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Whoa. It feels like ages since I wrote on this thing! But now I'm gonna pick up on it again and hopefully find some kind of pattern in the storyline (yeah, that's right! I haven't found it yet! Just that Sesshy and Kagome are going to hit the spot… sometime, hopefully not too soon.)

She couldn't believe herself. Had anyone said to her that she would start traveling with the evil half-brother of InuYasha, whose name meant Killing Perfection and who also hated humans, she would have laughed. Now however, Kagome pretty much felt like she had made a huge mistake somewhere.

She cast a glance at the slightly swaying back before her, the long silvery hair flowing behind that back. Thinking back she remembered that awkward moment when the demon lord had stared at for what felt like forever before he sighed heavily and continued to walk away. Hastily she had stood up and ran up to him, careful to stay a few steps behind.
Soon they had found an unconscious Jaken, lying in a thick bush with the Staff of Two Heads tightly clutched in his tiny hands. Or was it claws? She would have to remember to ask that…

However, here she was, Kagome Higurashi, friend to InuYasha, this silver haired fullblooded demon's hated little brother, who presumably also hated her. And what for? Because she was curious. Yes, curious! What kind of reason is that?

She grimaced at her own thoughtlessness, a memory blurring at the depths of her mind.

Five-year old Kagome slowly took one cautious step toward the teenagers, all the while staring at them with wide blue eyes. Suddenly one of them looks up and spots her. His hair is blood red, with a stripe of blue in his bangs. Piercing in both ears and in his lower lip and crystal white lenses on that. Kagome flinched from the sight, but didn't go away. If anything she became even more curious.

"Oi, guys! We have a little ogler!" He smirks, showing her silver dyed teeth.

"Oni!" She screams with fear and excitement as she points at him with a chubby finger.

His eerily friend's laughs; barks and howls of laughter, but the Crystal guy's smile somehow freezes on his face. He takes one long step and are suddenly hovering over her, obscured the sun.

"So I'm an oni, girlie? That's quite an insult ya know?" He lower himself until he's almost nose to nose with her.

"I-I'm sorry," she mumbles, her little body shaking of his scary white eyes.

"You're sorry? How about my feelings?" He asks and sighs dramatically, his friends still snickering. He smiles evilly to them before looking at her again. "How are you gonna make up for it?"

Suddenly the white back in front of her grew larger until she walked into it, full force. She tumbled backwards hastily, rubbing her nose absentmindedly. The white back however turned to let her see the face of him it belonged to.

"Girl. What are you doing?" Sesshomaru stared at her down his nose. She had touched him, this Sesshomaru. A human had touched him! His skin crawled at the mere thought and he suddenly wished for a warm bath and fifteen different oils and herbs to clean himself.

"Eh?" She said stupidly, blinking rapidly as she came back to reality; walking on a grassy road that seemed to lead on forever and a seemingly pissed of full-blooded demon, that also happened to be InuYasha's half-brother. Who hated humans. Who she, human by birth, had walked right into. Damn.

"Um, nothing! I- I was just thinking on something, that's all! I'm really sorry for walking into you like that, please don't kill me?" Stammering, on top of all. There was no way in hell Sesshomaru would let her of the hook!

The girl twitched under his scrutinizing eyes, and he found himself to be amused with how much his presence seemed to discomfort her. But now was not the time nor the place to be amused. Glancing at the sword she held loosely in her right hand, he agreed with himself. Definitely not the time.

"Hnn." He murmured, before turning on his heel and continuing on. Kagome sighed heavily; he so didn't buy it. She trudged after him while cursing her absent mind who only thought of bad things these days. First her father's death and now of that punk kid who…

She shivered. Do Not walk down that road, stupid mind! Soon she might even start thinking about this demon lord's frightening speed and deadly graze, this demon lords ghastly yellow orbs whose look certainly chilled your bones, this demon lords large body on top of hers, this demon lord who had grasped her chin, thumb on her lips-

"Agh!" She growled with frustration, slapping her cheeks hard, the warmth from them unmisstakingly hot against her palms. Why, oh why did she have to be such an idiot sometimes?