Green-ish blood soaked her clothes where she stood dumbfounded, the demon that had thrown itself at her split in half by Sesshomaru's poison whip. Her hair hadn't escaped the rain of demon; strands of demon guts clutched around her head as if it were a bridal veil for Halloween and the green blood made her hair damp and dripping.

Sesshomaru stood, free from any sort of demon remains, a few feet away, quirking an eyebrow at the girl. It seemed she had gone into paralysis, very much alike a deer that were staring into the depths of the hunter's stomach. Suddenly a small purring sound came from him and he tensed. Was he laughing? At her?

Kagome heard the tiny sound and snapped out of her "deer-in-highlights" moment. She stared as the lord before her smirked the tiniest of smiles while an even softer sound of purring (purring, for Kami's sake!) were coming from him.

"What's so funny?" she demanded to know. In that moment an eye globe – tinted bloodred – ran down the side of her head and splashed down on the ground. This of course made Sesshomaru's purring noise even louder.

"It is not funny!" Kagome barked at him all the while embarrassment burned her cheeks.

"Not at all." He replied, scrutinizing her wet appearance, "it's quite amusing."

"Oh yeah? You know what's even more amusing?" Before he could answer she had picked up the soggy eye and let it fly the short distance, squishing as it clutched at his white kimono. The silence stretched in the clearing, only the hushed splash as the eye once again fell down. Kagome stared horrified at the wet spot on his clothes and then down at the hand guilty of it. Why did I do that?

"Now, you have done it, human," he snarled, sidestepping an outstretched demon-arm and sneaked closer to her.

She yelped and backed as fast as she could, never leaving eye contact. When she was little she had wanted to be a veterinarian. Therefore she knew it was a really bad idea to stare an enraged dog in its eyes. But because of this dangerous moment she had forgotten and now stared into the golden orbs of the most dangerous taiyoukai now living. Sesshomaru stared back into her blue orbs, mildly irritated over her challenging him. But instead of killing her immediately he simply stalked threatening after her retreating person only a few feet away. Suddenly she slipped on the slimy remains and in her panic for balance she reached for anything to grab hold of – which just happened to be Sesshomaru's kimono sleeves.

With a thud both of them fell into the sticky mass, the lord on top of the girl. For a moment they did nothing but stare at each other; Sesshomaru glared, surprised at the girls sudden large blue eyes, and she stared at him, while her cheeks threatened to burn holes through to her skeleton.

To both of their surprise she started to laugh wildly. The dog lord winced at the high tones and glared angrily at her, but this only made her laugh even louder. Those tendrils of water – tears – started to leak out the corners of her eyes, but the girl couldn't stop laughing. Laughing at him.

"Be quiet girl. Nothing about this is amusing," he growled, oblivious to the fact he still rested upon her person.

"I-I was so scared," she gasped between her laugh-attacks, hiding her face in her palms. Hiccupping she continued. "I-I re-eally thou-ght th-that you would se-seriously k-kill me th-this time, and I remembered I-Inuya-"

"Shut your mouth, Kagome." His body moved on its own, his right hand closed around her chin and his thumb sealed her lips. Another silence stretched, another staring contest. She stared with her wide eyes at how close he suddenly had gotten, and felt how her heart skipped a little. Which she felt was completely out of place, but of course – he had called her by name, but the real reason must be that she was held down by this powerful youkai who could snap her neck in a second. Of course she was frightened.
He broke the gaze first, glancing down at his thumb over her very human lips and then, with an unmistaken shiver, dashed away from her by several meters.

Kagome lay on the ground for several seconds before she slowly heaved her up so that she was sitting on her bum. Turning her head slightly in his direction she could see the youkai lord had his back to her. Glancing in the opposite direction; a narrow path, but a path nonetheless. There and then she made her decision.

"Where are we going now, Sesshomaru-sama?"

Okay guys. Have mercy on me for excluding the real demonfight, but I felt it should be a little more fluff from these youngsters *cough* I'm going to let them fight... some time in the future. But for the moment, I will let Sesshy be the "knight in shining armor". Or in this case "Deadly youkai in sluggish eye-goo". Well, either way, tell me what you think so I can improve ^^