapter 00

AC 180 July 31st - Medical Ward

Lily screamed as the pain tore through her system. All she could do was push the last child out of her body before collapsing against the hospital bed sobbing in relief. Beside her were Narcissa Malfoy, James Potter, and Andromeda Tonks each had a little blue bundle in their arms.

James lowered his bundle to where lily could see the dark brown mop of hair and shocking Amethyst eyes and smiled, "Your first born."

Lily nodded, "My Daniel."

Narcissa was next this time the bundle was all red hair and brown eyes, "Second born."

Coughing the red head smiled, "Cassius, the kicker of the three."

Andromeda rolled her eyes before letting Lily see the smallest bundle with black hair and bright emerald eyes, "He is a small one but strong and smart look at those eyes."

All the woman could do was nod while yawning, "Sweet little Hadrian," she murmured before letting her eyes close; drifting off into a tired sleep.

AC 180 August 1st - Medical Ward (Nursery)

Pomfrey smiled at the family before tapping Hadrian and Daniel whispering, "These two are very special."

Dumbledore frowned, "How do you know Madam?"

The medi-witch smiled, "Lily's case of triplets was actually quote an accident. You see Hadrian and Daniel came from the same egg while Cassius was completely separate. Very rare. They will be very attached to one another."

The headmaster frowned before peering at the two boys, "Perhaps it would be best not to tell the Potters."

AC 181 October 31st - Potter Safe House

Lily screamed in anger launching herself at the Dark Lord. Hands clawing at his face harshly even as she was flung into the wall. She looked up groaning as the man pointed his wand. She whimpered and extended her hand, "Not my babies please not my babies," before darkness consumed her vision.

A bright green light launched towards Cassius and the baby screeched in terror closing its eyes shut as his two brothers looked on with wide jewel like eyes. The sickly spell slammed into a thick barrier before rebounding back into the cloaked figure and a bright light engulfed the room.

Slowly Lily opened her eyes and gasped at the pile of ashes and the ugly twisted wand where Voldemort used to be. Murmuring to herself she crawled over to the cribs on her knees. Cassius's screams egging her on to get to him.

Crying in relief she picked up Cassius holding him close to her as Dumbledore and James ran through the door. Her words of happiness echoing throughout the room, "Cassius, my little hero, my little savoir."

James frowned, "Lily what happened?"

The woman smiled bouncing the boy, "I saw The Dark Lord point his wand at Cassius and then it's all foggy but when I came to a moment later all there was left was ashes and look at this ugly mark on his forehead. Oh it must be a sign."

Dumbledore smiled lightly and lifted the child from her arms looking at the bright red mark on Cassius's cheek, "Hello Cassius, The Boy-Who-Lived!"

AC 181 November 13th - Ladybug Orphanage

Lily sighed sadly as she held the one year old Cassius while her husband carried the other two boys. Theywere standing outside of a small green orphanage. The bright green paint was only obstructed by the even brighter ladybugs along its windows and door frames.

The red headed woman turned to face her husband, "Are you sure this is a good idea James?"

James shrugged, "Lily we can't give them the attention they deserve. Cassius is going to need all the attention we have to give!"

Lily sighed deeply and nodded walking into the orphanage with her husband. An hour later they walked out the doors with two less bundles in their arms.

AC 182 December 25th - Ladybug Orphanage

It was Christmas day when a tall woman looked down at two sleeping toddlers. The larger of the two was curled around the smaller as if to protect him. She knew the two were close, being the only members of their family left. Smiling she pulled out a small camera and clicked a picture of the sleeping brothers.

She had the perfect gift for the two. Walking into her office she took two small teddy bears. One was black with green eyes the other was a light chestnut with purple eyes. Around their necks was a locket opened. Each side had the names embroidered, 'Daniel' and 'Hadrian'. Setting the camera next to the bears she sighed gently. They were going to be split up one day. Family always was but this time they would have something to remember the other by.

AC 185 April 2nd - Ladybug Orphanage

The tall chestnut haired boy held his brother tightly as the small woman and her husband watched sadly. The tall five year old sniffled and brushed his smaller brothers hair behind his year his small voice whispering, "don' forg't me."

Large green eyes closed as the head shook violently, "nev'r bro'er."

The tall orphanage worker smiled sadly and disappeared for a moment before returning with two small teddy bears before handing the chestnut one to Hadrian and the black one to Daniel, "There now you can never forget each other and look the hands can be attached," she stated smiling pointing out the Velcro on the hands that could stick the two together.

The boys smiled brightly before whispering their final goodbyes and Hadrian was escorted out the door the teddy bear clutched in his arms.

AC 185 April 3rd - Ladybug Orphanage

Daniel screeched angrily stomping his feet as the small plump woman holding a tiny yellow bag glared. He clutched his teddy bear tightly refusing to release it.

The woman scoffed, "You will leave that bear behind! I can get you another! I will not have that filth in my home!"

Daniel glared at the woman, "Go t' hell!"

The owner gasped and popped the child's hand gently, "Daniel be polite! I will speak with her," before turning to the woman, "Madam you must understand that's the only thing he has to remember his brother. Surely you will let it slide."

The lady glowered darkly, "So be it! Come along child we have a flight to the Colonies."

The boy glared darkly at the plump woman before following behind her clutching the bear to his chest as if it was his only life line.

To Be Continued...