It felt as if the whole world were spinning, haunting her, mocking her to try and get away. But of course she couldn't. Her body felt numb - or at least as if she was pinned to something. Whatever it was she couldn't move.

Kagome had a feeling from being back at the amusement park, on the roller coaster; just seconds from launching down the highest hill.
Fire shoot through her body and she gasped for air. What was this? Why weren't InuYasha there to protect her? He had promised her after all. Or had that been just another dream?
Something cold touched her forehead and she winced, trying to get away from whatever there was that was trying to cool her.
"" she tried to say aloud, but nothing seemed to cross her lips. She tried to summon her voice once again, but then something shook her.

This girl surely was one of the most interesting he had ever met. And for this Sesshomaru, "interesting" were things that were either classified "deadly" or "so-weak-it's-laughable". But this girl he did not understand to which category she belonged. Earlier, when she had looked at him the first time, her face had been painted with fear. But when he had taken her she had cursed him that even the Devil would hear her cries.

Sure, a weakling at first hand, but how comes that this "weakling" had been able to draw the feared sword Tetsusaiga? And speaking of which...

Sesshomaru's eyes darted to the girls hands were she still had the fang in a steady grip. It was remarkable that she kept holding it for dear life, even in her sleep. Especially since they were so high over ground in the real world.

With a smile, or a flicker from the corner of his mouth, he watched his new possesions. Surely, he would find something this girl could do...

"My lord? Why are you taking the mortal human with you?"

"She was able to do something that this Sesshomaru could not - therefore something must be amiss and I want to know what that is."

Jaken muttered under his breath. "Then, my lord, it must be important that the human is alive and healthy?"


Jaken gulped nervoulsy. "M-my lord, I believe that this... human... runs a fever."

Sesshomaru straightened and cast a nasty look at the imp.

"Please forgive me, lord Sesshomaru, I didn't notice until just recently, but you seemed to be in such deep thought that I didn't want to disturb you an-"


The imp flinched anxiously upon hearing his name. 'Please forgive me, please forgive me...'

"Y-yes, my lord?"

Watching his surroundings carefully before making the magical cloud close the distance to the ground , the lord jumped the last meters with both girl and sword in a stable grip.

Jaken, on the other hand, fell helplessly as the cloud subsided.

"Go over to the river by the old oak and fetch water to cool the fever."

Jaken nodded once and hurried off. Once he got back with a wet cloth, Sesshomaru took it from him and laid it on the humans forehead.


Surprised at the frail voice he looked at her face. For a moment he just stared at her; the smooth raven hair, her sleeping face, something trying to pull him closer. But then he started to shake her gently.

Jaken just stared at his lord in utter surprise. 'Lord Sesshomaru seldom kidnaps anyone, and hardly ever a human, but which ever race it has been he have never been this gentle with anything before.'

"Wake up. If you have enough strength to whine then-"

"Inu...Yasha...where are...?" she mumbled and her eyebrows wrinkled.

Annoyance shot through him, but was gone as soon as it came. His golden eyes never parted from the creature. How could something so... human have this effect on him? Irritated he shook her, rougher this time.