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InuYasha was furious. He had lost track of Kagome and his bastard brother and now he changed between leaping, running and cursing over his father's corpse/tomb. Doing all that while desperately trying to find a lead, any lead after the woman.

Of course, it wasn't really her he was worried about; but since she had both the jewel shards AND that sword that was supposed to be his – if Myoga was right – it was damn obvious that he should and would retrieve them. Oh, and also the fact that it was Sesshomaru that had all those things didn't make it any better.

Suddenly he could smell a faint scent in the air. Immediately he dived and searched with his nose down for a while, before frustrated giving up. It wasn't there! He sighed and lifted his head – and tensed. There it was again! The scent of Kagome's bathing supplies, that weird "cham-poo" from her world. The faint sweet scent of strawberries.

He smirked slightly. "Sesshomaru, you sneaky bastard – using that little skill of yours?"

InuYasha felt a small pang of jealousy in his heart over his brother's inheritance, but quickly ignored it. He hadn't time for this; he needed to find Sesshomaru's portal.

"So when InuYasha attacked me that day I was like 'Eh? What kind of psycho is this?'. I mean, first he saves me from that disgusting mistress centipede, which I'm really grateful about, and then tries to kill me who he has just saved. How sick isn't that?"

Sesshomaru sighed inwardly as he tried to tune out the persistent woman's chattering. She was worse than Jaken, but together they were completely unendurable. His loyal servant had seen it as his duty for his lord's honor to constantly nag on the girl, or even go as far as insulting her. She however didn't care all that much about the kappa, but continued happily with her chattering.

He glanced back at her, where she was infused in a debate – or more likely, dispute – with Jaken about how a hanyou will not be mentioned by name in the great lord Sesshomaru's presence.

"Filthy human! Your words are like bile, disgusting how you use that half breed's name in my lord Sesshomaru's presence! I will not accept such impudence!" the little demon screeched, waving the Staff of Two Heads in front of her face.

"InuYasha is not disgusting! He can be really sweet when he want to." She replied angry. "Well, not very often, but still! Besides, he is Sesshomaru's kid brother so-"

"Woman. Shut up."

Kagome turned her head to the taiyoukai and noticed the slight scowl he had on his forehead. She had been in the company of the lord long enough to know when he was too irritated for anyone's good.

"That's right, human! Stop your filthy jittering about the hanyou in the all mighty lord Sesshomaru's presence!" Jaken screeched cheerfully over his master taking his side on the matter.

"Likewise for you, Jaken." Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at the imp. "Your constant chattering is creating a headache for this Sesshomaru."

"I'm so sorry my lord, please forg-"

The girl brushed by the imp and stood in front of Sesshomaru, staring into the eyes of the taiyoukai. She heard the imp choke, but paid little attention to him.

"Woman, what are you doing?" he asked, slightly amused over her boldness but most irritated at having a human so close to his person.

"First, my name is Kagome." She said, tilting her head slightly to get a better view, exposing more of her throat to him. Stupid human. "Secondly, I am tired of conversing with the toad-thing. And thirdly, I'm checking for any signs of this headache."

Kagome reached one hand up to check his temperature, but the taiyoukai slapped her hand away.

"Do not touch me," he growled.

"Ow, touchy aren't you?" Groaning at her burning hand she looked at him again, only to see he had continued walking. Kagome sighed and put her hands on her hips "When are you going to let me go?"

He stopped, and turned his head slightly as to show he was listening. "I find you interesting." His eyes glanced briefly on the Tetsusaiga, then back to her again.

She frowned and crossed her arms over her chest, making sure so that the sword was safely tucked between her body and arms. "That didn't answer my question and you know it."

"That," he said and strode further from her, "was my answer."

Kagome huffed and was about to reply when the lord suddenly stopped. His broad back tensed slightly; it was such a small gesture that if Kagome hadn't been glaring daggers at his back, she wouldn't have noticed. Quietly she tip-toed to his side and glanced in the direction his head was turned.

"What is it?" she whispered. She felt her palms get sweaty at her sudden nervousness.

Sesshomaru growled deep down his throat. "Get back, woman."

"It is Kagome," she hissed back, but did as told. An enraged Sesshomaru was a dangerous Sesshomaru, so an enraged and tense Sesshomaru couldn't be a very good sign. The imp scurried past her to his lord's side, the Staff of Two Heads ready in his small hands. Silently she wondered if she should take this chance to evade the two demons. Glancing around her to find some kind of road or path through the forest, she noticed dark shadows jumping here and there, red and yellow eyes glinting maliciously. Mentally face palming herself she sighed. They were surrounded by demons. Exactly what she needed to make this week the worst ever.