Kagome was furious. Her whole being was practically fuming with rage and fear. She had seen how terrifying this God of Death could be, but to see it up close… it was just too much.

She had woken up in a tree, for Christ's Sake! Of course she would be frightened, but the most terrifying thing was to see Sesshomaru fight with that-demon-something. Since it was dark, she hadn't been able to see anything, except some small glances when they moved in the moonlight.
Then Kagome had seen the frightening demon lord pierce his hand through that guy, and she had snapped.

"The hell is wrong with you? I get it that you're pissed at InuYasha because he got this sword", she showed it into his face," from your father, but I didn't see any reason to kill that boy!"

Sesshomaru's eyebrow rose. "That 'boy' is a demon."

"I. Don't. Care!" She screamed at him. She actually screamed at the same demon who had tried to kill her just hours ago. "What the hell had he done to you?"

The lord's gaze had shifted from surprise, to amused, to the all-so-well-known cold stare. "He tried to take you."

"And you should kn- huh?"

Sesshomaru sighed quietly, and Kagome thought that if he were a person with just a few more expressions, he would have rolled his eyes.

"This 'boy' wanted to take you for himself since he thought you meant something to me."

The girl stared dumbfounded at the great dog lord, traced his features after the tiniest signs that what he said were true. Then her brain translated what he had said.

"Do… I?" she asked softly.

He turned his head sideways and glanced at her. "You do what?"

"Do I mean something to you?" she asked again, cheeks flushing and her eyes not daring to look at him.

"No." he said after a moment, before turning away once again.

Kagome felt a little pang in her chest, but she couldn't place the feeling anywhere.

"Whatever," she muttered, looking the opposite direction. Sadly enough, what she saw were the remains of blood, painting the moonlit grass with a shiny black.

"Oh God," she whimpered, clutching a hand over her mouth.

Sesshomaru glanced at the blood, before turning his gaze to the girl. "You are weak against blood?"

Glaring at him she gulped and bended her head so that she were staring up at the nightsky, which was so much more beautiful than that of this clearing.

"When I was seven years old my father died," she started. "At that time my mother and grandfather were working elsewhere since my father couldn't take care of both his family and the shrine we live in." Kagome blinked as a tear escaped her eye. "That was why no one was home that day. After school I found my home's door burst open, the door's handle had been torn of. The police said it was a robber."

'School? Police?' Sesshomaru thought, but he didn't say anything as the girl continued to talk while tears streamed down her face.

"Anyway, inside I found my father in my parent's bedroom. His throat had been… sliced wide open." She drew a shaky breath. "And his eyes had been… taken out. I saw all that, all the blood, my father's body, how the whole place looked. But I couldn't take it in. I couldn't understand what had happened and why my father looked like that. Then I started screaming."

Kagome sniffled and made an attempt at wiping her eyes, but a clawed hand closed around her wrist. She looked up and stared right into Sesshomaru's eyes.

"What happened next?" he asked while staring curiously at her face.

"I… I screamed. I don't remember anything else. The next thing I know I'm at the hospital where they said I passed out and had been unconscious for three days." She sniffled and closed her eyes, all the while hot tears escaped down her face. "That's my weakness; the blood and the horror of losing someone precious to me. And that's why I don't want you to kill anyone, because others have these feelings to."

The dog lord was silent for a moment. He observed her face, how it now were painted with red and swollen from the tears. Then he reached out and caught one teardrop on his finger.

"What..?" she began, but stopped as the demon lord tasted the drop, the whole time observing her.

He was very interested. First she had been so full of anger, and then she had gone bone-pale when she had seen the blood. And so she had begun crying, which for some reason was the most beautiful this Sesshomaru had ever seen.

"Why… are you grieving over such an old remembrance?" he asked.

"Wha-" she said flustered, her cheeks blooming with red. "Tha-that's because, th-the last time I spoke to him I said 'I hate you'. I… never got to say good bye."

A thumb stroke her over her cheek and she burst her eyes wide-open. Sesshomaru stood with his head tilted and a… soft glint in his eyes?

"Did you apologize at his grave then?" he asked quietly and caught another teardrop on his claw's tip.

"N-no, I didn't." she stammered, staring at his claws so close to her face. "Um… what are you doing?"

"Hnn?" he hummed as he licked at his claw. "Your eyes are leaking, and I am experiencing this taste. What is this water called?"

Kagome stared at him dumbfounded. "It's tears. Have you never seen them before?"

"Tears…" he repeated, tasting the word as he caught yet another of the tears who were now subsiding. "Hnn, this Sesshomaru have never experienced something as eyes leaking with water. Normally they are leaking blood. That is, if the person in question have offended this Sesshomaru."

She hiccuped as she giggled at his matter-of-factly way to defend his pride. "Of course."

He cocked an eyebrow slightly at her strange emotions, but didn't pay too much thought about it. Clearly, humans were creatures to observe since none were the other alike.

"What is it that causes these 'tears'?" he asked.

The girl sniffled and raised her hand to rub her eyes. "It depends. It can be because of grief, but also because you're very happy. You can also cry when you are really tired or because of your broken heart." She sniffed again and stared straight into the lord's golden eyes, so alike those of his brother's. "What all of them has in common is pain, which every living being feels."

Sesshomaru snorted at the statement, releasing her hand and stepping a few inches away. "This Sesshomaru do not feel pain."

"Oh, I see. So the o-almighty Sesshomaru-sama can't feel?" she giggled, completely forgotten about her haunted past. After all, it was much more joy in laughing.

"That is correct," he replied slowly, not really following her change in moods.

"So you don't feel anger? You don't feel sorrow? And not even the tiniest hint of excitement?" she asked tilting her head up at him, slightly baring her neck for him.

His brows narrowed. Didn't she know most youkai saw the neck as the weakest point? Was she submitting herself to him?

Of course not, stupid. She's just trying to spike some sort of conversation with you, you cold rock.

Sesshomaru narrowed his brows further and stepped further away from the girl before turning fully around. His inner youkai always showed up when the lord where most confused, and it seemed as if his youkai had taken a liking to humiliate him.

"We are leaving, woman."

He heard her sigh, before she tromped after him. "My name isn't 'woman'. It's Kagome, and I would really appreciate it if you started using it."

So. Yeah. Blood...

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