She felt her eyelids flutter and slowly part open. The first thing she saw was that amazing silvery hair.

"You came!" she cried and threw her arms around his neck. "You didn't leave me!"

She smiled and waited for him to say something like "Keh, it wasn't like I wanted to save you", but it never came. The only thing that happened was a terrified gasp behind her.

"The toad?" she muttered confused, but then she realized. Like slow-motion she turned to look at the demon she had hugged.

Kagome gasped and quickly released the dog lord. "Sesshomaru!" she spat angrily and tried to crawl away from him, but nausea came over her and she saw black spots in front of her eyes. 'Ugh, what's wrong with me?'

Lord Sesshomaru simply watched her with a tiny hint of surprise in his eyes.

"Human, you have a fever."

Kagome blinked. "So what if I have? What right do you have to kidnap me? Where is InuYasha? And my name isn't "human", it is Kagome! Ka-go-me!"

Jaken waved the stave angrily at her. "Shut up, filthy human! Lord Sesshomaru is not interested in what a lowly humans name are; neither do you have the right to question his actions! You should be-"


"Y-yes, my lord?"

Sesshomaru merely glanced at the imp.

"You are a nuisance – leave. "

"Bu-but my lord!" Jaken protested, but one look from his lord made him shut up. "Y-yes, certainly, my lord…" the imp bowed and hurried off.

Kagome studied the demon lord. She was puzzled, how could she have fallen asleep in his arms? After all, he had been only inches from cutting her in half before. 'I should have been too terrified to fall asleep.'

"You were struggling."

She blinked. "Excuse me?"

He stared icily at her, clearly annoyed that he had to repeat himself. "You were struggling so I made you unconscious."

Kagome stared dumbfounded at him for a second. "You… knocked me out?"

"You were ear-piercing and wriggling so if I had not, you would have fallen to a certain death."

"Whatever – why did you take me in the first place? You know that InuYasha will search for me right?" Kagome rubbed her forehead, the fever making her vision blurry. "And why do you care whether I live or die?"

Sesshomaru looked thoughtful at her feverish eyes and cheeks. 'She is not looking very healthy,' he thought, 'and she is right; why do I care about a troublesome human?'

"I do know that my hanyou brother will come for you. I took you because you did something I could not." Sesshomaru didn't sound really sure about if that were the truth.

But Kagome felt as if she saw and heard through a tunnel so she didn't hear his disbelief.

"What, this rusty thing? Ya' know, I think it was because you are a demon. Or maybe the fact what you intended to do with it. Still, I don't see the point in kidnapping me." She said to him, as she tried to keep her head up and stay awake. No way in Hell was she going to pass out with this demon nearby!

"Human, you are ill. Rest before I make you do it." The threat rang clear even in her bubbly head.

"My name is Kagome, demon." A wave of darkness made her sight disappear for a second. "Fine, I will rest. But I swear, if you try to do something fishy, I will cut you with the Tetsu-something!"

A tiny smirk played on his lips. "As you wish."

The lord had not even said that short sentence when he saw the girls eyes roll back in her head. 'That cannot be a good sign' he thought as he hurried to catch her.
He gazed at the human, yet again in his arms. What was it about her that made him want to protect her? It was almost as if he saw her as his own pack member.
He startled, and dropped the girl softly on the grass. Then he glanced around as if afraid someone had seen his thoughts. 'What if someone had?' a part of him screamed. 'Then they will think she is your weakness and go for her.'
No. No, he wouldn't let them. Not because she was important to him – she was only something to 'entertain' himself with. May it be her strange power, her taking the Tetsusaiga or the amusing fact that his idiotic half-brother InuYasha clearly had some sort of feelings for her that he sooner or later would come for her.

"That's it lord InuYasha! One more time! You can do it!"

InuYasha growled under his breath. "Tell me – why exactly aren't you helping me?"

Old Myoga stopped his cheerleading and coughed. "Well, that's because… erm… it's because…"

Before InuYasha could hear the rest of it Old Myoga had run of.

"Damn that old flea!" he growled and continued to cut into the melted walls with more fury than before. 'You aren't really angry at him, you are angry at yourself' a tiny voice scolded him.
He could still see Kagome's fear inside his eyelids, her wide eyes and how she had fought pointlessly. One part of him had been proud and cockily at seeing her fight like that against his brother. Another had been terrified and it was that part that slowly was eating him up.

"Damn it!" he scowled and instead of clawing, InuYasha punched at the old mans melted bones. "When I get out of here I swear I will kill you, Sesshomaru!"